We dangle the word “Facho” (slang for fascist) quite easily. It’s a quick way to refer to certain individuals in the government who act as – how to put it nicely? – psychotic bullies. Sometimes, the term just fits.

From the top of my head, some examples of chavista facho moments: 

  • Chávez firing thousands of workers from PDVSA during his live TV Show in 2003, whistle in his mouth;
  • Housing Minister Ricardo Molina, after Maduro was sworn as President, saying that he did not care what labor laws said but whoever was not with the revolution would have to go; 
  • Maduro threatening protesters with the unspeakable violence of the colectivos earlier this year; 
  • Diosdado last week, and every week of his life; and 
  • Francisco Ameliach, governor of Carabobo, when he “encouraged” armed colectivos and government supporters to go after demonstrators in Valencia, resulting in a massacre that included the slaughter of two young women.

Oh, Ameliach. He is back at it again. As the PSUV’s VP of Electoral Events, he announced that his pesuvian comrades now have a new means to help identify those escuálidos who cross-dress in Rojo-Rojito. He said:

Any militant who has been promoting division must be denounced through our email [email protected] or by calling 0416-9425792.

Yes, he formally launched a gmail account and all new cellphone line that patriotas cooperantes (the euphemism for Government Snitch) may use to identify any infiltration in the PSUV’s ranks by anybody who does not act according to Chavez’s mandate. As usual, mean, childish, and mediocre. But also, incredibly counter-productive, because nothing sows mistrust and factionalism more than a good ol’ fashioned witchhunt.

Remember: 0416-9425792. Go ahead. Call. Prank a Facho.