Leopoldo López turned himself in (Updated + Info on Valencia)

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Two days after announcing it in a video message, Leopoldo López surrendered himself to the National Guard today in Caracas. After the march he called for was stopped by a heavy presence of both National Police officers and the National Guard, Lopez arrived at noon and then, he quickly addressed the large crowd. Then, he went to the National Guard soldiers waiting nearby and he was inmediately taken into custody.

According to this report by State TV channel VTV, he will be transferred to an undisclosed location outside Caracas. The overall media coverage of this event was kept to a bare minimum by domestic television channels.

Meanwhile, there’s a rally of PDVSA workers in Caracas, quickly organized (and mobilized) by Rafael Ramirez.

UPDATE: Leopoldo López will stay in Caracas tonight, as he will be formally presented in court tomorrow. The judge sent him to Ramo Verde Military Prison. National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello escorted Lopez inside the Justice Palace for some reason.

In Valencia, the protest held in Cedeño Avenue was attacked by gunfire. Eight people are reported wounded.