Disarmament and Its Discontents

Elías-Jaua2 Take a look to this report from Brazil’s newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo:

“The family nanny for Elías Jaua (currently the Venezuelan Communes Minister) was detained in the early hours of Friday morning in São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport, charged of weapons trafficking. She was carrying a .38 revolver with ammunition, which she says belong to the Minister…

…the nanny, who’s name wasn’t revealed, was travelling with Jaua’s mother-in-law and other relatives in a plane of PDVSA, which landed in Guarulhos. When the baggage passed through X-rays, federal police officers identified an apparent gun inside one of the suitcases. The passenger said the suitcase belonged to the Minister. Jaua was supposed to participate in a series of meetings in Porto Alegre and Brasília with members of the (Brazilian) Labor and Agriculture Ministries…”

Why the need to pack heat for diplomatic meetings abroad? No wonder the new disarmament plan isn’t working. Obviously, HegemonCorp. is keeping the details under lots of wraps and the SIBCI isn’t even bothering at all.