Hey, violent opposition: Check out your victims


Diosdado Cabello just confirmed the death of a member of the 23 de Enero colectivo (armed paramilitary groups), allegedly shot in the head in the vicinity of the student protests in Caracas.

“Unfortunately, a soldier of the bolivarian revolution has been murdered in Plaza Candelaria,” said Diosado minutes ago. “Facism was there, there in front of the Prosecutor General´s building (Fiscalía). He was savagely murdered by facism. This is painful for us […] This was a provocation. ¿How much longer are we going to let our people be killed?” [for the original statement in spanish, click here]

Provocation, Diosdado?

Here is provocation in its all its motorcycle-riding, assault-rifle-wielding splendor:

Colectivos in Mérida
Colectivos in Mérida

Colectivos in Trujillo
Colectivos in Trujillo
Tupamaros in Caracas
Tupamaros in Caracas
Attacks on Caracas protest
Attacks on Caracas protest
Attacks on Caracas protests
Attacks on Caracas protest
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  1. Reuters World ‏@ReutersWorld · 1h
    Demonstrator killed in Venezuela protest: Reuters witness

    It’s getting harder and harder to lie, Diosdadito. Though the government will try, as per this tweet:

    Alberto Ravell ‏@AlbertoRavell · 7m
    Director de Conatel pide a medios internacionales que dejen de promover la violencia http://patil.la/1hd2mad

    Condolences to the families of Basil Dacosta.
    VVSincensura ‏@VVperiodistas · 20m
    Reporta @deivisramirez: Fallece estudiante por tiro en la cabeza, Bassil Dacosta, de 24 años. Hospital Vargas. Colectivos le dispararon

    • Because the malandros are their supporters and auxilliaries. They are the ones they give weapons to in order to ensure they come out and attack peaceful protestors like this.

      If this Tuparamos died, i wonder how many future murder victims of his were saved.

  2. Laura Cruces ‏@laucruces 8 min

    Reportan colegas: Serían 4 los fallecidos: Juan Montoya (Alexis Vive) Neyder Arellano (Ucv) Bassil Dacosta (24) Juan Castillo (Policaracas)

  3. 3 hours ago another student shot in Chacao by thugs in motorcycles the most sad part of it is that he helped the other student Bassil who was shot before… So bizarre …

  4. Diosdado counts on a complete ignorance of history of the XXth. century in his audience. Or maybe on an indoctrinated audience. Or it’s just that he has A FACE THE SIZE OF BANNERS the Nazis used to hang from balconies and such, to speak of El Fascismo (Fascism) as responsible, when mourning the death of this armed thug, leader of a cadre (he uses the term too, fighting cadres) of armed thugs (hey! maybe it was one of his comrades that killed him!) using shirts of a single color, riding in flying motorcycle squads. A Horst Wessel if ever there was one. Surprise us now, Hr. Diosdado Goering! Produce a blood-stained flag too!

  5. So funny that you all think the Chavista collectives are the only ones that use violence. Have you forgotten about the dozen Chavistas killed after the presidential elections less than a year ago? Who killed those people? Heck, who killed the Chavista yesterday? Did these people kill themselves?

    • Kind sir, produce a list of the names with the corresponding cedula numbers of those 12 dead, with media coverage of family members or acquaintances who can attest to your claim that they were all government supporters. You know, like it was done with Bassil Da Costa. Because the government sure as hell didn’t provide any details other than “the nazi right-wing fascists, colonialists, slavers killed 11, nay, 12! peaceful chavistas”. You’d think that the death of the Montoya guy –who I’m sure was a lovely man despite his brazen thugness- would have received a blow-by-blow account, but you’d be wrong, as our dear Diosdado only echoed the above statement.
      But hey, on the off-chance that you are an Anon supporter, you’ll be pleased to know that the group has downed the websites of VTV, Conatel, Cadivi, TSJ, Defensoria and PNB! Yay, hacktivism!

    • Some light, and an impartial, objective investigation would be needed.

      By the way, where was such an investigation on the 11,12,13th. April 2002 events?

      For all we know, it could be a friendly fire incident. The only ones brandishing (and firing) weapons are the chavistas and the policemen, on the same side.


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