19F – The Night Venezuela Finally Imploded

Penned-in protesters in Altamira, awaiting their fate.
Penned-in protesters in Altamira, awaiting their fate.

Tonight, Venezuela is seeing a spasm of violence that’s unlike anything the country has experienced since 1989. Information is fragmented, since an almost complete media black-out is in place, but you don’t need the media to hear your neighbor’s screams.

Caracas, Valencia, Merida and San Cristobal in particular have become virtual war zones: National Guard units and National Police have been shooting tear gas canisters and buckshot sometimes directly at protesters, sometimes into residential buildings and, raiding any place they think student protesters may be hiding. Alongside them, the government backed colectivos (basically paramilitary gangs on motorbikes, a tropical basij) shoot at people with live ammo.

But of course, this is no war zone: in a war zone you have two sides shooting at each other. Tonight one side is doing all the shooting, the other side is doing all the being shot at.

The videos that are starting to come out are simply shocking. It’s as though the denouement we both sides have either feared or looked forward to for so long is finally coming to a head. See the arrival of the colectivos at Altamira square earlier tonight:

As these videos were being shot, president Maduro was on a live TV and radio cadena broadcast saying “I can give you guarantees that what those colectivos are doing is working, producing.”

Here we see the Tupamaros, perhaps the oldest and best established colectivo, at work in Los Ruices.

It gets worse. In this video, you can see the National Guard murdering a civilian in La Candelaria (at 1:52)

Here, we see National Guard troops shooting a civilian in Av. Panteon – there are conflicting reports about whether he survived:

Some Twitter streams are genuinely scary. JGpunto writes, while hiding from police and collectives in one a residential building in Altamira: “They found us”, his next tweets are mayhem and beatings of the students hiding with him.


Others post a picture of the National Guard beating down a building’s door:

going in

Here is Catia tonight – the one glimmer of hope is that everyone has a camera ready phone these days – there will be plenty of evidence:


Here we see the guy shot at Avenida Panteon, above:

Avenida Panteon

After midnight, a fire was set in an apartment in El Marqués , (Romulo Gallegos Ave.)


The Petare-Santa Lucia Road:

Carretera Petare-Santa Lucia

Here we see soldiers shooting into residential buildings in the Caracas neighborhood of Santa Monica:

Santa Monica

And this is not Kyiv, not Baghdad…it’s Valencia tonight:


Here’s Barquisimeto earlier today:


And this was San Cristobal yesterday. (We’re hearing reports that the internet has gone down in San Cristobal now.)


Of course it’s not just the big cities. This is Acarigua tonight:


Ramon Muchacho is working with Polichacao to evacuate students from their hidding places. You read that right, the municipal police is scrambling to keep national security forces from killing protesters.

A grave line has been crossed. Real, physical violence is finally catching up with the huge reserve of pent-up rhetorical violence we’ve suffered through since 1999.

We’ve spent 15 years fearing this.

Now we’re living it.

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            Venezuela’s president has shout douwn TV news.
            Internet is the only hope for Venezuelans.
            We are the media now. PLEASE SHARE. We can do something by sharing this with the world!!

          • Can’t people see that our government right here in the USA is doing the same thing taking over our newsrooms. I hope that people can see that it is only a matter of time before cities all across this great nation look like these videos and pictures unless those that have the power to stop them don’t step up and do something.

          • the worst president i ever known,,, may the sovereign power and protection be upon the people of Venezuela … and the divine punishment be upon the criminals,,, criminals with authority uniform shame on you

          • The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. – Thomas Jefferson

          • So you’re justifying the killings, the fires, the destruction of infrastructure, universities, hospitals and nature reserves? Are you saying it’s alright to have shot 8 policemen and more than 30 other people dead because according to you there is a dictatorship? In this “dictatorship” the authorities not only have not shot or stopped protests, they have not brought the tanks into the cities, have not even called for a curfew, that’s why it’s lasted so long; in the US, England, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and most countries in the world the police would have shot and killed dozens already, as they’ve done, and ended these demonstrations that are neither peaceful nor the demonstrators students; they’re nothing but violent thugs, criminals paid by the local and international opposition because when Chavez nationalised Venezuela’s petrol they lost the millions they’d been pocketing throughout history.

          • Sense???? university students “traitors and terrorists” with backpacks and cell phones being shot….sense? I don’t think they have been asking for violence, I think they have been asking for a change and to be heard and respected as citizens according to the Venezuelan constitution and this has not been done and they went out,to the streets to be heard and to support of their fellow students “comrades” and they were not heard and they got mad but they don’t shoot and kill . Obviously you are pro Maduro and that is your choice but if someone doesn’t agree with you they should shoot you???? History says it all; the roman colosseum,the spanish inquisition,the nazi death camps, and the russian gulags…..strange people, not very nice. Look in the mirror

          • Those are barbaric comments coming from a devolved inhumane person. The word person is too good for you. Look in the mirror. You feel no compassion. Heartless!!

          • The truly sad part is this madness can happen ANYWHERE the government has absolute power and the citizens have been stripped of their civil rights and a 2nd Amendment!!!. As has been pointed out time and again, the U.S. Second Amendment is to protect the populace from an out of control government. Look at Kiev, Venezuela and dozens of other nations where the Government went on a killing rampage with no one to answer their insanity!!! How sad that intelligent people believe they are somehow immune from this insanity.

          • We must have a free candid press i.e.internet,and the right to bear arms.Why do you think they want the guns sequestered.?Looks like Maduro was our boy all along.Just waiting for Chavez to move on.

    • I think the picture of the building look as the one my father lives in, I already had to hear a friend in Boleita with his 2 babies the building was caceroleando, and they started shooting at the windows….

    • Please im from Venezuela, share this information, the only way taht our people know this information y froms the internet, plase let the world know what is happening here, the tv, newspaper and radio dont show the reality of this two weeks.

    • Suck it up, my friend, its going to be more prevalent worldwide. It happens in France, and is under reported here, it happens in the UK, and is underreported here, and of course, our press could care less about Africa…The people of Venezuela have had enough. (Mind you, it is always just a small percentage of the populace that wake up and take action to make the changes needed. In America during our revolution, only a 1/3 of the people wanted independence. Far fewer than that actually participated in the action to support it). The biggest problem I see, is that the Venezuelan people need arms…

      • Suck it up? We are trying to spread information so that the international community might help us. Why are the protests peaceful? Because they are the legitimate side, because they are not the criminals, because Maduro will use the violence as propaganda to say that the ‘fascists’ are trying to destabilise his government with violence and play the victim. Read around and you will see, Venezuelans do NOT need arms, they need to keep protesting peacefully, because they are protesting for a cause. So please, keep your cynicism to yourself, especially when people are trying to get help, and inform yourself properly with valuable points before you make statements like this. Shame on you.

        • Could not agree more with what you said… Gary, not every country is as limited as the states to solve everything with guns.. you have to wake up my friend…

          • Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. – James Madison

          • Or, you know, allow the people to be armed so when they go apeshit they can shoot each other without government having to do the dirty work. Stop trolling with your all-American bullshit.

          • Yes, because that’s what happened in the American Revolution, right?

            Remember, your professors aren’t just wrong, they’re idiots.

          • It is good to see there are still true Patriots who understand the concepts our forefathers put forth. They had so much vision. These poor people… They are entirely helpless against such a horrible evil.

          • Prayers for Venezuela. God give them back Liberty, Freedom And all their Rights, Keep them save. I rebuke that Tyranny & all Evil. Thank God for The United States Of America, That we still have our rights to Bear Arms. They did try to take that away from us, Remember that’s communism & socialist that’s how they steal & Take all your Rights from you. Why has Castro held Cuba Hostage for 55 years. He 1st confiscated all guns, fire arms left all helpless to fight back. God protect , Send your Angels to Venezuela Give them back their Human Rights.

          • Gilda thanks for reminding Venezuela’s that it could be worse. They might have to live in country where people think the Holy Trinity was guns, America, and capitalism. I wonder if you’ve even read the Bible. Also please learn to use capitals correctly, you’re hurting my eyes.

          • I believe all the ammunition is being used at school shootings, or shooting it’s own citizens in racial profiling…. Save some for you USA revolution.

          • The American militias were a joke – sloppy and poor shots, they ran like cowards whenever things got intense. The only American soldiers that were worth a damn were in the Continental army. And by the way, if it wasn’t for the French you’d still be a British colony. They bankrolled your revolution and sent thousands of troops. You owe more to them than a bunch of yahoos with no discipline and little sense. Citizens and militias are a joke, always have been. The only place where a citizen with a gun can fight back an army is in your crazy little mind.

            Your professors know more about history than you do. Listen to them, you might actually learn something.

          • Alright take it easy. Yes the French helped a whole bunch and even supplied guns and ammo, but they only condescended to do so because they hated Britain that much and wanted to see them lose their colony. It wasn’t because they like colonists. We can stop kissing their feet now. I don’t mean disrespect them, but they had their own reasons and we can stop kowtow-ing. After all it was them that wrote that awful poem on the statue we know have to live up to… send me your poor, your hungry …masses yearning to breath free. That’s a death sentence to a country right there to dog-pile all the raggamuffins into one economy instead of encouraging an even dispersal. It wasn’t exactly a favor they did. We’re going to need outside assistance if it comes down to another such event, no doubt about it, so be extra nice to foreigners. Let them hate our government but adore our people.

