Postcards from El Rodeo III



carta_estudiante_cliderA few days ago 18-year-old Clider Martínez was taken in by the National Guard while protesting in Los Palos Grandes. After being processed he was sent to El Rodeo III, one of Latin America’s most dangerous prisons.

Allegedly, Clider got the book thrown at him because he had been caught a few days earlier in one of the student camp takeovers (he was released conditionally on May 12th), and this was, well, his second strike. It is, of course, a clear violation violation of due process, as well as several other Constitutional and Human Rights.

To put things into context, three months ago, when the powers that be tried to send a group of students to Tocorón (another of Latin America’s most dangerous prisons), the vicious prison inmate overlords (the “Pranes”) refused to allow them into the facilities, saying that “Venezuelan prisons are no place for students.”

I translated the handwritten note Clider sent his mom from prison. I’m giving it to you as is, with no periods, in all the Kerouac-esque glory of his syntax.

Mom, I want you to know that I was taken, and I wasn’t doing anything, Mom, I was at a peaceful protest and as it ended many started to cover their faces with masks and I walked away, two blocks away, while waiting for a friend, the National Guard went by and I got arrested, I honestly was not a part of este peo, Sweet mom you don’t deserve what you’re going through because of me, I feel horrible just thinking how you must feel, Just knowing what I’m making you endure makes me think that I’m the worst son, I really ask for your forgiveness and hope that you can find it in yourself to do so, today and everyday that I stay here I’ll be missing the world of you, tell Maiayel and Maria, Carlos and Granny that I love them, and you too, the woman of my life, I will stay here for 45 days while the investigation takes place, mom, and I will get out, don’t worry, I’m fine

Love you mom, forgive me



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  1. What a sad and pitiful country! Seems to be at least Kafkian. The ones committing the crimes are free and the innocent protesters jailed!! The ones in power doing whatever they “legally” want to…..the opposition guilty of everything. Democracy???

    • From Brussels, if the wrongdoers are free, and the good and brave are jailed , what does that tell us about the National Psyche? Worth a study I think.

      • Yes, the guys throwing molotov cocktails at police officers, shooting National Guard members who try to take down barricades, and blocking major roads with barbed wire….. they are the “good and brave”…

        • The nazis shooting people on their heads and gloating about it later.
          The nazis that send the death squads to kill the people.
          Yeah, right, defenders of good and justice.
          Just keep on that track, it’ll be too late to regret when people starts defending themselves for real, and the sickening killers start appearing face down in the gutters with a mouthful of flies.

        • There’s no evidence of this kid doing either of those things. Even if he had done any of those things, he still should have the right to remain free pending the trial.

          • Well, he was released the first time. But he came back and broke the law again. Obviously they have good reason to not want to release him a second time.

          • There’s no proof of him breaking the law any of the two times. He was arbitrarily detained once, and then arbitrarily detained again.

            His “crime” is being unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time twice.

          • You have no proof for ANY of your statements. You don’t know if there is no proof. No proof has been presented. That’s what a trial is for. You don’t know if he was arbitrarily detained. That’s what he says. The police say something different. You don’t know if “his only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time twice”. That’s what he wants us to believe, but should we just believe whatever detainees say?

            In other words, you are just talking out of your ass…… completely baseless nonsense…… as usual.

          • Yes Navarro, but his trial hasn’t happened yet. At that point the evidence will be presented, and it will be decided if he is guilty or not. Do you know how a trial works?

          • The problem is that his case could be one more the of hundreds there have been since 4F, of innocent people being jailed, having their rights violated, released for lack of prosecutorial evidence, but sentenced to parole or inability to leave the country, for no reason whatsoever.

            And then if they’re caught arbitrarily again, they’ll have grounds to say that the person violated parole.

          • Give me a break Navarro. 41 people are dead, many of them police officers and national guard. Property damage has been immense. People barricading streets, throwing molotov cocktails, shooting people who try to remove the barricades.

            And you’re worried about those people who might get apprehended TWICE??? What a joke.

          • Thousands of people have been arbitrarily arrested, and have had their rights violated by chavista goons. And yes, I care about thousands of students.

