A needed respite


It has been a while since we took some time off on the blog, and before it really starts to show, we might as well pause now. We will be back next Wednesday, November 12th, unless something über-dramatic happens. Be well.

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  1. Thank you for all the efforts that you make to keep this insanity documented and keeping all us abreast of what is going on in Venezuela

    • From the link:
      Acusan que no hay mantenimiento preventivo en la industria petrolera [They make the accusation that that there isn’t preventive maintenance in the petroleum industry]

      Which has been not a bug, but a feature, of PDVSA since Chavez took over. Nothing new here. Unfortunately.

      The CC bloggers can use a break.

  2. The blog is a lively, intelligent and interesting forum, it performs an important function, and we are very appreciative of your commitment to it.

  3. Anybody researching on the internet for hours a day, will quickly exhaust themselves and need a break every so often..Also we have to take into account the difficulty inherent in fighting the sense of futility when trying to fight the mind destroying indifference we ‘re seeing, which I am sure stems from not knowing how to take the next step.But in struggle, we grow more.


  4. Well deserved break. All the depressing news certainly takes a toll. I really appreciate the efforts put into this blog keeping everyone up to speed on the Venezuelan situation.


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