          • The people of the United States of America will nit have our civilians shot by they own citizens without fighting back and having detainees being tortured. Call whatever you want a joke but if push come to shove we won’t be fleeing the streets running away from our own government but massing up the true patriots of our country to fight against the the obvious corruption that any government would have if they are shooting and torturing their own civilians. What the real joke is what are the citizens doing about this? Crying for help? See what happens if it ever happens in our country because regardless of what our politicians think and vote……. We The People actually own our country and always will. The 2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Regardless of whatever clown makes a comment about what a joke is about a militia should question what is happening to their people right now and are doing what about it? I also like to offer the understanding that the US law makers are trying to restrict gun rights, buying billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition that is not legally used for military use and no reason to use for target practice, 100,000’s of plastic coffins, Predator drone training with local law enforcement agencies all across the US to attack US citizens, etc and making it a law in certain states to register certain guns within a certain period of time. 3% of those guns required were actually turned in for registration. The 2nd Amrndment is our right and will never be taken because the right has been bought and paid for with the blood of 100,000’s of American and I died to give me this right which was written by the most insightful and intelligent group if people to ever amass together at one time throughout the entire history of the world and they are called the Founding Fathers. The joke is the the clown that that thinks he knows American history and doesn’t understand who actually runs the government. The American citizens will not be crying out to the rest of the world for any sort of help or posting Americans being shot, tortured, or detained without an overwhelming ratio of We The People taking back our country and willing to die for what was already paid for in blood. We will fight and claim our country which is why the 2nd Amendment was written and includes “not to be infringed” and 97% of us obviously are willing to stand up and protect that right. We The People fear no country (foreign or domestic). We will never have troops for another country or countries and take over our homes or land without a war that will never end until our land and homes are reclaimed and every single person who violates us is killed or flees to the end of the earth for safety. Joke? No joke, just test the joke that you wish you had.

          • US American Black Ops …..1950’s BOLIVIA/KOREA/IRAN 1960’s VIETNAM 1970’s CHILE 1980’s Nicaragua/Panama/San Salvador? 2000’s IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN/GEORGIA so why not Venezuela also ?……BLACK OPS create the impression that it’s “National Guard Troops” so the USA can come rescue their OIL

          • Hahahaha, this made me laugh, in a good way. Citizens with guns vs an army (and other forces) with guns (with far more munition), tanks, predator drones and countless other supplies that would decimate whatever city they want. This amendment really only offers the illusion of freedom and self public protection…

            I always find it hard to tolerate american patriots who are so gun hoe…

            Back to the topic at hand…I am in Africa right now so kind of out of the media grasp so only hearing of this now…crazy and just…yeah, crazy.

          • We ( America ) paid France back twice. With the blood of our military, We sent millions of men/women. both times.

          • Yes – and look how easily they kill each other, sometimes over the smallest differences. Half the world want to be civilised and talk through their differences. Life is so precious – what ‘ammendment’ gives you the ‘right’ to blast your differences away. The protesters of Venezuela want the right to discuss their way to a just society – as did the people of Syria… Look what your ‘arms’ has achieved – nothing but wholesale murder, brutality and confusion!! TALK, DAMN IT. Stop the violence NOW!

          • The second amendment is the right to defend oneself, especially from one’s own government. Governments’ actions are not the fault of guns, they are the fault of the people in power. The idea of disarming people isn’t enlightened, it will not solve any problems, but it appears you have been sold that idea. Governments love the idea of disarming the citizens, because doing such makes them victim to the arbitrary whims of the government. Half the world may indeed want to talk through their differences. Governments however, clearly do not. Governments’ ambition is to accrue as much power and control over as many people as possible, and they will sell any idea, such as gun control, socialism or war, to do so.

          • Armando, Aussie is talking about “how easily (Americans) kill each other, sometimes over the smallest differences” because of the 2nd amendment to the USA’s Constitution–“the ‘right’ to blast your differences away.” She goes on to say that “protesters of Venezuela want the right to discuss their way to a just society…”

          • No amount of guns is going to take down the US military w/tanks, plane, copters, etc. if it ever came to that. Grow up.

          • You are right about the us military having the weaponry to defeat it’s own citizens however keep in mind that there are more registered hunters in just the state of Wisconsin than armed soldiers in all branches of our military and that is just one state. That argument aside what it really comes down to is would the majority of our soldiers really be willing to fire on their friends and family.
            All in all peaceful protests historically are more effective only if you can get at least five percent ( I have read as low as 3.5%) of the citizens involved it would be interesting to see the figures on participation in this case to see if those figures hold water or not. I am still unconvinced yet hopeful that peaceful demonstrations can succeed.

          • Rossenol: yeah, ‘cuz everyone knows the US military destroyed the Taliban completely by the end of ’02, and my friends in the Army got PTSD from all the Iraqis throwing roses at them…

          • The government is trying to provoke the opposition so it can justify what it is already doing – killing and repressing – to a greater extent. The only hope is continuing to make our point.

          • Did you watch the videos? Are you seeing what is happening outside your very door? There are two options: defeat or victory. Both paths are paved with blood, but history belongs to the victor. If you would stand for your freedom you MUST fight.

          • As a commenter above mentioned, we need to remember our history of US Black Ops, which seem to all be about corporate interests. 1950′s BOLIVIA/KOREA/IRAN, 1960′s VIETNAM, 1970′s CHILE, 1980′s Nicaragua/Panama/San Salvador,(Remember the US trained right-wing “Death Squads”?) 2000′s IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN/GEORGIA. It’s always about Money, my friend.
            Venezuela has OIL and the corporations have been backing right-wing groups and attempting coups ever since Chavez won the election. (Then he mysteriously got an incurable “cancer” and died. Just sayin’.)
            If you recall, US backed right-wing militias along with some in the military attempted the “coup” and released doctored photos of supposed government violence during Chavez’s early years, but failed in the coup attempts. (The BBC covered that scam extensively).
            The US Black Ops infiltrates groups and creates violence. BLACK OPS create the impression that it’s “National Guard Troops” so the USA can come “liberate” their OIL. Corporations get rich, and people suffer.

          • First of all, not all liberals are alike so don’t pick out one of the worst and hold him up as a representation of us all. Secondly, as a liberal student from America I am greatly concerned about what is occurring and want to help them in any way I can. Third, your unprovoked attack against all liberals is similar in many ways to what they might say about you, you are not a part of the solution with words like these, you are part of the problem because words like these only incite violence and murder of innocent people. I can understand your hatred for Maduro and those like him but do not generalize as that only makes things worse and allows them to build up a bigger base. If you generalize and make threats like that more will join them out of fear of YOU and people like you. You only make the problem worse. So please, if you aren’t going to help then shut up.

          • Leaving aside the gun politics of the United States for a second, this looks like a demonstration of what happens in a dispute when one side has guns and uses them, while the other does not. The protesters don’t want a war? Your government is making war on you now, whether you want it or not. I think you guys should consider some arms, because until you have the means to hit back, you can safely be ignored by your government. Hang onto your virtuous pacifism, but it will do you no good dead.

            On the subject of violence, the US has a murder rate of about 4 per 100k, while Venezuela has a murder rate of about 45 per 100k, while gun ownership (known) is nearly opposite: 89 guns per 100 American, versus about 11 guns per 100 Venezuelans. Despite being literally awash with guns, the US is a very safe place outside of the poor parts of our largest cities.

            It’s not the guns, and never was, and those in power who seek a disarmed populace have always known that.

        • And you and you comrades are going to hell, if not already there demonic soul. That simple. Good Luck… b/c is going to hurt for eternity!

        • Haha, you will see what comes back to you for making such a comment. I don’t even pity you, you worthless piece of shit. VIVA VENEZUELA LIBRE

        • no one from international anything is coming to help you. get a rifle, ammo and fight your fight.. kill those socialist bastards or they will kill you.

          • Read my reply to Kraken. You are also part of the problem with your generalizing. Your hate only generates more hate. If you aren’t going to help then shut up.

          • Cmurph103 …..stfu ….fuckin sensetive ass nigga…. Nigga prolly beat it to drake lowkey…

          • Dis nigga Truth is spittin that real shit doe, realshit its like if sum foo try n rob me , id say fuck da bull shit n either steal off on em orrrrr pull my banger out n clap them, anyway point of the matter is fuck peace dont let dem niggas rob you for ya rights n shit, on da hood dem niggas needa at least attempt to swing for da fences n go head up bout it…..jus sayin like damn obviously sittin down letting dese niggas punk you aint helpin its cuz yal is actin softer den baby shit, come onnnnn maaaaaan yall got numbers on em bruh…. Dats all i gotta say

          • I agree…if the majority (the public) stand up and fight back, the majority will win. If you all snipe them bastards from the windows, no official will know who did it, and who cares anyways (they will take you all down otherwise). Delete them ALL. You have the power of the majority. Otherwise, they will squash you like an ant…and after they squish you like an ant, some other country will come in and fight them bastards off to finish what you could not. Do it now while you have a chance and can claim your freedoms.

          • The Argentinian people can’t fight back by sniping from the windows. They were disarmed years ago. It was “for the children” you know.

          • Actually this Government were democratically elected (fairly according to International monitors). So I don’t think you should presume to speak for the majority. Don’t let any facts get in the way of your goodies vs baddies rhetoric though.

        • Maria it is very sad when only the Government is armed and starts killing innocent protesters, there is no way to stop that kind of madness unless the people can shoot back.

      • Wow, this blog is trying to share the violence and turmoil happening in Venezuela, and a bunch of American yahoo’s again jump in with posts to reveal how full of ourselves we are by turning this into a shouting match about gun rights Hitler and our history. Most in America are not as stupid as it might seem by reading these posts, I hope. Good luck, I hope peace and reason prevail.

        • Thank You! As I was reading these increasingly inane posts I was thinking the same thing. This is not about the USA people and not about our politics. Good grief, get over yourselves and look at the real story!

