Historical Cycles



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  1. Absolutely what the doctor ordered. The oracle predicting and bashing his own future actions …..
    Thanks! 5 stars for the post.

  2. Is any of you guys at CC going to comment on the case of the 6 year old kid and his uncle killed in Apure by a POLICEMAN?

  3. Very well done. It would be interesting to get the reaction of Anon/Get a Clue/Clueless in Caracas/Chris Carlson to this video.

    • Don’t hold your breath with those that have a criminal vein. Yes, the “revolution” is an ample cover for the deluded who hide a nefarious side to their personality, hence their manic deflections. Notwithstanding their anonymous handles, they know what I mean. They being variations of: Anon, GAC, Clueless in Caracas, Arturo, his buddy El Pipo, Chris Carlson, Eva … y pare Ud de contar.

        • When not aiding and abetting the intellectual authors of criminal acts, these ADULT “trolls” parrot their pseudo jargon and disseminate their manipulations. As such, any reasonable, civil society calling a spade a spade finds the behaviour from these “trolls” as reprehensible. Degrees, obviously vary. See this for comparison.


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