Earth to Jaua: we're broke

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Let's pretend we have a government.
Let’s pretend we have a government.

It’s funny how Minister Elías Jaua hasn’t fully realized how broke we are.

Last week, the Minister, along with Infrastructure Minister Haiman El-Troudi, gave a bloated press conference where he announced $5 billion in new infrastructure this year. Among other things, he promised:

  • 300,000 new homes;
  • the completion of 354,775 homes whose construction is already under way (I guess the 354,776th one will have to wait until next year);
  • 20 new Metrobus-type mass transit systems;
  • the conclusion of the Highway to the East;
  • 13 new trains for the Tuy Valley Train System;
  • 4 new subway stations: one in Caracas, one in Los Teques, and two in Valencia; and as a result
  • 734,000 direct jobs, and 1.12 million indirect jobs.

Of course, El Universal published this without a hint of criticism.

These guys make the job of somewhat redundant.