1393099386_997841_1393101425_noticia_normalGood news, everyone! There’s a new military force in town!

Meet the Clash Force (Fuerza de Choque)! (It sounds like a Chuck Norris movie).

This week’s Official Gazette mentions the creation of this brand new force, which is put under the supervision of the Organizational Strategic Command of the Armed Forces (CEOFANB). Its mission? Fight alleged  destabilization plans against the country.

It will help with public security plans too. But that isn’t its main priority.

This would be the second force of its kind created in Venezuela in the last three months. Back in June, the Interior Ministry created the “Special Brigade Against Violence-Generating Groups”, which has more or less the same job.

So, why another force then? Well, that one is civilian … and the new one is military. Union civico-militar at work, I guess.