Name MedioMalo Finance Minister!


For Throwback Thursday, we present MedioMalo, the 2008-era ViVe opposition hate figure who turns out to be far and away Venezuela’s most far-sighted economic forecaster.

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    • I don’t think that the point was to blame anything on the monetary pirouette the government made, but the bombastic announcement according to which everything was going to be hunky-dory after loping off three zeroes.
      “1. Es una medida que simplificará el uso del dinero
      2. Fortalecerá nuestra moneda
      3. Consolidará el crecimiento de nuestra economía
      4. Con el bolívar fuerte el pueblo se fortalecerá”
      It ends with the official announcement: “El cambio es fácil. Bolívar fuerte, la nueva cara de la moneda.”

      Yes, I agree that it is “almost surely” (love that expression of measure theory) that all the ills foretold in the video would have occurred independent of Mr. Bolivar Fuerte, but why is it that the government makes all sort of unwarranted promises to its shenanigans?

  1. jeje… we all knew this mess would happen. The thing is: how do we make Chavistas listen to us without them remembering al the BS el fiambre eterno implanted in their heads?

    On the minds of many chavistas, the current mad max-like Venezuelan economy is the result of gringo sabotage along with middle-class blonde guys wanting to destroy the peaceful life of the working class (do we call them like that? the poor sounds quite derogatory to me…)

    It’s like Nazi Germany, millions of people decided the wackos are right…. How do we change that? Anyway, I guess that’s the million quid question

  2. I would love to see the guy who produced this video being examined at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology with the state of the art on brain scanning and the like and by a bunch of top psychiatrists from all over the world. I want answers to the question: what makes his brain different from ours?
    Was it a coconut that fell on his head or was it just the money they paid him to produce this thing?

  3. Chavenomics appropriated much of its wisdom from the Kevin Costner school of economics: “If you believe, the inflation won’t come”.

    But if you go back enough it all really went wrong way back when Marx realized that money has no intrinsic value and that therefore the whole capitalism thing is a sham… prices? they don’t exist…. goods and services? what is that?…. hunger? just your imagination…

      • Right you are, money as such represents value – I should have been more clear: the paper bill does not have significant intrinsic value, it is merely a placeholder.

  4. Somebody should do the follow up of that video, showing the neo-knockoff (Whew, chaburros are so imbecile they can’t stop copying and slobbering all over capitalistic symbols like The Matrix movies) getting pummeled to death by the reality, all while the strawman figure is watching with a facepalm muttering “I told you so, you stupid…”

  5. This video is simply great!!! Quite bizarre and special in its own way.

    It would be great if there could be a place where we have all these govt. videos uploaded. I remember once seeing one which was a twist from snowwhite and depicted opposition members as the dwarfs, a truly brilliant piece.

    Francisco, you should stick more to these sorts of post and less on the financial markets side. Honest opinion (not that it matters to you).


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