      • I have to agree Gary. Peaceful protests are great, until you’re shot dead. I don’t understand how state-sponsored killing should be met with peaceful protest. If it was your neighbor doing the attacking, you would defend yourself by any means possible, would you not? That’s just basic survival. Politically, the equation is pretty simple: the more rights and freedoms you cede to the gov., the more brutality and misery will be visited upon you. With socialism you’ve essentially said, “My brethren and I are unable to govern ourselves, we should not be allowed to attempt solve our society’s problems ourselves. And we need someone to blame when it all doesn’t work out. Please do it all for us. Please spend our money and jail, beat, or kill us when we disobey your arbitrary laws.” You’ve willfully given your power and freedom to the gov., an entity whose purpose is to acquire as much power and control over you as they can, and then expect them to hand it all back when you ask? Or when you peacefully protest??

    • And each ‘revolution’ has been introduced by the powers that be – outside forces wanting to overthrow governments to bring in their own puppets and, just like in Kiev – people are dying as they are considered ‘collaterals’ by the powers that be.
      America – take a good look because, that is where we’re are heading.
      This is painful to watch!

      • This is so right on it is downright scary. I feel horribly for these people!! But as Hitler said “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
        MOLON LABE

        • I’m so ashamed of these idiots from the USA. This bozo does not even know the real facts that Hitler actually repealed the restrictions on prIvate gun ownership that were put in be the Weimar Republic. But the story told by the NRA makes the gun nuts feel so much better than reality does.

          • Sorry, Philbert. You’re dead wrong…

            Hitler’s administration made all the citizens “register” their weapons. Then Hitler used the registration list to selectively deny new registration permits to Jews. Once the Jews were disarmed, the Third Reich continued to deny registration to any other persons they deemed to be undesirable. The Third Reich then moved to collect the Jews and I’m sure you know the rest of the story.

            Here’s the whole story: http://famguardian.org/Subjects/GunControl/Articles/NaziGunLaw.htm

            The lesson to be learned in history is “Don’t register your weapons”. Weapon registration is the first step on the road to tyranny .

          • I literally cannot F#CKING believe that conservative american mouth breathers are here on an article about the atrocities in Venezuela trolling this article about guns rights and liberals. I am so ashamed that these people call themselves americans. I am sorry for the people who came to this post and had to see that bullshit. Unfortunately, in the USA we have a fascist movement being lead by conservative republicans and the racist sheeple who support them, don’t worry, they are a minority and shrinking, but they are getting more vocal and shrill in their death throws.

          • Indeed. Demographics being what they are, the way will be soon paved to make America into a worker’s paradise. You know, the kind of worker’s paradise that people have been coming to America for decades, hoping to escape. The kind of worker’s paradise that uses border guards to keep people in, rather than out. The kind of worker’s paradise that uses hired goons on motorcycles to murder protesters.

            Once all of the right wing racist Republican white fascists are dead and gone, America will be as free and prosperous as South America, Africa, and the Middle East.


          • “Despite being literally awash with guns, the US is a very safe place outside of the poor parts of our largest cities. ”

            Don’t you mean the ever increasing poor parts of America?

          • Thank you, Discordia! Well said.
            And here’s to human beings finally evolving enough commit to engaging in dialogue and non-violence in every aspect of our endeavors to resolve conflict. Intend peace whole heartedly and watch the miracles take root globally.
            I stand with all peaceful protestors, in every nation. We are shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart strong,.. and we shall prevail! Namaste

          • Ok, to make it clear, even for a liberal, The ideology of Fascism if the ideology of the left. Nazi = National Socialist Party.
            Secondly, Republicans are not racists, Democrats are the ones most racist … racist against anybody with light skin.

            Most importantly, you, Discordia are exercising your freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and are simultaneously being protected in your own person by the protection of your local police and National Guard that are in place precisely BECAUSE of guns and men willing to use them to secure the above mentioned FREEDOMS you don’t mind enjoying, and they were willing to die for that most precious of gifts: Liberty.

            So crawl back into the socialist dung heap you and your ilk crawled out of and leave important things to people who are equipped to deal with grown-up situations like revolutions and such.

      • So what’s to be done in the US? When our representatives have sold us out and the government plucks our freedoms one by one? When voting doesn’t work and people refuse to see how unfree we are?

    • This is the Future of the US if the Democrat agenda keeps moving forward. Don’t forget, these are Sean Penn’s buddies down there killing innocent civilians,

        • Wow, not even close Beep08. Whether you support the tea party or not, it only displays ignorance to equate it to the Chavistas. The tea party is anti-collectivist government, and leans libertarian. Chavistas are pro-collectivist, pro-socialist “Bolivarian Revolution.” These are almost complete opposite ends of the political spectrum.

        • Beepo8:. Smartuckus and Andrew are right. All you have to do is to pay attention to the policies govts approve. Then, you can have an idea if their ideologies are similar or different (There are at least 4 ideologies: left, right, libertarians, independents). Democrats are left. Tea Party is the right. Libertarians are similar to right on that first is freedom. The problem is that Vzla has is a dictatorship that spread oil money to everyone except Venezuelans, and call themselves socialists (left)

        • All yall niggas the point is fuck sum tea nigga we needa encourage dem niggas to fight back which we shouldnt have to cuuuz i mean real life doe why da fuck you runnin dem niggas is strong but can be even stronger if dey nutt da fuck up n fight together for what dey want like nigga if i want your chain n ducketts cuz im hungry best believe its O.V for you its on snatch…. Any ways point is fuck that shit if you want somthin, take it.

        • All yall niggas the point is fuck sum tea nigga we needa encourage dem niggas to fight back which we shouldnt have to cuuuz i mean real life doe why da fuck you runnin dem niggas is strong but can be even stronger if dey nutt da fuck up n fight together for what dey want like nigga if i want your chain n ducketts cuz im hungry best believe its O.V for you its on snatch…. Any ways point is fuck that shit if you want somthin, take it.

        • I keep seeing everyone pointing fingers at Democrats or republicans or left or right wing liberals etc.. WAKE UP!!!! News Flash!!! They all have the same agenda….. It’s called the New World Order…The TPP is a huge step towards that goal.. The European union was a huge step.. The African union and the north American union that was started with NAFTA and the WTO.. Yes they argue politics and philosophies all day long to keep us confused and divided and once they are in office they all push for the same things but give it a new name so we don’t realize it..
          America and the UN get involved in foreign conflicts when it either protects the petrochemical dollar that Nixon created because the rest of the world realized that America was spending more on the Viet Nam war than we had and it became obvious that our monetary system was just a big ponzi scheme created in 1913 when they created the federal reserve and the IRS. The petro chemical dollar means every single country has to obtain American currency in order to buy Oil. that is the only thing that gives our dollar any value at all.
          The only other reason they get involved is to push for the unionization of countries. This has a 600 year history of trying to divide the world into ten kingdoms and they are on the verge of accomplishing exactly that. All the wealth of the western civilization is controlled by four families who run the world Banks which is why they want to westernize the entire world.
          The Democrats are now the Republicans of 20 years ago because they are all riding the same money train.
          Our CIA incite and fund most of these conflicts by way of the world Banks. Profits are made by funding both sides of every war and that included funding Nazi Germany. Rothchild even admits to all of this in his own book. We are to stupid to see past their seperatist strategies and realize that we are all in this together. Venezuela, Egypt, Ukrainian’s fight for freedom is all our fight for freedom from repressive powers.

    • Thanks for the concern! We’re under attack from the government in this very moment. National guards and paramilitary forces are violently going into private neighborhood bringing down the gates with their tanks. The paramilitary are a movement of skilled assassins supported by the government who have a license to kill.

      • Why do we have the United Nations for? It seems like Chavez is directing these people to kill from heaven. Surely the international community can intervene in this case where the Government is killing its own unarmed citizens. What madness!!!

        • It is unfortunate, but the UN is a joke. It is simply a facade to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As you so aptly noted- what are they doing now? This is the problem with the world’s idea of what the perfect foreign policy is- NO ONE will help you when your darkest time is upon you but YOU. End of story. Maintain your right to possess and ACTIVELY USE firearms and this shit would be a different story.

        • I doubt it’s heaven where one would be directing murder from; more likely the other place. Jesus said to the Pharisees of his day, ‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do; he was a murderer from the beginning & abode not in the Truth, because there is no truth in him.’ So, the devil is the chief murderer, and Heaven is not where the devil and his murderous ilk reside!

        • The UN is worse than useless on occasions like this. They are somewhat good at health stuff, okay at food distribution (as long as they do it and don’t turn it over to someone else) and they are REALLY good at blaming the US for everything. Other than that, they are no help. The people of Venezuela are their only hope.

      • I wish there was more I could do other than pray for your people and continue to post this info everywhere I can. our news finally reported on it last night but a very brief watered down version of the truth.

    • Hear ya. Last thing I read before going to bed and now I can’t stop worrying :/ At least it was covered by swedish evening news a couple of hours ago..

    • .
      It is completely expected and anticipated, it is socialism.
      This is what happens when socialism runs for years.
      Bit by bit the people are robbed of their assets and the country stripped
      by the ruling elite.
      . And then it collapses.

