A Venezuelan in Sochi (Important Updates)


Believe it or not, Venezuela will be present in the 2014 Winter Olympics: 43-year old Alpine Skier Antonio Pardo will be the fifth Venezuelan ever to compete in any Winter Olympic Games, after qualifying for Sochi weeks ago in Switzerland.

But Mr. Pardo has undeniably left his mark during his brief appereance in the parade of nations. Here’s a glimpse. Bf4t1XBCUAAam16.jpg large

A completely unexpected moment (besides a certain technical glitch), yet a very emotional one. After all, Mr. Pardo’s life story hasn’t been easy: He survived a cancerous brain tumour at age eight and then learned to walk again. Felicidades y buena suerte, Antonio!

Credit of the picture used in this post belongs to CBC News Network’s correspondent Sarah Galashan.

UPDATE # 1: According to Alek Boyd and others, Mr. Pardo is not quite the feel-good story we made him out to be. Turns out he allegedly has links to Antonini Wilson and the suitcase scandal. State news media is falsely reporting he won a gold medal.

UPDATE # 2: And the whole cancer thing was not true. The World was duped and so was I. Johnny Rotten said it better.


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  1. It made me happy to see him bring a bit of vitality to the parade. The guy has such a great backstory. It is really nice to see something positive that can unite Venezuela rather that polarize it, on the world stage.

    • Well…that is a disappointment.

      I had really hoped it would be a positive news story for once to balance the negativity.

      I retract my previous enthusiasm.

  2. Hi story is more Venezuelan than might first appear:

    “Before, I didn’t have neither the time nor the resources, I had to work,” he said in a translated interview. “I work in the financial area, and with the paralyzation of the stock markets, I became unemployed, so I said to myself, ‘This is the moment to fulfil my dream.'”

  3. You have a small typo there on “brian tumor”.

    I still don’t feel … just don’t feel much when Venezuela goes to any kind of festival,olimpics or whatever competitive business

  4. It´s disappointing how every time a glimpse of good news from a Venezuelan athlete comes up, you don´t need to dig too far in their past, or their families, or heck their future and something corruptly red comes up.

    Most, if not all athletes have flirted with the government at some point in their careers, it makes it really hard to root for our country or our athletes at any event when the people representing “us” are only representing some Venezuelans and not all our Nation.

  5. Lo de la medalla de oro: Antonio Pardo declaro que con haber logrado la clasificacion ya sentia que “habia ganado su medalla de oro personal”. Que verguenza que la ANTV lo este difundiendo de otra manera.

      • Kepler .Remember the Magic of Oz gambit that is one of Chavismo’s favourite ploys , if you can make a person believe something absurd which the decieved person wants to believe then thats as good as effectively providing them with what they want , The straw man got to be smart with a diploma , the lion got his bravery from recieving a medal, the tinman got his heart in the form of a heart shaped ticking watch , they were all faked sattisfactions but emotionally they delivered . Now in Venezuela Granny wants to feel mighty , she gets a green uniform and a chance to roar and shout defiantly , , a young man lacks all academic credentials to make it through medical school , he gets a shortened easy course and at the end a diploma that declares him a physician . All these phony make believe sattisfactions are fabricated wholesale by the regime and handed out to its many self deluded followers. Pardos medal takes the same form as these cheap pschological tricks. Appearances substitute for reality , that why fachades are all important for this regime even if anyone with half a brain can see through them. !!.

  6. I was about to make a(n admittedly easy) comment along the lines of “how does skiing fit with building the New 21th Century Socialist Man?”. Then I noticed that Aporrea currently features an article on Michael Schumacher’s health status (after having a ski accident…).

    So both Formula 1 AND Skiing are revolutionary kosher. Then again, the fact that PDVSA spent some 30 million pounds last year on Pastor Maldonado’s racing antics should have given me a clue.

  7. It gets worse. Turns out, the pity-party sob story about the brain tumour is added misrepresentation. Estos tipos dan pena ajena cuando no asco.

    Alberto Ravell ‏@AlbertoRavell
    Ex corredor de bolsa y esquiador vzlno,Antonio Pardo(Antonini), q participa en Sochi nunca fue operado de un tumor cerebral.

  8. So your sources for all this are twitter and forum posts? Dear lord the quality of blog has certainly gone down since Quico left…

    I do miss those days when CC was all about avoiding “Cliches” now they have a another mantra…

      • Sure, but that information was absent from the original post and frankly I have no incentive to read all YOUR stupid comments in search for ACTUAL facts. Do you ever read all the comments on Youtube? Have you actually ever read the license agreement on iTunes ? Don’t you think I also have access to the internet or that the decision of the TSJ came as a surprise? That is not even the issue here…

        The main fact is that using tweets and FB comments hardly qualifies as an credible source. Say what you say, but that speaks poorly of any attempt on “journalistic” integrity.

        So sorry if I have offended your sensibilities by holding the bloggers of CC to the same standards as before, when “beyond Cliches” meant something. Like some of you I am an expat that came here tired of the endless dichotomy in the Venezuelan media the absurd allegations and the endless rumourlogy. Things are bad enough as they are, there is no need for more noise.

    • Stark Nebula, or whatever anonymous pretensions you may have:
      Care to actually contribute something of ‘deep throat’ value, without resorting to reported news, twitters, etc. in the pervasive radio bemba environment that now has more prominence in Venezuela, for obvious reasons?

      I thought so.

      In the alternative, kindly put a lid on the critiquing for the sake of not having anything better to offer.

      • And jet you just had to comment, could not resit the urge to enlighten us with YOUR opinions. I guess you do have much to contribute. Why not write an article then, if you are so clearheaded? I guess not…

        I criticize, because I can and I because I feel it is an important issue, but you may choose -just like I choose- to ignore those cements that are not worth your time.

        Mean while I shall be waiting for your great contribution…

        • Utterly Nebulous: I’m not the one complaining of the quality of this blog. Since you are, you’ll have to produce something better than what you’re evidently forced to read.
          But first, I suggest you buy yourself a dictionary, so you don’t come across as a total rube.

    • In some formal aspects (like in some UN reports), the term Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is used. But in the majority of cases (inclding media reports) the country is called Venezuela, as it should be.


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