Destiny Calling

Can you pick out Country X?
Can you pick out Country X?

First off, full disclosure: Omar Z. is a friend – though one I’ve mostly gotten to know through blog stuff – so I’m sure I’m not the most impartial of critics out there.

That said, his latest blog post made me ridiculously, exuberantly giddy. It’s hard to describe the feeling, actually: it’s that deep sense of happiness that comes from seeing someone genuinely talented meet his calling. 

It’s hard to write about his last post without spoilers, but the long and the short of it is that you’ll seldom read something that forces you to fisk your own unexamined assumptions about what’s gone wrong with the Venezuelan economy as effectively as this post. Economic writing this accessible, this counterintuitive, this enlightening and this stylish is not easy to find: it’s important to treasure it when you do.

So listen to me for once: stop what you’re doing and go read it. Right now.

And Omar, chamo, you were born to write about this stuff. Whatever you do, whatever happens: Do. Not. Stop.

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