  1. Video de la guardia nacional cuando asesina a un manifestante en la Candelaria caracas
    Video of national guard officers killing a protester in La Candelaria, Caracas, minutes ago:

    I guess this is the plan Ameliach was talking about…

      • I couldn’t agree more. Reading through these posts prove to me that the real job of our political parties in America are doing their job well. To distract and divide us when the truth is left wing or right they are all feathers of the same bird and the head of that bird serves the same master. Mega corporations and world banks. Here in America we have been conditioned to believe that our country and ourselves are somehow different. that this could not happen here. Our president has by way of executive order put into law every thing he needs to declare martial law.. take a good look at these videos this is what martial law really looks like. It’s ugly, violent and absolutely terrifying.
        Our Ponzi scheme of a monetary system is on the verge of collapse and all hell will break lose when it does. Will we fight back? some will… many will be too afraid…Others will be too much in disbelief too to know how to respond until it is too late to act… In America we are too busy pointing blame and slinging insults at one another. We are too divided and divided we fall. Our only hope here is that a common enemy tends to bring people together regardless of their differences.
        You can’t compare what is happening to these poor people to how it would play out here. Most of their citizens don’t have the same freedoms and rights as us.
        To those who seem to be judging these victims for not fighting back you are clueless of how it is to be defenseless. To those that say we have evolved to be able to settle things peacefully well.. that is the dream isn’t it, I wish you were right and hope like hell that I am wrong, but unfortunately I don’t see it playing out that way. There has never been a shift of power without bloodshed. It is a sad part of the human condition that we can only hope to change someday.
        This has not been so much as mentioned on the news here in America yet that I can find. Most likely our FCC are busy scripting the story in what ever way our government wants to spin it.
        My heart goes out to all of these people that only want to peacefully have a voice in governing their own lives as it should be the most basic of human rights for everyone. That is my two cents so now everyone can pump up their chests ridicule my opinions and my punctuation if you like but it wont change a thing. innocent people are needlessly dying and anyone whose heart does not bleed for them need to take a good long look in the mirror because you will be right where they are very soon.

  2. I find the goverment response completely unnecesary and disproportionate, this will only lead to increased armament within the opposition, already seen some people making molotov coctails and puting barbed wire and nails in the streets, people are very angry, dont know what can all this lead to, the goverment response is a very clear fuck you

    • The government’s response is logical, they are trying to stretch out the protests and at the same time provoke violent reactions from the protesters. Those violent reactions are easy to suppress and will justify the repression. It will also provide some scapegoats to be prosecuted for the death toll.

      The longer the protests and the violence the more fatigue will set in and people will stop supporting the protesters. Eventually things will come down and the government will have weathered the storm. There will be generalized discontent but also a sense of the futility of protesting. Followed by a helplessness feeling.
      We have seen this movie before. That is the risk of trying to use the protests to defeat the government.

      Non violence struggle is very effective against tyrannies, much more than violence, but it requires a leadership with a clear vision and great discipline from the people. The discipline is the hard part because people have a natural tendency to fall into the violence trap and the Cubans are masters at understanding mass psychology and using it for their benefit.

      • I agree with Amieres above. Non violent resistance needs leadership. Remember that the Cuban govt is an expert at making confrontation a way of life.

        Good analysis on this point by David Smilde. He suggests it might be a calculated move. Although DS is referring here to the Lopez issue, the same probably applies to govt sponsored violence:

        “… other interlocutors suggested that the government is not miscalculating, since it likely sees value in having López at the head of the opposition. The Maduro government has trouble with day-to-day governance, but does much better in confrontation. Indeed one insider tells me that within the government there is a sense that the protests give them some breathing room vis-à-vis the much more difficult economic issues.”


      • “Non violence struggle is very effective against tyrannies, much more than violence, but it requires a leadership with a clear vision and great discipline from the people. The discipline is the hard part because ”

        Non violence struggle: Bosnia & Kosovo, mid 80’s until early and late 90’s repectively led by the leadership with vision for “democracy” and “peace”. Failure of epic proportions.
        Violent struggle by armed militia, fighting against oppression and tyrannical government of Milosevic, Success. Independence and overthrow of the dictator.
        Your analisys about non violent struggle vs an oppressive, corrupt and well founded government are dead wrong. Just look at the examples mentioned above, it contradicts your argument.
        There’s only 1 way to resolve and defeat the bus driver turned president: Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.

        • Reality is not black & white. Non violent resistance doesn’t work 100% of the time and violence doesn’t work 100% of the time either. But non violent resistance are much more successful than violent insurgencies.

          Watch this video, she was of the same opinion as you then she analyzed the history of the last century:

          “Non violent campaigns are twice as likely to succeed than violent insurgencies … and they are becoming increasingly successful and common whereas violent campaigns are becoming increasingly rare and unsuccessful. This is true even in those extremely brutal authoritarian conditions”

          There are good reasons why this is the case the most important one is that in non violent campaigns many more people of all ages, gender, social extractions, professions, affiliations can participate for much longer than in violent campaigns. Also governments have all the advantages in a violent campaign, they have the weapons, the institutions, the people and the resources. They can confiscate, expropriate, shut down and raid homes and offices, they can exile, ban, prosecute, fine, jail, torture and kill.

          Those that advocate violence or war have a romantic notion of it. There is nothing romantic about war. Is the most horrible thing humans can do and the only result is pain and misery to no end.

          BTW Milosevic was ousted by a non violent movement called otpor. The wars only cemented him in power, it was the peace what finished him.

          • It’s fairly easy for suburbanite progressives to distort history and pontificate on the fantasy-based merits of non-violent campaigns, especially when they’re getting paid to do so on stage. But here in reality, the bullet is the only expression of the word “no” that Leftists are capable of understanding. There is a reason, historically speaking, that tyrants always disarm people; they’re not at all worried about non-violent resistance.

            “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.” – Mahatma Gandhi, in Gandhi, An Autobiography, p. 446

            I’m sorry, but your professors are wrong. Don’t believe anything they teach. It’s all garbage. Every bit of it.

          • And you use the Gandhi quotations that the National Rifle Association of America wants, not more, not less. We could go and pick up lots of quotations from the same Gandhi that you wouldn’t like. Why not instead discuss some things based on arguments?

          • she is a monied, lesbian bitch who never had to face a scary moment in her life.. she is a fool and you are as well for listening to her.

          • “Non-violent resistance is an appeal to the humanity of the oppressor.”

            Common misconception, but wrong.
            Non-violent resistance is never about the dictator or the regime, is not about softening their hearts and convincing or converting the tyrants to the other side. It’s about removing them from power, forcibly. Forcibly, i.e. remove them by the use of force. Is not about asking them to pretty please leave power. Is about kicking them out.

            Excerpts from Gene Sharp’s Waging Non Violent Struggle:
            “One of the many widely believed myths about conflict is that violence works quickly, and nonviolent struggle takes a long time to bring results. This is not true. Some wars and other violent struggles have been fought for many years, even decades. Some nonviolent struggles have brought victories very quickly, even within days or weeks”

          • “Also governments have all the advantages in a violent campaign, they have the weapons, the institutions, the people and the resources. They can confiscate, expropriate, shut down and raid homes and offices, they can exile, ban, prosecute, fine, jail, torture and kill.”

            They also have those advantages (and are just as willing to use them) in a non-violent campaign too…

          • “and are just as willing to use them”

            You are right they can still happen but not in quite the same way. In a violent conflagration the last 3 options are used several orders of magnitude more than in a nonviolent struggle.

        • Non-violent resistance is an appeal to the humanity of the oppressor. Therefore it can be quite effective if the oppressor is basically humane, as was the case when Gandhi was leading the resistance against Britain.

          But socialist dictatorships are fundamentally inhumane, so an appeal to their humanity is extremely unlikely to result in anything other than bloodshed and oppression.

          • Warrl, you nailed it. I don’t think the idea of non-violent resistance applies in Venezuela. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. Violence without weapons is hopeless. Non-violence is even more hopeless. As I visit Caracas, people ask me what I think they should do. My answer: I don’t know. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

          • “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.” – Mahatma Gandhi, in Gandhi, An Autobiography, p. 446

          • This is the most deterministic, essentialist and just plain sordid argument ever. Imperial colonisation is basically humane? Or is it that it’s a British trait that Cubans and Cuban trainees inherently lack? I take it Milosevic was also basically humane? Or wait – just socialist dictatorships aren’t humane, so what, far-right dictatorships are? Nothing is this black and white, mate.

          • You’re fucking with us right?! Have you ever taken a single history class?!?! I don’t normally post on comment boards, but this statement blew my mind.

            Just off the top of my head, you have:

            Adolf Hitler;

            Francisco Franco;

            Benito Mussolini;

            Augusto Pinochet;

            The Greek Junta;

            The Argentine Junta;

            Alberto Fujimori;

            Rafael Trujillo;


            The Somozas;

            Ferdinand Marcos;

            Maximiliano Hernández;

            The Guatemalan 30 year dictatorship.

            Etc., etc., etc., etc…

            In fact, South America’s current extreme leftist governments are a direct result of decades of right wing dictatorships as oppressive, if not more so, than the current Chavista regime.

          • Yes, and that’s the problem.

            What they’re teaching about history in today’s schools and universities is 90% pure cow manure. You don’t become educated by taking a class and perusing Facebook during lecture. You become educated by reading books of varying voices. Lots of them.

            Adolf Hitler was in fact a socialist leftist.


            Mussolini was a socialist who revered Karl Marx


            And I could go through the entire list if I had time, but I think you get the point.

            Your professors are lying to you, and robbing you of a true education.

          • Go through the entire list, one by one. I invite you. Hitler was a member of the Nationalist Socialist Party, which evolved from a labor party, but he turned it into the fascist Nazi party, empowering private German owned businesses.

            Benito Mussolini also entered into politics under the Italian National Socialist Party, but then completely denounced socialism and turned to fascism and extreme nationalism, which is how he reached power.

            Dig deeper.

