Venezuelan inflation in one simple image


You know the adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. So, what better way to show how inflation has affected us… than the prices of trading cards for the World Cup album?BknP50_CQAExcm9.jpg largeA little context for those who don’t know: during FIFA World Cup years, one of the most popular items is the official trading card album. Even if I didn’t collect them myself back in the day, I know from experience how big this was and still is – kids and adults buying and exchanging cards not only in schools, but everywhere.

The picture puts in context how much prices have gone up in the last eight years (three World Cups). Look the big difference between South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014. This image has become viral in recent days and for a good reason, since it touches on something everyone relates to.

Another piece of the leagcy left by the comandante eterno… Still, they prefer to compete with a sticker album of their own. Looks like their overall priorities are still intact, sort of speak.

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  1. What was the value of that coin?

    One of those little envelopes costs 1200 pesos in Colombia (60 US cents). Dólar Panini anyone?

  2. 700 stickers cost about 120$ on Amazon (about what it takes to fill the album (with merely 10% repeats). At CADIVI$, you could net 5500 Bs. for those stickers if you sold them at “kiosco price” (perhaps just 4500 Bs. if you substract courier money).

    Or you could complete your album with them, for a fifth of the retail price.

    I haven’t done the math with SICAD2.

    Distortions everywhere…

  3. Their priority has always been the same: Hide the truth, so boligarchs can steal all the dollars in peace.
    That’s why they did the coups in 1992, nothing more.


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