Halloween Special


Guess who’s haunting the Caracas Metro?

Nuestro Insólito Universo as governing philosophy...
Nuestro Insólito Universo as governing philosophy…
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  1. “Nuestro Insólito Universo as governing philosophy…”

    It makes sense. Porfirio Torres is the official voice for the cadenas’ intro.

  2. Hmmm. Two possibilities: either Chavez has returned from the grave to inexplicably and miraculously appear to his believers, or it was photoshopped. Now to decide which is more likely…

  3. This is my favourite bullsh!t story so far. We can scoff at Kim Jong-il’s hole in one the first time he played golf, but at least there was truth in the fact he was actually alive at the time!

    Off all the places in all the world, Chavez turns up in a dirty, crowded, incomplete & failing underground transport system. And the President (aka Dr Doolittle/Whoopi Goldberg) chooses to announce it to the world. Truly fantastic!

    To complete the picture, Maduro should do some pottery with the Righteous Brothers playing in the background. Any thoughts Arturo?

    • “Of all the places in all the world, Chavez turns up in a dirty, crowded, incomplete & failing underground transport system.”
      Did they finally bury Chavez?

  4. I seriously believe every single time Maduro says something about Chávez appearing as a ghost
    his popularity stops going down for a day or two…not because people think he is charming, funny, but because we stop talking about corruption, about Cilia Flore’s nephew being in charge of the treasury and stuff like that.

  5. People who are always finding signs of the supernatural in everyday objects and ocurrences , do so because they know themselves incapable of coping with the harsh or crass demands of ordinary reality and find in the fantasising of perceptions ( or interpretations) a scape from their predicament . They are always looking for a messiah , a soothsayer , a magical formula , a sorcerer, a miracle which will exorcise the demons that torment their lives . They are constantly seeking signs of the supernatural to cocoon their minds in clouds of fluffy cotton candy . Maduro’s earlier fascination with the Hindu Sai baba fellow is evidence that ‘magical thinking’ has always been part of his mental makeup . Athough not sharing in the same primitive version of this kind of hallucinations , Giordani and other hard core doctrinaires within Chavismo also partake of this fallacious mental tendency !! except that their supernatural entities are born of the abstract ideological formulas of marxist thought . Being in the hands of such goofs is frightening !!

  6. As I mentioned in another post. This is just a misdirection to keep us talking about how stupid and crazy Maduro is. Also, this is a very good idea to keep people engage and remember that big brother is watching!!!!
    The main purpose of this appearance is Chavez will know if you did not vote for PSUV.

  7. I just love when Maduro says:

    “Así como apareció, desapareció, para que ustedes vean, lo que ustedes dicen es verdad”

    What a sign of a brilliant mind! :-/

  8. Coño Maduro made my day! I just laughed my ass off when I saw it! I admit that I’m always looking for comedies or jokes to laugh about -laughing is good for you- and with Maduro, I don’t need to look any further. I just have to read the news every day to read the president’s daily joke! I swear he’s a better comedian than Emilio Lovera and Laureano Marquez put together!

  9. (sigh) this is just sad.

    Because of shit like these, I’m getting ashamed to say I’m from Venezuela here where I live … and that sucks to me.

    People like Maduro should not be allowed to reproduce.

  10. I think it is an amazing opportunity to attract tourism. Were we to charge a couple of bucks to all the international Hugo fans for allowing them to touch this image… Cadivi could be back in business.

    • Yeah, you could make week-long, Betania-style pilgrimages starting at Palacio Blanco, passing through the Metro site, and going all the way to the talking pajarito shed in Barinas… Hugo is Great, and Nicolas is his prophet!

  11. thanks Mature, it had been nearly one full day since people last laughed at me for something idiotic to come out of Venezuela… I can’t tell if the Ministry of Happiness is indeed doing something to make Venezuelans happier, but it sure is making Brazilians who hear about it much happier for at least a few seconds.


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