That was predictable…

This guy
This guy
This guy

All it takes is for Juan to declare a blog break for Reuters to come up with a major scoop.

Hats off to Brian Ellsworth for flushing out Robert Hanson, the English toff/nutter who forked out 39% of the price Jeff Bezos paid for The Washington Post to buy…Ultimas Noticias!

(BTW, wasn’t there a law against foreigners owning Venezuelan media outlets?!)

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  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. When I saw the post this morning I told myself ‘bet you we see something within 48 hours’. I have come to rely on 2 bellwethers when it comes to Venezuela (1) if the Government denies it it confirms it, and (2) If Juan or Francisco say they are taking a break current events will foil them!

  2. Anybody has any idea what would be the deal? I mean, he buys a financially troubled newspaper in a country with a sinking economy and severe problems getting things like paper to print. His group is “not into media or Latin America”.

    So, what is this guy business angle? What IS he into? What is the price he can have in mind for doing the chavistas dirty work?

    • I must confess I also do not know what this might mean. Is it one of those freak “mad dogs and Englishmen” type scenarios?

      • Coincidentally, some have speculated that the recent sales of vanilla suburban homes in the San Francisco Bay area for $3 million are also spurred by money laundering- from China. China is cracking down on the casinos in Macao, which were used for money laundering, so the money goes to California houses instead.

  3. “The changes have not, as some critics contend, removed all opposition voices from the media – which were once so openly anti-government that they helped stir up a brief coup in 2002 against then-President Hugo Chavez.”

    From where they get this things, Ultimas Noticias hadn’t any participation in what happend in 2002, if remember correctly, Eleazar Diaz Rangel was already its editor.

    Guao, i am dismayed by the irresponsability of those who writes some news.

  4. In my opinion, this is not a dumb-ass move. A leading newspaper is influence and in a country such as Venezuela, this power is worth a lot of money.

    • You are joking, right? “in a country such as Venezuela…” I understand being proud of your country but not delusions of grandeur.
      Venezuela’s market is miniscule,the media is completely controlled by the government and advertising revenue is in a worthless currency. In what univesrse do you think that this deal makes any sense without an obvious backroom agreement?

  5. The Reuters article isn’t bad, except that it refers to “frequently violent opposition protests” and to an “outbreak of violence” by unspecified parties, when in fact the violence was chavista attacks on the protests.

    As to Hanson – someone needs to look at his associates, and see who got him into this. It didn’t just happen.

  6. If The Washing Post was worth US$ 250 million, Ultimas Noticias is definitely not worth US$ 98 million, but I understand the price was even higher.


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