Judge Delcy

Suck on this, terrorists.
Suck on this, terrorists.

After so many years, few things chavistas throw our way make us do a double take. This one did: Delcy Rodríguez, Nicolás Maduro’s former minister of Communications, the über-chavista, radical sister of equally über-chavista mayor of Libertador (Caracas) Jorge Rodríguez, wants to be … a justice in the nation’s highest court!

Never mind the fact that she is a blatantly partisan choice (surprisingly, our Constitution doesn’t say that justices have to be non-partisan). As far as I know, she is not qualified to be a justice. She’s a lawyer, and she got some graduate degree in France, but has she ever judged anything in her life? All her work has been in the public sector, defending the revolution from enemies near and wide.

Here she is, calling people who protest in the streets “terrorists.” There she was, calling striking SIDOR workers “guarimberos.” People who disagree with the government are at the service “of the empire.” And with regards to free speech? Here she is, justifying the government’s censorship of news organization NTN24.

All of Delcy Rodríguez’s public life has been one long justification for the wretched excesses of the Revolution. Very little of it has to do with the law, and all of it has to do with politics.

This, come to think of it, makes her the perfect candidate for the TSJ. They might as well schedule her toga fitting soon.

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  1. This is the sort of news that would cause major uproar in a country where logic prevailed, or where it even existed in any degree… this is the sort of scandal that kills people politically, where Venezuela is so far down the rabbit hole that I would hardly consider this one of the top five more indignant government actions of the current month.

  2. Damn! I never thought chavistas would be able to come up with someone worse than Luisa Estela Morales, and then, bang! They come up with this.

    After all these years I should have learned my lesson, and never underestimate these guys in their ability to screw things even further.

  3. ¡Oh! Así que joge “mis hijos estudian en el colegio más caro de escuacachacao” y “vivo en un apartamento con ventanas blindadas gracias a smartmatic” rodríguez abogó para que a su querida hermanita no la mandasen a corea del norte como embajadora.
    Coño, lo que hace la palanca en robolusión ¡Jajajajaja! Que ni los mismos chaburros se quieren ir a vivir de diplomáticos en ese infierno de mierda ¡Jajajajajaja!

    • What a diplomatic phrase! Agree. She looks like a cartoon character, a chipmunk perhaps, after finding a stash of nuts to fill her cheeks.

  4. “…and she got some graduate degree in France” ≠ “,,,con especialización en Derecho Laboral en Francia”

    It’s amusing to see the manipulation, as if to hide… In serious circles you provide full transparency to gain full credibility. You state your degree from X university (check) and any post-graduate specialization, by discipline and type — certificate, diploma, or (additional) degree — from Y university.

    Gato encerrao

  5. smoke and mirrors gents!
    ….and we keep playing the role and reacting to all the distractions after 15 years….

    No aprenden carajo!

    donde estan los reales? (on trillion dollars with change!)

  6. I am appaled!

    Anyway, the problem is that the requirements to be a TSJ are way too vague!

    Tener nacionalidad venezolana por nacimiento y no poseer otra nacionalidad.
    Ser ciudadano o ciudadana de reconocida honorabilidad.
    Ser jurista de reconocida competencia, gozar de buena reputación, haber ejercido la abogacía durante un mínimo de quince años y tener título universitario en materia jurídica; o haber sido profesor universitario titular durante un mínimo de quince años; o ser o haber sido Juez superior en la especialidad correspondiente a la Sala para la cual se postula, con un mínimo de quince años en el ejercicio de la carrera judicial, y de reconocido prestigio en el desempeño de sus funciones.
    Los demás que establezca la ley.


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