A Storm in a Tweet Cup?!

A patient who may or may not have been a high ranking military officer who may or may not have been shot inside or outside Fuerte Tiuna may or may not have been rushed here. Or not.
A patient who may or may not have been a high ranking military officer either was or was not shot inside or outside Fuerte Tiuna and later was or wasn’t rushed here. Or maybe not.

So who was the mystery, high-ranking patient whose supposed emergency transfer to Caracas’s Military Hospital was so secret it hasn’t even been denied yet? Was there an actual gun fight in Fuerte Tiuna? Are these all just crazy rumors? A G2 Barium Meal Test? A bad case of Chinese Whispers? Started by the actual Chinese?

There is no way to tell. What we do know is that in the zero-transparency, zero-accountability, all-propaganda-no-information style public sphere that chavismo has pioneered, these kinds of speculative outbreaks are inevitable. And in the age of Twitter, there ain’t nothing CESPPA can do about that…

The one thing we’re sure of is that if something really serious went down, the State Media will be the last to tell us. Under those circumstances, is it any wonder rumors run wild?

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  1. I kind of laughed a bit about all those twitter “fuentes” then regretting their info saying no one was shot but Padrino Lopez had an hypertensive crisis. I even have a friend who is die-hard trying to tell me that the source of the friend of his friend in Union Radio says that there was a shooting inside Ft. Tiuna. I would like to see the general (Alexis Lopez) speaking in public just for the laughs.

    The G2 guys must be laughing their sick commie asses on the floor.

  2. Whatever happened, Maduro will be jealous. Maduro is supposed to be the target of thousands of assassination attempts, and now some low-life military official gets shot or at least gets rumored to have been shot.

  3. I think it’s hilarious when you start reading a bunch of tweets from “fuentes”, then there’s internet articles based on these tweets and then there’s tweets quoting these articles. It’s Chavez’s cancer all over again!

  4. and in the rumor department: @Villcafernandez > @willycochez:
    Por fin se ubicó LA PARTIDA DE NACIMIENTO DEL PRESIDENTE ILEGAL E ILEGITIMO.Nombre real: Nicolas Alejandro Maduro Moros. Nació en Ocaña, Departamento del Norte de Santander, cerca de Cúcuta. en Colombia. el 21 de Noviembre de 1961,Partida de Nacimiento Nro: N011.-Folio Nº: 412, N471. ‘COLOMBIANO’. Pasalo.Conferencia de prensa en pocos días con todas las pruebas. VENEZUELA Y EL MUNDO ENTERO PENDIENTE. El más grande engaño a una Nación en su Historia.pasalo para que todo el mundo lo sepa

  5. Government spin: “Capriles attempted another murder today at Fuerte Tiuna……” or “Government interupts assassination attempt by opposition…”

  6. OK I going to go CHiguire style with my rumor, since i have not check twitter …Goodgiven had a heart attach when he discovered that staff in the Assembly does not how to count pass 50 and he only has 95 instead of the 98 “jalabolas” necessary to sign the “habilitante”

    • Spread different rumors through different channels and you will find out where is your leak. They don’t even know who was Bocaranda’s source and if you notice “el no piso el peine” this time.
      People is so desperate for this kind of news that credible source are not that important. We are desperate to read headlines that we are not brave enough to generate ourselfes. As usual, someone else “should” do it for us.

      • Chavistas have a knack for screwing up things, but it suffices to have a couple of good technicians and some tracking systems to gain some useful information.

        The Iranians had a system – from Siemens – to keep track of and visualise mobile users sending messages with certain words or those who were connected up to a certain distance to some key political figures.

        They used that software to go after the people protesting in – mostly – Tehran. The same software enabled them to send messages to whole groups in order to confuse them or to warn them the government knew they were going to place X.

        A friend of mine (from Siemens) told me he thinks the Venezuelan government is using Huawei technology. How sure he can be I do not know.

        Deceased ex Chavista Müller Rojas told Dutch journalist Edwin Koopman (in book De Oliekoning, the King of Oil) how the Chavez government was getting technical support from G2 to spy on us and to keep track of oppo Internet communication. This is the kind of thing Müller would not talk about in Aporrea but he would brag about to a foreign journalist from some – for Venezuelans – obscure country.

        The Russian government is right now asking Russian providers to make available all kinds of data from Internet users – just doing what the US Americans were doing via NSA and Britons through GCHQ – but very publicly. I don’t know if the Russians would give the Mduro government any kind of know-how but…who knows?

        • I can confirm the Huawei tech architecture upgrades have been going on for a while now. The big shifts/upgrades were in ’06 and again from ’08-’11, but ongoing purchases and support are still occuring.

          It was initially mostly cell tech and switches, but its gone far beyond that now.


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