Of all the photos on Google Images ... (Update: Photo dropped)

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FitVen, Tourism Minister Andrés Izarra’s flagship Venezuela Promotional Expo, needed an image to demonstrate just how welcoming the country is to outsiders. So of course they came up with this one:


Who is the strapping young man being welcomed into the sweet embrace of the patria?

He’s Miami Herald reporter Jim Wyss, in 2013, returning home to the States after 48 hours under Military Intelligence Detention for asking awkward questions about smuggling in San Cristobal.

Original Caption: Colleague Luisa Yanez, left, gives Jim Wyss, a welcome hug upon his arrival. Miami Herald reporter Jim Wyss arrived at Miami International Airport after being detained by Venezuela for three days on Sunday, November 10, 2013. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

Esa vaina no fue accidental ni que me lo jure el papa. 

Update: The BBC is quoting Wyss saying the ad has been dropped.