            I really want to see what arguments you can possibly state supporting that Franco, Pinochet, Batista, Fujimori, the Greek and Argentine Junta’s or any other were not right wing dictatorships. Having lived in two of the countries that suffered through those dictatorships, and visited most of the rest, I can guarantee you my knowledge doesn’t come solely from books, but from being there, and visiting the places were those atrocities took place, and speaking to the people that suffered through them.

          • Juancha, basically humane people can make mistakes, operate under delusional world-views, and inherit situations from less-humane predecessors. Basically humane people don’t tend to be perfect perfect.

            But when the evil they are really doing is brought to their attention and they become convinced of it, they start looking for ways to STOP DOING IT. As the British did in India.

            Socialist dictatorships, when the evil they are doing is brought to their attention, generally pat themselves on the back, hand out medals to a few of their most-evil underlings, and look for how the same policies can be applied more widely.

          • “Non-violent resistance is an appeal to the humanity of the oppressor.”
            In fact I think is the other way around: Violent resistance is an appeal to the humanity of the oppressor.
            A violent resistance against a government that has a trained police, military and paramilitary forces, tanks, airplanes and has a continuous flow of money is simply suicide. Their only hope is that the oppressor has misgivings about massacring them or that they will be lucky enough to receive help from outside.

            So when you embark in a violent campaign that is impossible to win, either
            a) you are hoping to be a repetition of Libya – but not Syria – or
            b) you are hoping to appeal to their humanity despite your violence.
            There is no need to elaborate how foolish a) is. A risky bet if there ever was one.
            Option b) is also foolish but more than that is childish. Is like a child throwing a temper tantrum knowing that the father won’t be too harsh

        • I hope you are right and am reminded of DR. Martin Luther King’s non violent approach to civil right’s However there are plenty that only understand one thing and that is absolute power and control even if it has to be implemented through violence.

      • I agree with you, the goverment’s repression doesn’t seem motivated by fear, they seem to be a calculated move, I dont think they’re fearing the opo’s right now since their base have yet to join the revolt.

        The problem with pacific strugle is that it doesnt matter how peaceful you try to be, goverment thugs will go to where you are, shoot you in the head, and then say in cadena that you shot yourself, that it was an accident or that you shot first.

        It is only natural that frustration will lead to more violence, producing repression seems to be the opposition secret intention as well, small peaceful demonstrations have little impact, but repression does, in a way it would have been easier for the goverment to let these protest fade away alone by attrition, but by stimulating them they only risk that an officer may get tired of repressing and join the protests.

      • So what happens if people go out in the streets to WALK AND PROTEST WITH NO GUNS, and the goverment responses by having a “underground” military group going in motorcicles shooting people?

      • Agree, using the wrong terms risks discrediting us. What is going on is outrageous nonetheless. No reporting here last night. Funny the Ukraine conflict gets lots of coverage on the BBC with oppo figures given prime air time. But then that is a proxy conflict between Europe/US and Putin. It reminds me how there was no outrage or boycotts or intense media coverage recently following the criminalisation of homosexuality in India (population 8x bigger than Russia), whereas the law that bans the promotion of homosexuality in front of minors recently passed in Russia, caused a big karkufle. If Putin was backing Maduro then we’d probably hear about it. The media selectively focuses on stories that fit a wider political interest (so it seems to me) #feelingcynical

        • Jota, why do you think Putin is not backing Maduro? Even if not directly, but the scenario is very similar to what is going on in Ukraine. Castro’s Cuba wouldn’t dare to do what they do, if they wouldn’t be sure someone “big” would stand behind them. Putin doesn’t need Cuba anymore as it is useless in itself, but Venezuela is a much better outpost for Russian interests in America. And Cuba is profiting from it, so that they don’t die from hunger. It is disgusting and I don’t think Venezuelans should be waiting any help from the outside – it is the people who need to realize their power and get their freedom to their hands. The same sad story again and again repeats itself throughout the history of humankind.

      • Definitely. At this point, truth itself is pretty damn horrific.

        There’s no need to oversell anything. Our credibility right now, is of paramount importance.

      • ED is correct. Political violence, government repression, crimes, gross violations of human rights, etc but not in anyway genocide.

        The international legal definition of the crime of genocide is found in Articles II and III of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

        Article II describes two elements of the crime of genocide:

        1) the mental element, meaning the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such”, and
        2) the physical element which includes five acts described in sections a, b, c, d and e. A crime must include both elements to be called “genocide.”

        The following are genocidal acts when committed as part of a policy to destroy a group’s existence:

        — Killing members of the group includes direct killing and actions causing death.

        — Causing serious bodily or mental harm includes inflicting trauma on members of the group through widespread torture, rape, sexual violence, forced or coerced use of drugs, and mutilation.

        — Deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to destroy a group includes the deliberate deprivation of resources needed for the group’s physical survival, such as clean water, food, clothing, shelter or medical services.

        — Deprivation of the means to sustain life can be imposed through confiscation of harvests, blockade of foodstuffs, detention in camps, forcible relocation or expulsion into deserts.

        — Prevention of births includes involuntary sterilization, forced abortion, prohibition of marriage, and long-term separation of men and women intended to prevent procreation.


– Forcible transfer of children may be imposed by direct force or by fear of violence, duress, detention, psychological oppression or other methods of coercion. The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines children as persons under the age of 18 years.

        — Genocidal acts need not kill or cause the death of members of a group. Causing serious bodily or mental harm, prevention of births and transfer of children are acts of genocide when committed as part of a policy to destroy a group’s existence.

      • democide: “the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.”

  3. plaza republica in maracaibo was attacked 4 times today… the last time just a few minutes ago… the people resisted… we still have the square but we are waiting for another assault… check the media… arias is in full force against us please help us!



  4. I don’t mean to impose or anything. But this is the kind of post it would be nice to also have in Spanish. To post it. To tweet it. To put it on FB. To send it to anyone asking what is going on over here..

      • Good Point. Translation via a friend with more initiative than me:

        “Esta noche, Venezuela ve una ola de violencia sin precedente desde 1989. La informacion esta fragmentada, ya que hay un casi total apagón mediático, pero no necesitas de los medios para escuchar los gritos de tu vecino.

        Caracas, Valencia, Merida y San Cristobal en particular se han convertido en zonas virtuales de guerra: unidades de la Guardia Nacional y de la Policia Nacional han estado disparando gases lacrimógenos y perdigones, a veces directamente contra los manifestantes, a veces dentro de edificios residenciales y allanando cualquier lugar en que crean que hay estudiantes escondidos. A su lado, los colectivos apoyados por el gobierno disparan munición real.

        Pero por supuesto, esta no es una zona de guerra: en una zona de guerra hay dos bandos disparando uno contra otro. Esta noche un bando hace todo el disparo, el otro lado recibe todo el disparo.

        Los videos que están empezando a salir son simplemente impactantes. Es como si el desenlace que ambos bandos hemos temido o esperado está finalmente llegando a un punto critico. Vean la llegada de colectivos a la plaza Altamira mas temprano esta noche:

        En este video, pueden ver a la Guardia Nacional asesinar a un civil en La Candelaria (minuto 1:52)

        Aquí, vemos a tropas de la Guardia Nacional asesinar a un civil en la Avenida Panteon

        Algunas cuentas de twitter son genuinamente aterradoras. @JGpunto escribe, mientras se esconde de la policía y de colectivos en un edificio residencial en Altamira: “Nos encontraron”, sus tweets posteriores son caos y palizas a los estudiantes que se escondian con el.


        Hay también fotos de la Guardia Nacional golpeando la puerta de un edificio.

        Ramón Muchacho esta trabajando con Polichacao para evacuar a los estudiantes de donde se esconden. Usted lee correctamente, la policía municipal esta luchando para evitar que las fuerzas de seguridad nacional maten a los protestantes.

        Se siente que se ha cruzado una grave línea, como si la violencia real y física estuviese finalmente poniéndose al día con la enorme retorica violenta que hemos sufrido desde 1999. Hemos pasado 15 años temiendo esto. Ahora lo estamos viviendo”

  5. Y entonces? quien era el que escribía en este blog:
    “Like Juan, I’ve seen this movie before. And so I sort of know how it ends. So – SPOILER ALERT – here are the seven lessons that blah blah blah”
    Ahora saben como va a terminar esto??
    O se dan cuenta de la arrogancia y la tontería de andar pretendidendo dar lecciones en situaciones tan delicadas?
    A ver si se gana algo en humildad

      • That remains to be seen. Maduro can still shore it up if he gets even remotely competent people working for him. He needs to ask the Saudi’s for help, really. They did a bang up job in Bahrain.

      • Ya que insistes en escribir en ingles. It is not about you, it never was it never will. The situation have been important and unpredictable since day one. Its about stop being part of the problem spreading nonsense. Cero interés en seguir esta conversación, hay cosas mas importantes que hacer ahora. Suerte.

      • I think you’re being too humble, Quico. You got it right, maybe not literally, but you got it right. That the government and its henchmen are an enraged, mindless rubble is a given; we have known it for a long time.

        But the oppo had it wrong since day 1 of this mess. We end this chapter minus a leader, with the other one discredited by the actions of the first one, and the oppo movement forlorn, in a stage we assumed had been left behind twelve years ago.

        The government is sliding down into chaos because of its own, mainly economic, policies, not because of anything the opposition does. And now, as it descends into open dictatorship, the oppo the opposition lies like a headless fly on a mat.

      • But then, how much exactly did Quico got wrong?
        The government wants the protests.
        They need them to escalate.
        Why else would they had sent Lopez to jail?
        Why else they would allow the Tupamaros and the GN act like they do?
        This is exactly what they warned us they would do.
        And while we are it, Maduro is passing more and more laws to fuck up the economy even further, and he just got a hand full excuses to justify all the incoming devaluations, the coming hyperinflation and what ever happens after that.