        • Has Betty been out to a “violent” protest lately and taken pictures of her law abiding National Guard to see what their reaction will be? I mean come on Betty do it. Prove to us how gentle your National Guard soldiers can be.

  2. It´s so badly written, so true, so heart-felt, so raw. It´s amazing the depths we are diving into. So sad, so -for the time being- useless. Hmmmm… so sad.

  3. So horrible that these kids get arrested for throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at the police and blocking off major streets with rubble and barbed wire! I mean, I’m sure nothing like this would happen to them if they threw molotov cocktails at the police in say Paris, or London, or Madrid, or New York. Nah! They certainly wouldn’t go to jail! So why is Venezuela putting these guys in jail? I just don’t understand why Venezuela insists on treating people who break the law just like any other country would treat them?

      • Ugh, how utterly idiotic. It does not have to be proven to put a violent protester in jail. Again, this is how it works all over the world! They are jailed PENDING trial. Do you all have ANY clue how things work in the world?

          • Uh, he was already released once, as have most of the protesters who were detained. But, yeah, I know that doesn’t jibe with this whole “Venezuela-is-repressing-innocent-peaceful-kids” nonsense, so let’s not mention it.

          • the fact that he was released doesn’t prove that he was doing anything wrong the first time, so that’s beside the point. Peacefully protesting is a constitutional right, so yeah, you have to prove that the person you have detained actually did anything wrong to be there.

          • Yes, and we all know they are sooooo peaceful…. I just can’t think of anything he might have been involved in.

            And, again, we aren’t talking about a trial here. We are talking about a pre-trial detention, which is how it works in practically every country on the planet. Why should Venezuela do it differently?

          • following that reasoning we should take every GNB and PNB to prison for the violence of some of them

            “which is how it works in practically every country on the planet”
            in other parts of the world the detained are hurt by the officers just like that? I also wouldn’t trust much what the police claim they find taking this into account.

            You are still claiming they were detained for violence, but where’s the proof?if you took the time to watch the sebin videos you would have seen that the government lied about finding “Red handed”, so what makes you think this student was throwing either rocks or molotovs?

          • This same old video? This happened months ago. Thanks for showing that the abuses aren’t systematic.

          • You are failing to address my argument and are going by the tangent, the fact that you are treating him as violent where the police has detained people that were doing nothing wrong(reporters and that man with asperger’s, for example) with no proof of being violent whatsoever is what is the problem. You talk about someone throwing a rock to the police somewhere else getting detained, but this is not the case, several(if nor hundreds) of innocent people has been detained, and despite that, you seem to be “sure” this student did anything wrong without any evidence being presented.

          • You seem to be sure that those hundreds of people detained did nothing wrong. You have no proof of that. Just because they SAY they did nothing wrong? What do you expect them to say?

        • If it didn’t have to be proven then you wouldn’t be putting violent protesters in jail, you’d be jailing kids without evidence

          • Navarro, go to New York City and throw a rock or a molotov cocktail at a police officer. What do you think will happen? Will they detain you and put you in jail?


          • Well, If I were to do that, they sure as hell should not detain the some other latino or random kid who was just minding his business two blocks away.

          • Yes, and your evidence that he was a “random kid who was just minding his business”.

            Oh yeah, I forgot….. because he said so!!! Hahahahahaha!! I suppose whatever the detainee says is the truth? For heaven’s sake, grow a brain.

          • He IS innocent until proven guilty, and I’ve yet to see any evidence of any wrongdoing on his part.

          • That’s because the evidence will be presented at the trial, which hasn’t happened yet.

            Do you have a brain?

    • Betty, the notion that in Venezuela someone like this gets a fair, transparent and timely hearing where the government has to meet a high standard of proof, like in some of the other countries you may have in mind, is either incredibly naive, or just stupid. Or in your case, probably both.

      • We aren’t discussing the trial. We are discussing a person who has been jailed PENDING trial, which is how it works all over the world.

        And the argument that Venezuela’s justice system is disfunctional and therefore people who commit crimes should not be jailed is…… well…… “incredibly naive, or just stupid”.

          • It is a human rights violation to beat up reporters for doing their job of UHHHHH reporting!
            Come on Betty do it! Do it!

