Global crisis, personal impact

Not just random people
Not just random people

Over at the Transitions blog, I tried to convey how the oil crisis is hurting ordinary people in Venezuela. Here is the main point I was going for by using snippets of stories from people I know:

The Venezuelan crisis affects everyone, but to varying degrees. There are still plenty of wealthy people in the country, many of them connected to the government in one way or another. Some make enormous sums by playing the system, whether it be by taking advantage of the black market or exploiting other arbitrage opportunities.

But these are the exceptions. As the country’s economy goes from bad to worse, writers about Venezuela are running out of modifiers to describe the situation: imploding, reeling, collapsing.

Perhaps it’s time we incorporate a few more personal adjectives: despairing, soul-crushing, exasperating. That would probably better reflect the mood inside the country.

Tell us – what are some of your personal stories of how the crisis is affecting you, or people you know?