        Nosotros somos la cortina de humo.

  6. The situation is truly frightening. That pic you got of Valencia? I live there. I have to get through there every day to get out of my house. Never have I felt so scared of what might happen. Just a little further down where I live, at CC. Shopping Center, the National Guard turned it into a warzone. Shots being fired at buildings. Cars burned. GN forcing their way into the buildings. Shooting someone at a window who is filming you. And in my own neighborhood too. Want to get out to the street? Martial law applies to you (of course it’s not official). The magnitude of the situation is monumental, and tomorrow will probably be worse. And in

    • Yes, people with cameras are especially being targeted. A group with cameras were severely beaten with baseball bats by a group of thugs with covered faces today in Puerto Ordaz.

  7. If Brazil doesn’t show its political influence, it certainly has to stop this, the yo-me-hace-el-tonto-y-no-me-meto is unjustifiable. We should boycot their Mundial de Futbol.

      • Maybe so but the real culprit is the USA. Castro’s Cuba is an American creation. When opportunity presented itself America, the Kennedies in particular, failed to act positively preferring to take the easier way out. Last night was no more than a consequence and reminder of how America cannot be relied upon to deal with its own shit. International policy and acceptable collateral damage you might say.
        And the attacks on the BBC ? Yes, I agree they are a bit lopsided but Venezuela has always been the USA’s back garden. And anyone who enters that back garden is quickly told to get out, or used to be. Ukraine news coverage is far more important to Europe than that of Venezuela because your American allies say so.

        Whilst this situation was avoidable, and a solution always a possibility, I fear that Venezuela is now entering a series of dark nights for a long time.
        I feel sorry for this young generation of Venezuelan trying to do the right thing. Their parents voted for Chavez and were willing to go along for the ride seeking personal opportunity, generally speaking of course. Then some of them ran for more civilised shores when it became “difficult” leaving the mess behind them. And whilst this young generation appears on YouTube running for their lives the rest of you should hang your heads in shame.

        • Well, Ukraine is much closer (in geographical terms) to Europe than Venezuela as well – also the protests in Kiev started over the government’s decision to decline an agreement on economic cooperation with Europe. So there are definitely reasons the media rather focuses on them following theory of news value. The conflict with Russia adds since Russia was high ranked because of the Olympics already.

          Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s a shame that no one here adresses your situation. At least in Germany I haven’t heard and seen much at all about it on the big news or in newspapers. And I am terrified as well, being abroad and not understanding Spanish too well doesn’t help, either. I just think there are more logical reasons than basic conspiracy theoretical ones.

        • Wait a minute, you’re blaming America because the fascist Maduro and his gaggle of lunatic Leftists can’t even find enough competence to produce and distribute toilet paper effectively, let alone provide competent governance? Is that right?

      • Most Govts are only concerned with advancing their partisan political interests and with favouring those country interests as gain them popularity , Brasil is no exception . The brasil govt party has a left wing which favour the govt curries by displaying friendly relations with emblematic left wing govts such as those of Cuba and Venezuela and by acting (on occassion ) with righteous leftist scorn of those countries as represent the values of free market economics and liberal democratic views (i.e The US , the EU) . In the case of spendrift rich govts such as that of Venezuela a few years ago there was the added bonus of having Brasilian industry use govt to govt connections to promote its businesses in Venezuela .
        Problem with the latter however is that in recent times , these busineses have been hurt by the Venezuela government irreponsible behaviour in not paying for what it contracts or purchases from Brasilian businesses . so that brazilian venezuelan relations are not as warm as they used to be , even if the formal civilities are maintained . big brazilian business have been indecorously thrown out of important projects to give them to the now darling chinese or korean companies with their generous loans and by failing to pay Odebrecht and others for the work they perform in the country ( the underground projects) . Pdvsa also has failed to live up to its promise to participate in important brazilian oil projects ( the refinery at Perambuco)
        These events have had a deleterious effect on the govts relations with brazil , also the warm personal relationship between chavez and lula has gone and the relationship between dour Maduro and currrent Brasilian president is certainly not as cordial as one might think.
        Brasil continues to playact its friendly position but the support is weakening as much as Brazils economy is also weakening and the opportunities of brazil to gain from venezuelan largesse with its huge resources start to dry up.
        Venezuela is fast losing its favourable image among lat am countries and their population , the news are of its many failures on the economic front and of its many repressive political actions in the internal front. The former influence of Venezuela in regional politics is waning as its economic and political policies are each day revealed to be fundamentally bankrupt. Maduro is living of past credits which it is fast using up !!

        • Bill, as a brazilian and also a businessman who developed business with Venezuelan government agencies/companies sometime ago, I must say that indeed your reading of the scenario is comprehensive and accurate. I feel bad for the way that the Brazilian government is behaving. I would never expect any sort of strong statement because Brazil has (or used to, before the Honduras “show”) a diplomatic tradition of not meddling in internal politics. But it is clear to any observer that the links of the governing party with Cuba will prevent any incisive participation in favor of a more balanced and civilized handling of the ongoing process by the government. May be the role played by the opposition (or at least the role it was perceived to have played) in previous moments during the Chavez regime is now leading the argument inside the Brazilian government, something like “golpe de estado con apoyo de los gringos”. Marco Aurelio Garcia, who despite not being the Foreign Minister, is the de facto policy maker for all latin america and cuba relations. He is a old time PT hardliner, and as far as Venezuela is considered, he has always been known to be more chavista than chavez himself. However, sometime soon, business interests will top the agenda. Brazilian government has a leftist face but it cares a lot and supports the interest of big business like Odebrecht. Lula himself is now kind of a lobbyist working for these guys in Latin America and Africa. If their corporate bosses start to blink, them you may expect change of course by the Brazilian government. Discreetly, of course, but it shall happen.

        • This is unsurprising. Everywhere you look in the world where Leftists have control, you either see universal poverty, or you see that they’re on the path to universal poverty. And of course there are always atrocities along the way.

          • Right, like in Sweden? You are so fucking dumb, your conservative homeschool education was obviously not worth the trees murdered to create it.

    • Stupid american, with a barbaric idea of “Big country has to involve in little country’s problems” “Big countries need police the world”!!!! C’mon Brazilians dont want to be as hated as americans. You didnt even said world cup in portuguese XD XD stupid american.

      • I am not American, I am German.
        I believe that Venezuela at this point shows that in case of major political accidents, you need some regional power, which guards against too severe violations of civil rights. I absolutedly see that there is a fine line between defense of civil rights and souvereignity of an elected Government. Of course this regional power should act in consent with regional supranational institutions.

        Germany fills this role in Europe. We miserably failed in the yugoslav conflicts.The US can’t fulfill this role for various reasons, but I guess that at this point someone with some muscles should show up in Venezuela. I know that some might not like this and my pov has its problems. I call it realpolitik.

        • Germany, not the German people or any of its Institutions, acts as a reminder of the depths of human depravity.
          No disrespect to you but your country, and I suppose the German people of the time, is simply a line in the sand. You shouldn’t try to re-write history Josef.

        • Lemmy Caution,
          Any suggestion to whom we should write?
          I wrote to the embassy, they just sent me the usual “we are worried and in contact with both sides asking for…” and some suggestions about staying away from the mess and giving my coordinates to the embassy if I am a German in case things get worse (they wrongly assumed I was German). I will send information to a CDU eurodeputy I saw in Brussels. I have sent videos to the German media, but they are very much into Ukraine now.

          • Kepler,

            I don’t think, you can do much.

            There is a very delicate line between imperialism aka disrespect for an “elected” Government and protection of basic civil rights.
            When Francisco Cortéz disembarked at the mexican cost he met a pueblo originario, which complained about opression from another pueblo originario called aztecs… Cortéz promised to help them. We all know, how this ended.

            I find the course of Venezuelan events absolutedly terrible. But even trying to influence ukrainian politics is really hard for our Government. And Ukraine shares borders with Poland and Slovakia, both EU member states. It would be much easier for Brazil to act.
            Yesterday I got very angry about the chilean left on my twitter account, but thats another story.

            Anyway I would love to see an official condemnation of recent events from my Government. But as you said, they are kind of busy with Ukraine.Have you tried “Die Grünen”? I don’t know who specifically is responsible for Latin America. You could always try Katrin Göring-Eckardt, para ver, si te hace caso. Or some of their Euro deputy. European Parliament is good idea.

          • Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. – George Washington

        • I hate to invoke Godwin’s Law, but it’s important to remember here that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Germany regime was also a sovereign elected government.

          There is no fine line. A government either serves its people well, or it doesn’t. An elected government is not free to do as it will, nor should it be. The people have a duty to rise up against tyranny and overthrow it.

      • Hey! My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns.Their house is not armed.Out of respect for their opinions,I promise not to use my guns to protect them.

    • La mémoire est courte y el FUTBOL demasiado importante en esta pobre vida.. From now to june people will not remember how many young people have died in VENEZUELA….este sera el constate triste de la natura humana….

  8. I believe this is just the beginning. The people are doing everything to get the attention of the corrupt and terrible government. They in turn call em “fascist” “terrorist” and “imperialist” Unfortunately this is not a government that will reason with its people. They don’t even acknowledge their concerns, instead call them thugs and imperialist backed fascist. Only 1 way Venezuela. There must be an armed uprising, there must be a leader that will lead the people to take back what’s rightfully theirs. Caprilles is a demagogue and an ideologue that does not have the guts to lead. Sometimes you gotta be able to tell your followers that they’re going to perish for the good of the people, for the good of the country. A coward like Maduro must be defeated with an iron fist.
    You want freedom? You want democracy? You want justice? You want order and security? You want greatness? You want to end the suffering of the people of the richest oil reserve country in the world? Fight for it! Die for it! Free Venezuela!
    I’m with the people.Down with Maduro

  9. I know going forward people will say Cuba is going to get involved, but let’s be honest here guys, Cuba has no experience with large uprisings. It’s success is in police brutality and jailing of even the slightest public dissenter (usually slandered as an alcoholic, drug offender, mentally ill). It cannot handle a large movement of people doing something (and it’s one reason the Cubans are so passive because even the smallest public dissent gets you in trouble).