          • That troll says that the girl that was raped at the ULA campus deserved such a thing.
            Poor little hateful wimp is so butthurt about his beloved malandro idols getting what they deserve soon.

          • Betty, in view of your persistence on this point, I revise my assessment: you are being neither naïve nor plain stupid. You are being intentionally stupid.

          • Yes, your whole argument that “Venezuela’s justice system is not transparent…. therefore people should not be detained” was brilliant. I suppose people should be permitted to kill police officers with impunity.

          • If the state cannot guarantee an individual’s rights against arbitrary detention and to a fair trial, then I agree, the state should not be in the business of detaining people. I appreciate the concerns about murderers running around free and all of that, just as I appreciate the other line of argument made by folks like you about killing ’em all and letting god sort ’em out. But in the context of this regime, which you have so faithfully defended lo all these years, it is a little late in the day and self-serving for that line of argument, isn’t it? Letting murderers run around free and all that. A little self-serving, no? You police-state lover, you.

    • Debieron haber colocado a Jaua y a todos esos boliburgueses actuales en esa cárcel cuando estos estaban jodiendo la paciencia de todo el mundo en los ochenta y comienzo de los noventa.

      Aunque en aquel entonces la mortalidad en esa cárcel era la mitad de lo que es ahora (y era horriblemente peligrosa ya en aquel entonces, pero hablo comparada con lo que es en el año 15 de la Robolución)

    • I wonder what would happen to Betty if she took pictures of the police in say Paris, or London, or Madrid, or New York. Come on Betty do it!

    • It’s infinitely more comforting to believe that version of events. God forbid our justice/police system do anything wrong. Keep telling yourself that.

  4. its a principle of universal justice that punishment of a crime should be propportionate to the harm and injury it causes , People who steal massive amounts of money from the govt or misuse it in pie in utopian pie in the sky projects or in fraudulent deals (which they and their friends profit from) to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars should be subject to some kind of prosecution and punishment and yet in this govt they are left free to enjoy their ill gotten gains .

    Meantime a kid is found in the streets close to a protest and he is jailed and beaten and sent to a prison where hard boiled professional delinquents can hurt him .

    The people who lost Pdvsa retirees their pension fund , who with their criminal negligence caused the Amuay tragedy and the loss of hundreds of millions in unrecouped losses , who day to day run scams which leave them with thousand of million of dollars in unlawful gains are free, protected by a government which is as thoroughly corrupt as it is unjust ruthless and heavy handed in the treatment of its political opponents .

    If your are a armed goon who kills a govt opponent you are not sent to tocoron , nor are you sent to tocoron if you are a govt guard who tortures and beats someone caught in a protest, maybe they make believe that you ‘cant be found’ so that you scape any punishment at all .

    If for every imprisoned protester one of the regimes protected criminals had faced the justice they deserve for their crimes , regime supporters might have something to talk about , but thats never the case . they were blinders that only allow them to see the crimes they want to see ( even if imaginary) and never see the much more serious crimes that the regime and its servants commit for their own gain and sadist pleasure !!

    • “People who steal massive amounts of money from the govt or misuse it in pie in utopian pie in the sky projects or in fraudulent deals (which they and their friends profit from) to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars should be subject to some kind of prosecution and punishment and yet in this govt they are left free to enjoy their ill gotten gains .”

      Actually, those people ARE jailed, but then you all turn around and make them your heroes (Eligio Cedeño, Lourdes Afiuni, Eladio Aponte Aponte etc. etc.)

      “Meantime a kid is found in the streets close to a protest and he is jailed and beaten and sent to a prison where hard boiled professional delinquents can hurt him .”

      Funny, I don’t see him see him saying anything about getting beaten. And this was his SECOND time being detained. Nice try withe the “innocent kid close to a protest” nonsense.

      You all are so utterly dishonest you can even get your own shit straight.

      • Sí, claro, pendeja: por eso es que el hermanito del matón Jesse Chacón, Arné Chacón, está libre pese a que robó mucho más que Cedeño. Por eso es que los que se robaron 25 mil millones de CADIVI están libres. Por eso es que el régimen no ha revelado qué deportistas se robaron los 65 millones. Por eso es ue Rafael de PDVSA paga de nuestro dinero a sus amiguitos y acepta sobrefacturación en proyectos por más de 500 millones de dólares.

