He had me at "¿A quién va a convencer Ud. encerrándose en su propia calle?"

Henrique Capriles’s speech at today’s march deserves to be listened to in full. The sheer relief of having somebody take charge and lead, damnit, was overwhelming for me.

His message is crystal clear. Listen, in particular, at 10:50:

I ask those who are protesting not to lock yourselves up with your own people. What good does it do to lock yourself up on your own street? Who are you going to convince locking yourself in on your own street when everyone there is already convinced? It’s in the government’s interest for the protests to be in Altamira rather than in Catia, and every day, come nightfall, they stoke that protest in Altamira.

Then, at 15:51, he makes Juan’s day, by writing a list.

A hugely important step forward.