    So asking Cuba for help against some street kids is a joke and Cuba will only make it worse, they won’t be able to round up the students and stop the street rioting, not without a massive loss of life. If I was a betting man and if Maduro knew what he was doing, I would say he’d send off for the Saudi’s to do a repeat of what they did in Bahrain. Storm troopers out the butt, massive riot gear. Lots of tear gas. Sprinkle in a bit of martial law you can have it sewn up in no time.

    • You might be a brainwashed fascist asshole, but what you say is absolutely right. And this is why the government thugs take advantage by abusing protesters. You really can’t stand the idea of 23 de enero, ruiz pineda and San agustín joining the cacerolas, can’t you? you’ll rather burn those son of a bitches, they must have clearly been manipulated by the CIA. Unlike those that support the communists, which are faithful patriots.

      fascist pigs are such hypocrites

    • Regular army, traditional warfare, including heavy artillery and fighter plans like it happened in Angola, mainly Cuando-cubango, where the main battle occurred.. is it what you are trying to compare with?

    • My take is that the cubans are not there to suppress the people, that is the job of the national guards and collectivos… but to send a message to anyone in the military that has thought of choosing the other side

    • If you are Venezuelan (I assume you are because of the self-righteousness of your comments) does it make you proud that the sovereignty of your country is being violated by allowing the armed forces of a foreign nation into the country to murder Venezuelan civilians?


      If you like Cuba so much, move there. See how long you last with your rationing book for food and and the misery and poverty of the country.

  10. Reblogged this on Lief en Leed and commented:
    Nederland kan zich maar op twee dingen -De Olympische Spelen en Kiev- tegelijk richten, blijkt maar weer.

    Oh, wacht, de media hebben hier wel over geschreven: “Obama veroordeelt geweld Venezuela,” meldde De Volkskrant.

    En ohja, tussen neus en lippen door ook nog even het smeuige nieuws: Zesde dode bij de demonstraties Venezuela.

    Wat een treurnis.

  11. Pay atention to whatever comes out about Habitania, Puerto Ordaz today. Yesrerday there were claims about tens of people being shot and thrown away. A person that lives there called a friend crying and telling this story.

    I hope it’s being exagerated or not even true. But I was told a video about it would be uploaded today

  12. can we talk about the little to no coverage in the US this is receiving? at first i could justify it in my head bc it did not seem to be the level of Ukraine but now it seems to be getting worse, so much worse. also how about Obama’s statement while in mexico was almost if not a watered down version of the statement he gave about Ukraine WTF.

    • Agreed.. after yesterday’s sub-par report by NPR, this morning Venezuela did not event make the news. But there was plently of time for cowbells at Sochi….

    • Unfortunately, the US press can only deal with one story about foreign country unrest and repression at a time, and Ukraine is kind of stealing Venezuela’s thunder in this regard. Only South Florida newspapers seem to really care about Venezuela. Of course, the fact that there is a media blackout and foreign media is being attacked (see CNN camera team that was mugged) does not help either.
      Somehow I think news about what is really happening seems to get reported a day or two late in the foreign media, and I think because this is how long it takes for them to digest and confirm the veracity of stories that are only reported in the social media; again, this is because local media is censored (even worst are cases of self censorship) and foreign press is not being given access.

  13. Es muy triste lo que esta pasando en Venezuela. El pueblo esta solicitando soluciones a problemas causados por un gobierno ineficiente e incapaz y lo único que recibe en respuesta son tiros. Los muertos de la oposición serán mártires por la libertad. A partir de ahora tendrán que tener mucho cuidado ya que Maduro y Diosdado Cabello, viendo que las fuerzas Armadas no quieren seguir arremetiendo contra el pueblo, han llamado refuerzos de Cuba quienes enviaron fuerzas especiales de choque para matar todo lo que se mueva en las calles. Nunca, nunca, nunca se rindan; tenemos derecho de reclamar nuestras libertades. Racionamiento de la comida, perdida de la libertad de expresión, gobernantes asesinos y traidores, lo único que no dice es que quieren implementar la esclavitud como en Cuba. Viva la democracia!

  14. This is receiving very little coverage abroad. The Canadian government made some bs diplomatic comments about the Venezuelan situation but that’s it. I don’t mention it at work because no one knows what the fuck I’m talking about. Meanwhile, I spend most of my time on Twitter trying to make sense of the chaos. I spoke to my parents last night. Except for the cacerolas, Las Mercedes was relatively quiet. But for how long?

    • What do you want OAS member Canada to say? What do you want OAS and UNASUR to do?

      This is Canada’s February 18, 2014 Statement –

      Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement regarding the situation in Venezuela:

      “Canada reinforces the appeal for calm from both the government and political leaders.

      “While we are heartened by efforts to avoid confrontations during today’s rallies, we urge all parties and their supporters to refrain from further violence.

      “Canada is saddened by the deaths of a number of people during the course of recent protests in Venezuela.

      “The events of the past week demonstrate, once again, the importance of all parties entering into a respectful, fulsome dialogue, respecting the right to freedom of expression and ensuring the security of all citizens. Canada believes that respect for the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are fundamental to a successful democracy.

      “The voices of all citizens must be included in decision-making processes to ensure a stable and constructive dialogue.”

      • I’d like them to drop the bullshit reference to “both sides”. One side is killing people, the other side is dying.

        The killing side has to stop. Why the call for the dying side to moderate themselves?

        • Here is the PetroCaribe infused recent statement from the Caribbean Community:

          CARICOM Statement on the Situation in Venezuela

          (CARICOM Secretariat, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana) The Caribbean Community is concerned by the confrontations which have taken place in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela over the past few days in the course of demonstrations. CARICOM deplores the deaths of three persons arising from the resulting acts of violence.

          The Community calls for respect for the democratically elected Government of the Bolivarian Republic. In all democracies, citizens have the right to air their views and differences, however, this must be done within the constitutional framework and not through violent demonstrations. No democratic society can reasonably pursue disorder or any unwarranted subversion of democratic institutions.

          CARICOM calls on all parties to take the necessary steps to refrain from any further action that would hinder a peaceful resolution of the differences and a return to peace and calm in the country.

          CONTACT: [email protected]; [email protected]

          • Yeah, pretty funny little slap on the wrist from the oil parasites. Democratically elected government LOL?! The government controls all voting machines and voting locations, they count the votes and identify anyone who doesn’t vote chavista. These people lose their jobs and are harassed and blacklisted. Thousands of dead people regularly vote for chavistas, including a woman who died in 1839!!! Election results don’t matter anyway when the chavistas announce that they will not leave power even if they lose the election and that they will respond with violence like unleashing the Tupamaro biker psychos. Commies always kill sooner or later. But as the Hollywood genius and communist millionaire Oliver Stone says, the opposition are just sore losers. Tell that to the parents of Genesis Carmona, Maduro, but be sure to clear it with Fidel first.

          • “You know, comrades, that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” – Josef Stalin

          • Of course people are suffering.

            This is the result of failing to learn the hard lessons of history, and voting to give socialism another go.

            People inevitably suffer as a result.

            So who is the sheep here? The one trying to wake adults out of their Utopian day dreams? Or the uneducated fools who voted for this regime even after what we know about the highly embarrassing history of socialism?

            How many times does this lesson about socialism need to be learned already?

  15. The White House: President Obama announced today that there “will be consequences” if the government of Venezuela “cross the line”. What the “line” is and what the “consequences” have yet to be determined.

    • I mean they were using chemical wepons in Syria, hundreds of dead, and there was no intervention…we need to have perspective and not create false hope that the US or anybody else will do anything other than issue statements. They have not taken ONE economic action againts Venezuela in 15 years of this regime violating human rights, why do we think there will be any meaningful consequences now??

      • You got that right! Marxist moron in bed with every communist, muslim, terrorist, anti-American anything he can find. And he duped people into voting for him because he’s black and he even gets a Nobel Peace prize for doing NOTHING from the European leftie synchophants who thought the US had finally fallen to communism. No economic plan for the US but buying votes with handouts and playing the race hatred card. Has told so many lies that he makes Pinocchio look safe. Now we have a whole generation of young, brainwashed idiots who are convinced that socialism is the salvation of mankind because no one has stood up to the cultural Marxists and their insanity.

    • I completely agree. There are too many double standards regarding “acceptable” types of despotism. Nobody wears Hitler shirts but plenty think equally murderous characters on the left, like Lenin, Mao and Che are cool.

      • Not to argue with you, but Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) were in fact Leftist socialists.


        Some of the younger kids are being told by their professors that Nazis were only pretending to be socialists to get elected, but that runs counter to the mountains of documented evidence we have that proves the contrary.

        Oliver Stone for instance has been flirting with the idea of rehabilitating the reputation of his fellow socialist.


        • Hitler was a socialist without Marx and Engels. He hated communism and any who professed it ended up in a camp. Socialism to him was government control of everything, no more no less. The state and nothing but the state. He does not fit into the same mold as Oliver Stone and his rich traitor ilk. What you see in the Hollywood idiots is just anti-Americanism manifesting itself anywhere it can, anyway it can. I vote for a 90% income tax bracket on any movie star or director and a $5 socialist tax on all movie tickets. Proceeds to be sent to any group that opposes communism.

