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  1. That´s why the government sells oil so cheap to its beloved friends of the Patria grande, and our new Chinese friends! The government does not wish to speculate American indigenous masses, or the impoverished Chinese masses struggling amid their socialistic revolution.

    Americans and Europeans are other thing. They, capitalists pigs, deserve their beloved divisas to be snatched away for the enchufados!!!!

    Then, what is your problem?

    • Well, I guess that the US Marines have the right to intervene all our oil facilities, overwatching a fair-price selling to colas and cooolas of energy executives, buying it all untill everything is sold out.

    • Krigger – show us evidence that oil is sold cheaply to Cuba and China? Thgere may be favorable terms of payment but that is not the same as “cheap oil”. Do your homework.

  2. Krugger,
    The only reason China, Haiti, and other non-Democratic governed countries receive cheap oil from Venezuela is that Chavez wanted friends and protection for himself. Chavez acted as if he personally owned all Venezuelan oil reserves and only he could distribute the benefits. Chavez paid himself an average of $500,000/day for the 14 years he was in power.

  3. Instead of firing an unwanted employee, many employers just start cutting their hours and wages, and I suppose the regime’s rhetoric is just an excuse for firing private enterprise. There is no logic, because they have not perform better than private enterprise in any manner. They are simply firing their best employees!

    • gordo – if you do that then the Minisry of labour will forcé the employer to reenganchar the employee ful time or pay him all his orestaciones and antiguidad if he wants that person to leave. Themployer always mloses these days.

  4. You forget to mention how proudly chavistas claimed that chavez was responsible for singlehandedly getting the price of oil to go up.

    • “Chavez put on their knees El imperio” God when I listened that argument I stop…otherwise I could get to their level, and they have more experience in idiocy!

    • Np. extorres – Chavez started the process and was the catalyst for that – with the help of your hero GWB’s invasión of Iraq and Afghamistan.

      • lol, first time I hear a chavista downplay chavez’s role in that matter. Ironic, now that there’s talk about price hiking. As to my hero, you’re my only hero, Arturo…

  5. Just watch many new companies being formed just so they can buy a good or service at a price, only to resell to another in a supply chain at the allowed percentage increase.

  6. I want any pro-regime/chavista to explain to me: who has been the president of CADIVI, Maria Corina Machado? Who controls that MERCAL chain and 60% of food goods comercialization, la MUD? Who is the president of PDVSA, Herique Capriles? Who has been the president of Corpoelec, Leopoldo Lopez? Who has been the Economy Minister in 13 out of 14 years of chavismo in Venezuela, Henry Ramos Allup? Who has been the president of BCV during all these years, provoking 4 currency devaluations -one after another- and the biggest % of inflation in the world at the moment, Ramon G Aveledo?

    • No one is gpoing to waste their time answering such asenine stupidity. You know who has been head of these insitutions. You cherry pick negative aspects when there has been pelnty of positve news over the last 14 years. Decline is poverty; more consumer spending; huge increase in GDP; more kids at school; 22 new universities; decline in inequality based on GINI index: huge infrastructure projects – metros, railways, bridges, autopistas; people living longer; a public health service; more people traveling tan ever before; hundrds of thousands of new homes; subsidized food for the not so well off.

      You know the glass is at least half full – not half empty so think instead of shooting form the hip and making yourself sound more of an imbecile tan you already are.


    This pathetic attempt at manipulation about the oil price by Quoco proves that he is at a loss as to what to do about the counteroffensive against the US backed and financed Economic War and indicates that he is stooping to the level of Bocagrande and la patilla and DolarToday – hence betraying his won intellect and expansive education.

    Everyone sells oil at these prices on the intermational amrket but no other country sells appliances, for example, as 1000% profit margin, but at between 15% – 30% that will be established here soon.

    • Are you defending free (oil) market?

      >the counteroffensive against the US backed and financed Economic War


      Jetaranda was right about Chávez’s health, the govt you defend was (intentionally maybe?) wrong.

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