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For sale
For sale

While we were on break, a Reuters story came out about potential buyers going on a tour of our Citgo refineries – you know, the ones we are truly, definitely not going to sell.

The tour got me thinking – if the government is going to go ahead with the advice of their French svengalis and sell the refineries in the U.S., why don’t they sell all of them? After all, they are doing a terrible job with the ones we have inside Venezuela. Just last weekend, we learned via Reuters (thanks, again) that a prolongued power outage means PDVSA is scurrying to find fuel to import.

I mean, if you’re going to sell the refineries, sell them all … particularly the ones that you simply don’t know how to manage. So my message to chavistas is simple: step away … from the refineries … nice and easy … and nobody gets hurt.