Goodbye, "Goodbye Lenin"


Another one for the Only in Venezuela files: days ago, the two main pillars of the State Propaganda Apparatus started broadcasting what they thought was a propaganda film.

After half an hour, they yanked it off the air with no explanation, as the idea that Goodbye Lenin isn’t actually a pro-communist film sloooowly dawned on their propaganda-addled brains.

A painful episode, yes, but also a lovely excuse to link to this unforgettable scene from what remains a tremendous movie:


As I think of it, the really tragic bit is that if VTV had played the film through to the end, more than a few of chavistas would’ve happily believed, along with the mom in the film, that it was West Germany that collapsed…

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  1. In all my time in the ex-Soviet Republics, the saddest thing I saw was old and fragile people in a state of permanent befuddlement over finding themselves in a world they could not comprehend.

    • I am not that old either. Same as you (I think. :)) I just happened to spend several years there for work. I know what you mean about Venezuela. Same affect… in reverse.

  2. The VTV guys almost got their objective of reducing the anti-chavista population: I SERIOUSLY almost choked to death of laughter when reading these news!!! :-/

  3. “started broadcasting what they thought was a propaganda film”

    Not sure if they were ignorant or if it is another instance of trolling 🙂 It’s just too perfect.

  4. If ever a movie is made of the insanity that’s been (and continues to be) the *revolution* in Vlza, I want to see the scene in the control room of VTV, when someone calls in to say, “Pero qué bruto, camarada! Quita esa película, que no es más que una óptica imperialista.”

      • Of course. For a moment I was suffering from the effects of inoculation by pajarititis …. fast forwarding to the day when we can manage to laugh at some of the nuttier aspects of the PAST *revolution*. Then I woke up.

        • Syd,

          The tragedy of it all is that we have passed all of the points at which there were opportunities to prevent the worst ending possible. At this point, all we can do is watch this slow-motion train wreck, thinking all the time, “I tried to tell you…”

  5. Last week I checked on twitter to see who in South America was commemorating the October Revolution (which corresponds to Gregorian November). There was a guy from Ecuador. I made a comment about a tweet of his and he responded with some rubbish. It turned out that he had studied in Russia and he could speak Russian…and yet: the guy, who was a commie, thought that Lenin had toppled the Czar. I had to tell him that happened in February and what Lenin did was just to carry out a coup against the Kerenski government…thanks to a lot of German gold. Anyway: even if hard-core Lenin lovers wouldn’t believe that about the German dosh, they should at the very least know the Bolsheviks took power once the Czar had been deposed, more so if they had the opportunity to live in Russia for years (as he did).

    This must reveal something about their perception of reality…their cabezaeñamidad

      • No need to ask, it is just a logical extension of the term above. I reckon you will have plenty of opportunity to use it in the coming weeks, by the look of things happening in our beloved Land of Grace.

    • there have been a few other (national) references to the dispute through twitter, so I gather there might be some truth to the rumour. There was also a photograph of cattle with enlarged horns or cachos (cf. Arreaza), meaning, he’s been turfed out of the Royal Family, presumably for getting some other young woman pregnant..

      • no wait, it’s Rosa Virginia with Col. Mustard in the Library. Apparently, some parasitic and bolibourgeois colonel caught her eye. Arreaza’s trying to get an ambassadorship nomination …Cilia is eager to decorate La Casona, not for nothing were those weekend trips to Milan..

        • Well you can take the family out of Barinas but you can’t …ah, whatever. The best part if the article was Maduro sleeping by the crypt to pick up signals from Chavez. I figured his permanent puffy face was the whiskey, but maybe it’s from sleeping on marble.

          • “The best part if the article was Maduro sleeping by the crypt to pick up signals from Chavez.”

            Is there any chance that is real?

          • If a pink elephant were to fall from the skies in front of the road in Venezuela I would be shocked and try to skip it, but I would not be surprised. It’s Venezuela.
            I have read people have noticed the presidential caravan going to that museum at night.
            Tendrá una hamaca.

    • Well, according to the laws approved by our chavista national assembly, you can’t kick out someone from an apartment, even if the person is not paying the rent, until a new place is found for the person to go. So, maybe something like this applies also here, even if Chavez daughters weren’t really “renting La Casona”.

  6. Here’s another one for the ministry of propoganda…Call of Duty “ghosts” just being released. Premise is the mid east oil supply falls apart and certain south american oil prducing countries band together for power creating the “federation” after which they launch ground warfare and space based missles against the evil empire…to which the ghosts drop in to clean things up..coming soon to a barrio near you…what can I say..gotta have this one for christmas

  7. “As I think of it, the really tragic bit is that if VTV had played the film through to the end, more than a few of chavistas would’ve happily believed, along with the mom in the film, that it was West Germany that collapsed…”

    I think most of the far left already know it, but they are refusing to accept that their believes are just a hoax, designed to empower a few in detriment of the many.

        • His name is Hitler Maolenin, not just Maolenin!

          Don’t ever underestimate us. We have one Nerón de Jesús
          (ain’t that cute?).
          We have a Genkis, we have Gen Khang (sic,
          ic 16686402) and Genghuis José
          We have one called Herodes Lenin (5494552).
          We only have Torquemada as family name, but that is
          a Spanish name, after all.

          There are a lot of “Roy”. Your name is particularly popular
          in Barinas, I don’t know why but this makes me think…hm.

      • Venezuelans really need to expand their repertoire past the last century. There are so many other names historically associated with gross human atrocity that can be used for names to befuddle and offend: Caligula, Nero, Genghis, Torquemada… The list is endless.


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