Your tax bolívars at work

Future Venezuelan Civil War Collector's Item
Future Venezuelan Civil War Collector’s Item

Caracas woke up with these posters all over town.

The ID number on the posters corresponds to “Fundación Cultural 23 de Enero Simón Bolívar.” Yes, it’s a cultural foundation. (HT: Emi)

Here is Maduro repeatedly using the same language as the posters.

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  1. The implication appears to be that all three should be burned at the stake immediately. On one level, this is comical, but I see something more sinister in this. This level of demonization serves not to merely jail them, but to execute them.

    The Opposition needs to push hard to get the Government to publically disavow this atrocity.

      • What else can we do, but observe and comment? At one time, there was a useful role for these blogs in getting the international media wake up and smell the coffee. That mission is largely accomplished.

      • What are the options, according to you?

        No options? Wait and see?
        Quite some foreigners who have lived for many years in Venezuela and who keep going there, not just to Caracas, agree with me we need to make sure all these attacks are recorded and notified to the international community. This will not bring, cannot bring some form of intervention as a group of extremists on our side want, but it will contribute to an isolation of Chavismo, to a certain extent as with Pinochet in Chile.

        After you were incredibly optimistic – much more than I ever was – about our prospects for years, you have just taken the position of “they have the media hegemony and power of all institutions, YOU-ALL-KNOW-NOTHING”.
        Which means you know something else.
        Apart from the obvious thing about the media and power control of Chavismo, which we are aware of: what do you think should be our stance? No should at all? Some sort of
        Buddhist contemplation? Spill the beans or simply say “I don’t know but you know nothing”.

  2. I think they only thing that needs acknowledging is Maduros poor mental state. Putting up posters like this in some countries is a prosecutable violation. Put up the equivalent against Maduro and Cabello and watch what happens – prosecution and jail time in Venezuela. Hypocrites

  3. What’s spookiest for me is imagining the process of approval/enabling/action through which this production had to get past.

  4. Venezuela needs someone strong. Capriles is unfortunately too weak. Bang pots and pans isn’t going to work with scum like Diosdado and Maduro.

    • We humans are overly impressed with actions which are dramatically, drastically and inmmediately effective, but sometimes big things are destroyed termite style by slowly and continously eroding their innards with a thousand of tiny bites and much quiet munching until the structure is so weakened that a small push brings it down . Seeing a poster is something you passively see but banging a pot or shouting a protest or marching are things you DO personally , they engage your emotions and perk up your energies much more directly .than seeing a poster on the streets. People need to estimate the hidden weakness of the strong and the hidden strenghts of the weak , and how they work in time to subvert what appears as unbending realities.!! .

  5. Unbelievable. How can people not object to how many tax dollars were spent on this garbage? Meanwhile the opposition sits quietly. Now is the time to get loud.

  6. A poster of Maduro, Cabello, and Chavez with “Basta la Violenica” in big letters would be more truthful and credible. Most Venezuelans would quickly grasp the concept that these three support violence especially against private citizens.

    Why do Chavistas continually try to falsely defame the opposition with their own faults?

  7. Francisco, gracias por dejar las cosas claras para los extranjeros. Es muy difícil explicarles la situación del país. A los que conozco los refiero a tu página. Y disculpa, por postear en castellano.


  8. Francisco, thanks for explaining Venezuela’s situation to foreginers, it’s usually very complicated to explain them our country’s situation. I recommend this website to people who don’t know Venezuela but wanna know/understand about it. Excuse me for posting in spanish [my previous comment].

    Have a great day.


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