        • Former chavista mayor and corrupt bastard Edgardo Parra was released under-the-radar last week from prison, following a “humanitary measure”….Echito vale, esta muy viejito para la carcel….

          • But wait, I thought they never jailed corrupt officials? A Chavista?? Bill Bass’s head might spin…

          • Some 70% of the regimes corruption cases never gets reported or publicly found out , the regime puts a tight lid on the flood of corruption cases so few people outside the whale hardly ever know for sure the whole story or what has happened . They are however naive in thinking that all those who are inside the whale are dyed in the wool loyalists , on the contrary many of them dont like the regime , or have grudges or just like jabbering to friends about what they know, so, lots of information does get out .

            Outside the country there is a treasure trove of information which for whatever reason doenst reach the country or only in pieces . Sometimes you need to connect different dots to learn the full story. Sometimes I suspect that the US govt is waiting for the right time to let all these cases become known and create a scandal .

            Every so often the govt selects someone who has fallen in disgrace with other powerful comrades and expose their crimes as window dressing to fool people into thinking that they are serious about corruption ,

            These are very isolated cases but they are brought out with a lot of noise. If Elpidio Cedeño had been more discreet about his private love life he probably never have become the object of judicial persecution . They are also experts at concocting stories to accusse innocent men of crimes they have never committed to fraudently exclude them from exercising their political rights and thus threaten with their popularity the regimes political agenda!!

            No body is fooled by these lies and tricks except those who have chosen to do the fools errand , we have them as trolls in this blog !! wonder what they get out of it.!!

          • Edgardo Parra’s case wasn’t about corruption. He didn’t take kindly to being replaced by Miguel Flores (Ameliach’s pawn) as PSUV candidate for Valencia.

            Since Parra was threatening to run on his own, ad that would divide the Chavista vote, Ameliach got him ousted and jailed. Sadly for them, they lost anyway. Sadly for us, our candidate was now-revealed-as-spineless Cocchiola.

            But that’s all water under the bridge now, and Parra even got to keep his assets.

          • What really causes heads to spin is that they release the select few that do end up behind bars. Exhibit A: Parra.

      • Betty you are evidently misinformed (sic) about the gross scale of the corrupt deals that have been made and are still being made by regime favourites without anything being done about it , in fact i mentioned a few of them and you had nothing to say about them , The cases you selectively mention of people who have been prosecuted are but the tiniest tip of an inmmense iceberg and include some like judge Affuimi whove been imprisoned without any proof being offered for her alleged crime simply to sattisfy the personal grudges of a tyrant. .

        Some months ago Maduro mentioned that several thousands of million of dollars were scammed via Cadivi but since then has forgotten to mention who profited from those scams , we all know why , because they are comrades and those guys are protected by a mantle of complicit impunity , what hipocrysy !!

        The student which case is mentioned here is only one of many similar cases , in many of which govt goons (who are paid a 5.000 bonus for their dedication ) , beat up and torture their victims , under cover of a corrupt judiciary which automatically and without proof condemns them just for being the suspected part of an opposition rally .

        If anything your comments show your complicity with a regime which will go down in history as the most corrupt that Venezuela has ever known .

        • Too bad they don’t prosecute more of those corrupt bastards. Then the opposition would have a lot more “heroes” to defend from the horrible rrrrrrrregimen.

          • “Betty”,
            Cuando hablas de “bastards” supongo que te refieres ante todo a los que más roban, gente como los Diosdado Cabello o la familia Flores, los Rafael Ramírez de este mundo y los que se robaron los miles de millones de CADIVi con la anuencia del chavismo.

      • Beto: Your neurotic defense mechanisms are designed to avoid looking at reality. I understand. I really do. For, what you call ‘our heroes’ reveal what you try to hide. (Como te ha picado!) As for student protest issues, I realize your reasoning capabilities are slim. But try to read art. 350 of the Bolivarian constitution you love to embrace for show. It’ll help make you appear a little less ignorant than what you do on this site.

        p.s. I realize the Vz govt has trouble meeting its operating costs and obligations, and there’s not enough money in the coffer, after Diosdi et al get their paws on it. So they cut back on their ‘A’ list of propagandists, leaving a few B-listers. Take heart. We can’t all be top drawer. But if you do run across C-lister Arturo, say hi to him from us.

