El Universal fires cartoonist Rayma

Last night, HegemonCorp.-owned newspaper El Universal fired cartoonist Rayma Suprani. Why? Because of this…

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Her work was already being censored ever since the paper changed owners last July, but this was apparently the last straw. El Universal has wasted no time in finding her replacement by announcing an open contest.

Elides Rojas, the newsroom chief, wrote on Twitter that two other journalists have resigned, and he admits that the future for the paper doesn’t look bright. Isn’t it ironic that he was actually the first one who gave a full vow of confidence to the new (but still unknown) owners? I guess in hindsight that went pretty well…

My full solidarity goes to Rayma and the other journalists being forced out of their work by HegemonCorp.’s strategy of censorship, which along with the State’s policy of silence is destroying whatever is left of free speech.

P.S.: In case you don’t understand the cartoon, JC’s latest post for Foreign Policy will help you out.