Buh bye Eudomar…we hardly knew ya… RE-UPDATED

Fue viniendo, y fueron viendo que no servías pa'un coño...

RE-UPDATE: Gah! I had this one horribly wrong. Eudomar stays on as head of BCV even as he concurrently becomes Venezuela’s IMF governor.

Eudomar Tovar, the self-parody-made-flesh that has been masquerading as Central Bank President in Venezuela for the last couple of months, has just been named Venezuelan rep to IMF. The guy got the boot before they even got around to putting his C.V. up on the BCV website!

Looks like 2013 will go down as the year of four BCV Heads. (Does this work like earned runs for relief pitchers? Do we have to credit any inflation already on base to the last prez? I’m confused…)

Judging by the trajectory we’ve been on, next up they’ll name Arnó Martínez.

[Hat tip: The (almost) Graduate.]

UPDATE: Now I’m doubting myself. Some people think he can do both jobs at the same time.

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  1. Are you sure this means that he is leaving the Central Bank? For what I know, one thing does not preclude the other. And much less in a revolution where you can be a minister and the protector of a state, for example.

      • Can’t he be an FMI representative from Caracas upon Guaire? He might use “Internet or Mozilla” to video-conference, as the PSUV deputy in charge of the technology group would say.

      • From the IMF website:

        The Board of Governors, the highest decision-making body of the IMF, consists of one governor and one alternate governor for each member country. The governor is appointed by the member country and is usually the minister of finance or the governor of the central bank. All powers of the IMF are vested in the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors may delegate to the Executive Board all except certain reserved powers. The Board of Governors normally meets once a year.

        Methinks that it is not necessary for Eudomar to rent an apartment in Washington. Yet.

  2. Wait. What? If he’s being appointed Governor he isn’t moving to Washington… so far as I know.

    The Board of Governors at the IMF is made up of the presidents of each member country central bank. It meets once a year to appoint the Executive Directors (ours is the mighty Jose Rojas) and to increase capital and that sort of thing.

    I think he’s just being officially named to a post he already held unofficially.

  3. Wrong. The IMF Governor is a position usually held by the Ministry of Economy or the central Bank President. They responsibilities are mostly limited to attend the bi-annual assemblies of the IMF. Do not to be confused with the Venezuelan Chairman in DC, which is held by Jose Rojas

  4. The more “jobs” this ignorant has, the less time he can spend screwing up the economy. And if the trend of useless clowns as BCV presidents were to continue, we are better off with Eudomar at the helm of the anti-inflation crusade…or should I say inflation crusade!

  5. In the days of the old USSR, the internal workings of the Soviet government were so convoluted and opaque that the analysts in charge of trying to predict their moves were known as “Kremlinologists”. In spite of the resources they had to work with, they were often dismally wrong in their projections and guesses about what the USSR would do. Given the lack of transparency of the Chavista government and the irrationality of their thinking and actions, the near total unpredictability of the Venezuelan government in their day-to-day decision making should come as no surprise.

  6. How many “jobs”rafael ramirez has? Count them at least 3…Not so long ago the Same for Rodriguéz Araque…before Sapo aplastado ( Calixto ortega) fuera viceministro para Europa, Temir Porras was that, something for las orquestas juveniles, and another thing…so I think the people that only have one position in this revolution are not revolutionary enough….


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