        • Hahahaha, the only argument you can muster up is Art. 350??? Great….. so as long as any old group of people thinks the government should be overthrow, then they are justified in killing people, setting police officers on fire, destroying buildings, blocking roads, etc. etc.

          That’s brilliant.

          • You mean, the GNB with proof of using firearms and the raggle-taggle militia, some with proof of using firearms, are justified in killing peaceful protesters who are forbidden to carry firearms?
            You really love to muddle. Why don’t you take your salon games to Human Rights Watch?
            And hey, have you thought of answering with different nicknames to at least give an illusion that the incompetent government you support has enough funding to pay more than one disturbed personality with a burr up the behind?
            I mean, for the manipulator you are, your repeated pop-ups under the guise of ‘Betty’ is an embarrassment to ‘la internacional del revoltillo’. At one time, you guys could count on at least ‘4 gatos’. Qué pasó?

      • Afiuni? You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s very simple to see that she simply followed the law:

        Venezuelan law says that people can be held in jail without trial for up to two years.

        Eligio Cedeño spent around three years in prison, more than the two year limit, without trial.

        Afiuni released him, to be tried out of prison, since the State couldn’t hold him lawfully for more than two years.

        Chavez ordered Afiuni jailed and sentenced to 30 years, for releasing Cedeño.

        She was arrested and convicted, as Chavez willed it, even though the prosecutor never proved that Afiuni had received any payment to release Cedeño.

        • Betty will never respond to this charge. No amount of spin, obfuscation, or denial can get around it. It was pure tyranny, completely unmasked and without fear of recognition. It clearly showed how utterly servile the so called justice system has become to the regime.

        • I wonder why she let him out the back door without the required paperwork, and without the required presence of the prosecutors?? Oh yeah, she just followed the law…. And I love the “Cedeño was already in jail for 2 years” argument…. This is actually quite common with Venezuela’s chronically overloaded justice system. It isn’t an excuse to let people who commit crimes go free.

          • – “without the required presence of the prosecutors”?

            The prosecutors failed to attend, and you just can’t keep someone in jail without trial for more than two years just because the prosecutor keeps calling in sick, failing to find a babysitter, misconfiguring the alarm clock, feeling dizzy, or whatever lame-ass excuse they gave.

            The man could only be held lawfully for up to two years, and he was in his third year. It was his right to be released. The prosecution had two full years to try him while jailed and dropped the ball.

            “And I love the “Cedeño was already in jail for 2 years” argument”

            The law says people can only be held without trial for up to two years. If this is inadequate for the Venezuelan reality, the all-red parliament from 2005-2010 should have reformed the penal process code, or should have put some resources towards into the justice system to get rid of the bottlenecks.

            The solution isn’t ignoring the law.

          • Yes, I guess the solution is releasing people who have committed crimes!!! And then you all scream “impunity”!!!

            The reality is the Venezuelan justice system is WAY overloaded with too many cases. The prosecutors had other cases scheduled at the same time and were unable to attend the hearing.

            But, again, thanks for showing that you will always side with the criminals, against justice.

          • Curiosamente es lo que pasa siempre que se trata de mantener a alguien en la cárcel que no les gusta a los boligarcas.
            Betty, cómo está tu castellano? No te pagan para eso, verdad? Te pagan para que vengasa servir de troll aquí? Eres tú uno de esos que solía trabajar en Mérida para el gobierno (en Mérida porque era lo más tolerable de la realidad venezolana para los PSFs)

          • The only troll is he who cannot debate the topic at hand, and so immaturely begins to focus on who the other person is. Grow up Kepler.

          • People are presumed innocent util found guilty in a court of law. If the case against Cedeño was so strong, the prosecutors should have used the three years he spent in prison proving it, instead of missing hearings.

            It’s not Afiuni’s fault the guy is free, he was entitle to be tried out of prison after two years without trial. It was the prosecutors fault.

