Buh bye Eudomar…we hardly knew ya… RE-UPDATED

Fue viniendo, y fueron viendo que no servías pa'un coño...

RE-UPDATE: Gah! I had this one horribly wrong. Eudomar stays on as head of BCV even as he concurrently becomes Venezuela’s IMF governor.

Eudomar Tovar, the self-parody-made-flesh that has been masquerading as Central Bank President in Venezuela for the last couple of months, has just been named Venezuelan rep to IMF. The guy got the boot before they even got around to putting his C.V. up on the BCV website!

Looks like 2013 will go down as the year of four BCV Heads. (Does this work like earned runs for relief pitchers? Do we have to credit any inflation already on base to the last prez? I’m confused…)

Judging by the trajectory we’ve been on, next up they’ll name Arnó Martínez.

[Hat tip: The (almost) Graduate.]

UPDATE: Now I’m doubting myself. Some people think he can do both jobs at the same time.

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