Looking for wind power? Not in this wind farm


BY4MJXwCcAAyGvSThis picture recently posted online by Bloomberg’s correspondent in Venezuela Anatoly Kurmanaev is from the La Guajira wind farm in Northwest Venezuela (built as a joint venture with Argentina). It was inspected last April by no other than Nicolás Maduro himself

According to Kurmanaev, locals have told him that since Maduro’s visit no major works have been done in the area, and that not a single wind turbine there is actually working. None of the promised 75,6 MW for the local electric grid are being produced so far.

But hey, at least they’ll give the guy something to tilt at, am I right? #ItsSomething

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  1. The project was already successful. The money was appropriated, the kickbacks and commissions have been paid. Actual equipment was imported and even installed. All of the important parties have met or exceeded their goals for enriching themselves. That is it… What? You want actual electricity generated? Whatever for?

    • I wonder if this is a no-go for the moment because it cannot connect to transmission lines… one of the country’s biggest electric power issues is not enough transmission lines.

  2. I’m sorry chaps; my tiger already has its maximum stripe-load. You’ll have to look for another one and quickly: tigers with remaining stripe-room are en endangered species in this neck of the woods!

    • neddie,

      I don’t know this expression. I sort of have an idea of what it means from context, but would appreciate a better explanation and the literary reference, if there is one.

      • ¿Que es otra raya para un tigre? “What’s another stripe for a tiger?” and similar variants implies that, in the prevailing circumstances, the episode, matter, event or whatever is at issue is nothing unexpected at all at all. My take there was that, after so many boringly frequent dreadful occurrences, we are kinda in danger of running out of tigers!

  3. Wind and solar projects are nothing but wasteful and corruption-plague white elephants anyway (hang on, that’s a racist term! heh). Politicians love to be seen as “helping the environment” (they don’t) and be supporting big projects they can pretend create energy and jobs (they don’t). In Spain they have wasted so much on solar, that the government owes power companies $26 billion and have begun taxing and punishing those Spaniards who built their own solar at home to save on electric bills.


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