            I’d like to see incensed about Adriana Urquiola’s murder though. Because THAT guy was found guilty of kidnapping, and then released by chavista orders, given a police badge and a gun, which he used to kill that pregnant woman.

          • “I’d like to see incensed about Adriana Urquiola’s murder though.”

            I am incensed about ALL the murders, including all those caused by the current violent protests. Unlike you.

          • Por supuesto, chamo: y es por eso que el régimen de los milicos dejó salir a Arné Chacón pese a que este se robó cientos de millones de dólares: en menos de dos años y está libre.

  5. It’s funny (or perhaps pathetic?) how government supporters always use the argument that “it happens all over the world” to justify what is wrong. I wonder if they actually have lived all over to be able to state it which such confidence? Or perhaps is because they are just fine with what they’ve been told over and over by their puppeteers?

    I cannot speak for “the rest of the world” (China, Russia or Iran, for example), but I can tell you that in Canada you don’t go to jail if there is no hard and proven evidence. You might be detained for few hours while they investigate but then released, even on bail if it’s a minor crime (burglary, etc).
    But most important, you won’t be put in a high security jail with all the murderers while waiting for a trial.

    And a question to Betty, perhaps you might have the answer to something is not anywhere in the news: is the officer that hit Marvinia Jimenez with the helmet for taking photos (which there is a lot of evidence of) in the carcel de Los Teques awaiting trial? Are those officers that broke the windshields of cars with their shotguns also awaiting trial in a jail?

    • Furthermore, “it happens all over the world” is not the best of replies when Chavistas and the PSF inform us that Venezuela is the Bolivarian paradise, which is supposed to be this country that under Chavismo has accomplished all these wonderful things.

      • Hahahaha, yes, so contradictory! I mean, Venezuela should have already surpassed the necessity to jail people who commit crimes right? The fact that they haven’t is CLEAR evidence of failure!

        Does anyone here have more than three brain cells?

        • I agree with you Betty you have all the brains that is why you wouldn’t dare go out there on the street and take pictures of the Guard in action.
          Come on Betty do it!

        • The fact that more than half of the crimes committed in our lands go unsolved and unpunished is evidence of failure.

    • “It’s funny (or perhaps pathetic?) how government supporters always use the argument that “it happens all over the world” to justify what is wrong.”

      It’s funny (or perhaps pathetic?) that you can’t understand the most basic argument. Saying “it happens all over the world” is not to justify something that is wrong. It is to EXPLAIN to complete idiots like yourself that this is standard operating procedure in most judicial systems.

      Or did you think that a protester who throws molotov cocktails at a police officer in NYC wouldn’t be immediately detained and put in jail?? This is the way justice systems work all over the world!

      I’m not justifying something that is wrong. I’m explaining something that is RIGHT! Try real hard to use your limited brain capacity.

      • Betty:
        You’ve learned very well the bullying tactics of your current representatives. You think that with insulting me I’ll differ the discussion on board. You won’t.
        If you insist, then demonstrate that keeping somebody in a maximum security jail, without hard evidence of being guilty, while awaits trial is the right thing to do, and also, demonstrate that it happens “everywhere in the world”.
        Again, in Canada (which is a big part of the world, let me remind you is the seconds biggest country), you are not put in jail until sentenced. Only those charged with first degree murder, or gang related, that are likely to kill again and that represent a real threat to the citizens MIGHT be kept behind bars.
        Not even those charged with second degree murders. They don’t go to jail until being sentenced and after a trial.
        Having people that might be “innocent until proven guilty” (does that sound familiar to you?) in a maximum security jail filled with assassins is, by Canadian law, wrong.
        From the example you kept using, NYC police arresting people, perhaps you should read this article. The NYC police arrested the protestors and some other bystanders that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They charged them with disorderly conduct and they RELEASED them after few hours, unharmed. They were not sent to the Sing Sing Correctional facility.

        I might be wrong, but as far as I know there’s only person charged and sent to jail for three months for assaulting a police officer from the NYC Occupy Wall Street protests.

        Again Betty, please stop using the infamous “it happens everywhere in the world” as a way to justify what is happening in Venezuela. There is a lot of people that actually live all over the world that know that statement is a plain lie.