          • This is what American college professors have been pushing for the last 10 years in order to polish the historic turd that is socialism, but of course it’s completely incorrect. The fact that Nazi Germany had a competing brand of socialism in the Soviet Union’s full blown communism doesn’t alter their allegiance to their own brand of the failed ideology. Government control of everything, is what socialism is, or more accurately, what it always results in. Remember, socialism and communism are merely different phases of the same operation. Also remember, that while many Leftists like to point out how Hitler banned the private Weimar trade unions, they usually fail to cite the accompanying factoid, that after which Hitler forced every worker onto the public union, the German Labour Front. This is socialism transitioning into communism.

            There’s no question that Hitler is definitely one of the Left’s boys.

      • Brother Aguilar, the merchandising of these shirts in the U.S. is strictly capitalist business. Some of the outfits that sell these shirts are pure hardcore GOP yet they sell these shirts. They could give a shit long-dead Che is on the shirt… he’s no threat.

  16. Highly unlikely that US will do anything with elections this year. It’s sad but party members are more worried about getting elected than doing what is right.

  17. I don’t understand all the rant about Quico’s post. He’s gotten it all right so far.
    Not understanding the 7 lessons he posted, is just plainly being part of that generation that has not learned en cabeza propia.
    I should add that this anarchy and guarimbeo is just part of what Ramón Muchacho tweeted. There’s lack of leadership. It’s just discontent being manifested and not canalized.

  18. Where the fuck is MUD leadership? I hope they don’t drop the ball on this one as well.

    We are way past just calling for a demonstration on Saturday. Offer guidance for today, damn it! Offer guidance for tomorrow, denounce this shit, go public with the kids Polichacao rescued from being massacred yesterday, respond to yesterday’s cadena, respond to yesterday’s events…

  19. I think that for us, long time CC followers, this will also be remembered as the day CC went mainstream. Unbelievable the amount of people that have been posting it on FB and Twitter.

    On the other hand, how frustrating is it to see all of this from abroad… la impotencia y la arrechera coño…

  20. Don’t despair, this is the price for freedom and you guys are winning. There is no way Maduro will hold on to power after this. Tragic as the deaths of the students are with the help of the Internet there is no way to sweep it under the rug and those sacrifices will win this war. With the economy in ruin the regime is losing its grasp on power and that is why they lash out in violence. Hang tight and don’t let up. We are with you from all over the world.

  21. Gracias Papa Fidel de nos haber matado. Gracias Hugo, de haber vendido nuestro pais a Cuba. Gracias a Karl Marx de nos haber enganado con mentiras y odio.

  22. Hypocritical leftists will ignore this. They control the media and academia so they will whitewash the crimes coming from their side. Fortunately we have the internet in which the establishment can no longer hide the truth.

    Izquierdistas hipócritas van a ignorar todo esto. Como controlan los medios y las universidades van a ocultar todos los crímenes cometidos por su lado. Afortunadamente tenemos internet donde los poderes establecidos ya no pueden ocultar la verdad.

      • They will also say that Venezuela is “divided” and that violence is on both sides…..

        We are alone in this and it appears that we woke up from last night’s nightmare as if it was just a bad dream.

        A friend lives in Ecuador and arrived in Maracaibo, via Colombia, this morning. He had no idea and the people at the company he went to had no idea of the events from last night.

        Estamos recontrajodidos.

      • Or go with false equivalents.

        Like pointing out their government also has Riot Police, while failing to take into account the paramilitary groups using military bases as HQ (Valencia), military police vandalizing property of people protesting at home, security forces torturing and sexually abusing students, etc.

  23. Thank you for sharing this information. So awful. I grew up in Venezuela and my family was there from 1975-1998. I hope you are sharing this post as widely as possible to the mainstream media in the US.

  24. Maduro (No pun intended) Drove himself into a corner with this one, if he accepts to sit down and talk to the opposition, he would give off the impression of being a “pusilanime” to the hardcore chavista supporter (You know, the guys on motorcycles, with guns).

    If he doesn’t, the situation will continue to spiral out of control until we get a Caracazo 2.0 and people are basically shocked into fear, if this happens, the international community will spout some carefully constructed diplomatic bullshit to secure their share of the Venezuelan oil bounty. Business as usual for Venezuela.

  25. But no, everyone should support all this killing just like they are supporting the Arab terrorists who are in Syria, isn’t this what freedom is all about? Get a taste of what the Syrian people are going through..

  26. Objectively and unemotionally, a major clean-up of ghettos and drug infested neighborhoods needed to take place. Unfortunately, this means many people living on the fringes will die. That’s why abortion needs to remain legal. Planet earth and the economy cannot sustain those who drain its resources without producing or contributing anything in return. Yeah, I’m cold hearted, but that’s reality.

  27. Anyone remembers a certain Alto Mando guy whose name slips my mind talking about “Asymmetric war”???

    This is what we’re witnessing,asymmetric war against enemies of the state, armed or not, we are stronger,we have bigger guns, we are better organized and the law is with us.

    One of you bloggers should write about this.

    • Chavez’s strategy for survival was to encourage conditions where the country would destroy itself in his absence. The one hope is that virtually nothing he did or planned succeeded.

  28. These images are terrifying. It does not resemble the Venezuela that we all remember; instead, it looks like image from Afganistan or Iraq. Not only this “revolution” has stopped the economical, cultural and political growth of the country the past 15 years, it now will leave a devastated infrastructure. And all the wealth of the people in their fat banks out in the Caiman Island and Switzerland. God be with Venezuela…

  29. This is because all the idiots wanted socialism and the nanny state. The next person who tells you how great Marx was punch them and kick their face in.

  30. Thanks for the post. I’ve been paying close attention to the news programs but it seems most of the focus is on the situation going on in Ukraine while the situation in Venezuela seems almost like an afterthought. While what’s going on in Ukraine is important, I think Venezuela’s situation also needs to be spotlighted. Either way, people need to stop hurting each other!

  31. CaracasChronicles.com. Quien los autorizó a usar imágenes de nuestra AULA MAGNA? Ustedes son de la CIA? Manipuladores!!! Incitan al odio!!


  33. Reblogged this on Complete Health Circle and commented:
    Let us all whisper a blessing on the winds for our brothers and sisters for peace, for freedom, for their safety, and for an end to the madness of corruption, propaganda, and an end to years of unhappiness. Your words will not be silenced. These are birth pains.

  34. Leaving aside the gun politics of the United States for a second, this looks like a demonstration of what happens in a dispute when one side has guns and uses them, while the other does not. The protesters don’t want a war? Your government is making war on you now, whether you want it or not. I think you guys should consider some arms, because until you have the means to hit back, you can safely be ignored by your government. Hang onto your virtuous pacifism, but it will do you no good dead.

    On the subject of violence, the US has a murder rate of about 4 per 100k, while Venezuela has a murder rate of about 45 per 100k, while gun ownership (known) is nearly opposite: 89 guns per 100 American, versus about 11 guns per 100 Venezuelans. Despite being literally awash with guns, the US is a very safe place outside of the poor parts of our largest cities.

    It’s not the guns, and never was, and those in power who seek a disarmed populace have always known that.

  35. This is gut wrenching to read and watch. I complain about my own country’s government a lot but I rarely take the time to analyze the situation in places other than America. This is powerful information and I intend to share it and encourage others to share it. People need to see this and know what is happening.

  36. Here in Mid-West USA I haven’t heard much about the events in Kiev, never mind Venezuela. My heart goes out to the people whose lives are at risk just by trying to live their day to day lives. It’s horrible and I hope both conflicts are resolved for the best, as quickly and as peacefully as possible. And I sure as hope the USA stays out of both. My government is hypocritical enough in its own dealings without getting involved with how other countries run themselves.

  37. the government will be overthrown… eventually; things must change…this is a time to protest; to stand up for what is right….all over the world…things must change. We are one; stop the corruption…and take care of the people….

  38. “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not frightened. Such things must take place, but that is not yet the end.” — Jesus

    I’m very sorry and I’ll pray your country.

  39. Quico, this has been one of the most influencial writings of yours in the last years. I have seen so far more than 30+ references to it in mainstream sites and it is being twitted like crazy.

  40. My heart goes out to all the Venezuelan people, I have a dear friend in San Cristobal and she has messaged me the last couple of nights telling me she hears gunshots outside her home. The Venezuelan people are living in fear. Change must and will come. Thanks for a very real article.

    • You see Americans, this is why you need 2nd Amendment, not to hunt deer and ducks, but rather to put tyrannical animals and thugs to death.

      And this is the end of our constitutional class.

  41. This is what leftism, socialism, welfare statism, Marxism, fascism, National Socialism, National Bolshevism, and all the other cookie cutter ideologies of the international Left ALWAYS ends up doing, the murder of millions. It’s their one consistent underlying reality wherever this sewer ideology gains a foothold. Maduro is probably gloating tonight. Leftism is a mental disease.

    • Left Right both are the same mental disease because they both represent extremist. extreme polar’s lack balance and anything out of balance is destined to someday collapse on itself.

  42. Bellissima gente, creativa, trabajadora, hospitalaria, pseudo rubia, pero despuès de 15 anos de imbecilidad ya estan hartos. Hasta los santos no saben de que manana estara echo.

  43. I feel terrible and disgusted with what the government in your country is doing. All Ukrainian people and communities are following and sharing all information that is being sent over the internet about the crimes the Venezuelan Government is committing against peaceful people and protesters!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

    We are with you Venezuela!!!!!!

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