The Castillian horse

This article by Spain’s El País is a bombshell.

In a secret report, Venezuelan ambassador to Spain Mario Isea talks about the opportunity chavismo has in Podemos, the upstart party that is leading in the polls in Spain.

That Podemos is Spain’s version of chavismo is no news. That the memo, part of a presentation given to Venezuelan government officials, was leaked … is.

What drew my attention was this little extract from the ambassador’s memo:

“If the left wins in Spain, it could help to spread the achievements of the Latin American integration model all over Europe; we may be able to weaken the Pacific Alliance and strengthen ALBA and Mercosur; the warmongering consensus of NATO may be weakened; and Spain will become a strong ally of Venezuela in the European Union.”


We all knew that Podemos was a chavista party, but … weakening NATO? Weakening the Pacific Alliance? To my knowledge, this is the first time these two things are expressed as official policies of the Venezuelan state.

As much as they try to hide it, Podemos is the Spanish arm of international chavismo. Now, there’s even a smoking gun to prove it! Countries that ignore the threat it poses … do so at their own risk,