Sanctions are go!


lp97-600x320One day after the historic reboot of U.S.-Cuba relations, Barack Obama has signed into law what will officially be known as the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014 (and unofficially as the Rubio-Menendez Act), which sanctions specific members of the Venezuelan government involved in human rights abuses in response the protests early this year.

Looks like Godgiven’s NYT op-ed was the last push…

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  1. Waterboarding terror suspects, rectal feeding, worldwide violation of telecommunications privacy, botched executions, police officers shooting unarmed black kids in the street and getting away with it…. and somehow the Americans still feel they’re entitled to discuss human rights issues of other countries. The hypocrisy and self-delusion is astonishing.

    People living in glass houses shouldn’t really throw stones. But since the goddamn yanks always feel they are so “exceptional”…

    • Venezuela should reply in kind and ban US politicians from vacationing in Caracas or opening bank accounts in Venezuela. It will teach them, I’m sure.

    • Hell babe don’t worry we can do worse, much worse, we bad, we own the block. Also: you left out Dresden one of our early efforts at badness. BTW we revel in it just as you suspect.

    • Javier, in full agreement. Very unfortunately, for those who are duly informed about USA performance in the human rights area, both at home and internationally, it is absolutely impossible to take seriously any statement on their part regarding someone’s else performance. They have lost (long ago!!) any credibility or moral standing to teach or judge anyone. Of course it does not excuse any nation of wrong doing, including Venezuela, Cuba, Brasil, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, etc. Even the Vatican has been underperforming in a bad way in the last decades, but fortunately the new Pope is rebuilding the institution’s credibility with his personal example and a new approach regarding handling of human rights abuses in the organization.

      • So now then, who has the required moral authority to do squat? Brussels? The Scandinavians? Hell let’s give them a free reign to improve matters. The Canadians are knee deep in the blood of baby seals, the peaceful peeps of Papua eat people so count them out. Not much ph to choose from for heavy moral lifting.

        • Well, I guess it is not a matter of selecting “saints”. There is none. However, it is quite clear that the americans have an undisputed top CV regarding disrespect for human rights. Everywhere in this planet and in their own country. Beautiful speech to try and teach everyone but a list of absurd actions (I guess Latin America is well aware of this) that definitively do not allow them to speak against anybody. They should get their act together first. I am not behind the ideological “satan” approach which is very simplistic. Any superpower throughout history did whatever it thought to be appropriate to keep and expand its power. I am only talking about “hipocresia”. Yes the Canadians and Scandinavians, compared to the americans, are way more qualified to talk about these issues and are capable to present a reasonable CV, not perfect, which would be utopic, but still within boundaries of civilized behavior, something the americans left behind long ago.

  2. The US is a vast complex world composed of many different interests and groups and institutions and parties confronting many different challenges at different times , some of them will every so often do things which are either reprehensible or can be made out to appear reprehensible depending on your outlook or the circumstances which prevail in each case . If they do reprehensible things then they deserved to be condemned publicly and in the US system they are so condemned .

    The sanctions which are refferred to here are decisions of US Congress on the basis of uncontroversible evidence presented to them . they affect somevenezuelan individuals who acting from their positions as regime agents incurred in flagrant human rights violations in Venezuela .

    It is not accurate nor fair to blame the people in US Congress taking these measures as responsible for every misdeed happening in that vast world of agencies and groups that exist in the US , but it is correct and fair that the individuals responsible for human right violations in Venezuela to be so sanctioned .

    Moreover the regime ought also to be sanctioned for these individuals misdeeds because they were perpetrated by them acting in obedience to policies and instructions from such regime , The fact that the regime itself was not the subject of specific sanctions is a mistery to me .

  3. The regime is being sanctioned not for human rights but primarily because they have big mouths and their blah blah blah made Fox News one too many times. From the wax doll’s comments at the UN to Maduro’s Bipolar Saber rattling shown on cable newss convinced middle america that these buffoons must be dealt with, forcing Obama’s hand.

    Next slap will be much harder and the US doesn’t mind kicking you when you’re down and broke. Paybacks a bitch.

  4. Uncle Sam just arrived, and shouted while clapping “¡Se acabó esta ridiculez del comunismo, vámonos, recojan su desorden y pónganse a trabajar!”


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