Happy 88th, Fidel!



Actual caption under this photo in the VTV piece celebrating this joyous occasion: “Chávez y Fidel: La amistad de dos pueblos.”

Check back in five years from now, when VTV will probably be running things like:

Caracas, August 13th, 2019, VTV – Today the nation celebrates the 93rd birthday of Fidel Castro, the Cuban-born doctor and revolutionary who, on February 4th, 1992, was second in command in Comandante Chávez’s brave attack on Cuartel Moncada. Aboard their legendary ship, Granma, Chávez and Fidel gallantly steamed up the Rio Guaire for a glorious ambush against the Fascist forces of dictator Carlos Andrés Batista.

En serio, chamo, yo así no puedo…

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  1. Oh, my God! The worst, I think, is how badly written the text is from the purely linguistic point of view, not how pathetic, how outlandish the personality cult manifests itself there.

    When Stalin was alive, you could see kitsch crap like that but the apparatchiks would mind the syntax and punctuation of Russian.

    The person who wrote that article never read anything more than propaganda brochures made in Cuba.

  2. I know we can only cover one chavista “metida de pata” per day, but check back later in the day for another jewel of chavista writing…

  3. Love all the double surnames used, as per convention, in the VTV piece. That is, by those who mock the use of same among the opposition.

    Speaking of convention, I especially love the sanitization of Castro’s birth, making it appear as though his parents, together, brought Fidelito into the world. The picture of happy domesticity would seem to be a stretch, given that Fidel’s father, Ángel Castro,, an immigrant from Lugo, Galicia, had “hooked up” with the Spanish maid in his household, while he was still married to Lidia Argote, having already fathered a couple of kids with the latter.

  4. I don’t think that’s meant to be a caption to the picture but rather a section heading for the text. If you see the photo carousel on top of the article the same picture correctly identifies the Che and Mr Fidel.

    Just saying. Pero no me maten.

  5. So Fulgencio Batista represented “neoliberalism”? Why then did Pablo Neruda deliver a salutation dedicated to Batista as a father of the people? Why did the Communist Party of 1953 denounce Castro’s Moncada attack as a “bourgeois putsch”? Why did Hugh Thomas call Batista “a radical reforming soldier of the Nasser type”? And why did the US cut off all weapons deliveries to Batista in early 1958 ?

  6. US got control of nearly every industry sector of the island,
    I would suggest that you research US % control of the sugar industry, 1900-1958. From what I recall, the percentage was going steadily down. Suggested sources: Hugh Thomas’s works on Cuba [Cuba: The Pursuit of Freedom , or some such title is his obra maestra.] , Carlos Alberto Montaner’s Secret Report on the Cuban Revolution [or some such.]

    Yes, Batista was “electic.” Democratically elected, and also a successful coupster. IIRC. Communists were in his cabinet in the 1940s.

    • Tejano,
      We know he was initially a commie. We also know how close the US was with the Cuban regime for several years. Let’s not make things nicer than they were. I am not defending the Castro regime, but we need to tell things as they are. The US really wasted an opportunity by going along a very cruel dictator and using all its clout for controlling everything in the island.

      • I repeat: “I would suggest that you research US % control of the sugar industry, 1900-1958.” etc etc . Then get back to me.


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