        • “The NYC police arrested the protestors and some other bystanders that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They charged them with disorderly conduct and they RELEASED them after few hours, unharmed.”

          And guess what… the Venezuelan authorities did the same thing. The boy above was RELEASED the first time, unharmed. But he broke the law again…. Should they just keep releasing him over and over again to let him keep throwing molotov cocktails at the police?

          And do you really think the protesters in NYC were doing anything close to the kinds of violent things protesters are doing in Venezuela? Do you think they were barricading streets and throwing molotov cocktails at the police??? Do you Carolina???

          The one case you refer to, did you see what the protester did??? She got 3 months in jail….. FOR ELBOWING A POLICE OFFICER!!!! That’s right hitting him with her ELBOW!!!

          How many months should protesters get for lighting a police officer on fire???

          • The boy in discussion was released unharmed. Can you say the same for every single detained student?
            You are asserting that everyone that has been apprehended by police is guilty of throwing molotov cocktails, which is hardly ever proven on the spot, let alone on trials, which seem to be done at a snail’s pace. You say it’s because our justice system is too bloated, we think it’s intentional. In either case, the justice system can hardly be held in a favorable light. Whether you want to admit it or not, police officers are arresting people arbitrarily. Foro Penal and HRW’s report on police abuses also raise many red flags on things that should not be happening to protesters in custody, no matter what they did.
            Do you expect these kinds of things to happen with no radical retaliation from the protests? Did the very first protest in Feb begin with molotov cocktails in Plaza Venezuela? In the end, who was found guilty of murdering the first three victims? And also, you think people in New York are going to barricade the streets and throw rocks because they’re angry with the way business magnates are accumulating too much wealth? Please.
            Your clearly have a bone to pick with the USA. If their police system and justice system bother you so much, by all means make your own blog and ramble about it there, but don’t bring it into these discussions when they are not relevant, and above all, please stop pretending that Venezuela and whatever happens in it actually mean anything to you.

  6. Understand shes a fugitive and cant be found , dont know about the others but most likely they are either uncatchable fugitives or in some kind of ‘house’ arrest in their barracks .

  7. Peaceful protests can become violent if violence is used to repress them , Violence feeds violence , you confront a walking man with a club wielding goon or with gunfire who tries and block his walk and you will normally get violence . a violence which the club wielding goon has provoked and is responsible for .

    It is the goon who is acting unlawfully , not the protester who starts an unarmed protest to publicly manifest its condemnation of some government misdeed .

    The things is who is responsible for such violence specially where the protest itself is lawful and part of the rights granted all citizens to express their opinion thru public gestures of discontent .

    Tyrannies however always have a problem distinguishing between lawful dissent and sedition and tend to criminalize any expression of discontent perhaps to have an excuse to vioiently punish those who have the temerity not to admire them , not to recognize their haughty claim to absolute dogmatic correctness !!

    Their bloated egoes cant accept that there are those who are not shy of expressing condemnation of their failures and excesses.. If repression of a peaceful protests gives rise to the violence of some which in turn is violently repressed by armed govt goons whether uniformed or not , who act as lords of the universe bent on dispensing harsh punishment on those that offend their overblown conceit.

    But the regimes violence manifests itself even before the protest is launched , thru measures and speech that belittle offend and causes havoc on the lives of those under its rule , the violence of governments can take many forms all of which seek to disparage the dignity and destroy the lives of those who opposeit politically . Diosdado exercises violence to silence the representatives of at least half of Venezuelans in the national assembly , and by railroading any inititative they legitimately may present in that forum . .

    Violence is candy to fascist personalities , something they love doing to bloat their sense of superior might and sectarian self flattering ideological posturings . Fascist regimes practice a collective form of Bullying and of course because they are fascist they attribute to others that which is deepest in their own mental make up and personality .!! Every women of easy virtue Proust wrote thinks all other women are like her . Ortega wrote something similar ,that you could tell by the words people used to disparage others what fears ailed their views , if you called everyone ugly is because you were concerned with your own lack of beauty, if your called someone a weakling ( escualido?) itss because you wanted to feel superbly mighty and strong ( and feared at heart being a weakling) . To the regime the opposition is fascist because they sense that deep down inside they are crypto fascist. !!


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