Hegemony goes global

World, the time has come to HEGEMONIZE!

Since the efforts of lobbyists and PSFs are not yielding positive results lately, the central government has decided to take a new direct approach in the “media war”: the Vice-Ministry of International Communication, under control of the Communication & Information Ministry (MinCI).

The mission of this new Vice-Ministry will be to not only present the government’s side of the story abroad, but to also to “…neutralize any opinion matrix with defamatory ends to try to damage the image of Venezuela and its system of government”.

This new Vice-Ministry (along with the Foreign Affairs Ministry) will follow closely any possible legal actions against media outlets that promotes “offenses” and/or “infamies”. So, the Scientology playbook?

What could be its first assignment? The shortage crisis. And their colleagues at Telesur have already set the stage.

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  1. Hernandez,

    “This new Vice-Ministry (along with the Foreign Affairs Ministry) will follow closely any possible legal actions against media outlets that promotes “offenses” and/or “infamies”. So, the Scientology playbook?”

    Since you didn’t bother with an explanation, what logic do you employ to differentiate between those who invest in defamation suits before they qualify as scientologists?

    I ask because last year, your boss, Thor Halvorssen, shared the same concern for his public image.

    You can consult a fellow employee’s,Aleks Boyd, account on the matter:


    [PS: you guys really need to cycle-out former HRF staff. You can’t have a convincing troupe of “independent” sources without a modicum of indirection.]

      • Nagel,

        Another note[0] from fellow employee Alek Boyd:

        “On Monday this week*, blogs, profiles and documents started appearing online, in Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Scribd, Blogger, Weebly and even in Rip Off Report. All of them would contain allegations about me being an “internationally wanted criminal, drug dealer, extortionist, car thieve, and pedophile”.”

        Surely you won’t sink to their, bolichico’s, level. Libelling with drug-related activity is too unsophisticated for you distinguished journalists.


        • Quit wasting our time. Gustavo has never worked for HRF, you have the wrong person. One more and your comments will be deleted.

          • “Gustavo has never worked for HRF”

            Yet no one contended otherwise. I think you should calm down and let me exercise my free speech, as they do in first world countries. At the very least don’t accuse me of taking drugs, please.

          • You are certainly free to exercise your right of free speech, no question.

            That you do so solely to distract comments sections and not contribute anything worthwhile is another story.

          • “That you do so solely to distract comments sections and not contribute anything worthwhile is another story.”

            I’m not sure how you arrived to this conclusion. I behold it as an attack to my prestigue. I am a peer like you, eager to share my take on all issues Venezuela. I find the libel double-standard to be problematic, for some are allowed to maintain public image without scientologist dogma.

          • What prestige? The prestige of a troll? Not much prestige there, except amongst your buddies over at Telesur and MINCI

    • Beautiful post, love the attitude: “I don’t need to know any facts at all to argue anything”.

      Scientologists are not just people who sue detractors. To qualify as a scientologist, you get into the scientology “religion”.

      You show no evidence of GEHA ever being employed by HRF, much less of being currently employed there. A fact you nevertheless bring up three times.

      I guess you love your Realismo Magico.

  2. It would be a lot more productive if the government channeled their efforts into actually, you know, governing as opposed to sticking their collective heads in the sand blaming everyone and his mother in law for their own incompetence.

    • One remarkable thing is how candid they are about the creation of this vice-ministry. But with the government strapped for cash, it has been reduced to a propaganda machine and I guess there is no point keeping this development hushed. Be proud of what you do well!

      If Venezuela has a future beyond oil, it may be in media and communications management. And (tongue-in-cheek) since it already has a long history exporting BS (consider telenovelas), it seems smart to branch into the US market, BBC or al-Jazeera style, and start building a brand.

  3. I looked at me he list of what products according to Telesur, can be found, and cannot be found in. Venezuela. Even if accurate, it’s nothing to be proud of.

    But why didn’t they include lists of available and unavailable medicines? It may be possible to do a workaround with foods, replacing milk with chicha, or French fries with yucca, but that can’t be done with many medicines, since treatment of diseases requires something very specific. .

    The fact that something can be found “in Venezuela” isn’t that comforting either. Usually, people who want a specific corn flor for arepas, want to find it in their own neighbourhood, not just in d.isdant Maracaibo or Maturin.

  4. Sorry to put in spanish, but this is the best I can find on PR for the regime, following Gustavo Coronel words:

    ” El espectáculo que estamos presenciando con tristeza los latinoamericanos es el de un régimen en negación de lo evidente. Según la pandilla de Maduro:
    · No hay escasez de comida sino que los venezolanos comen mucho, como dice el grotescamente obeso Juan Barreto
    · No es que escasean las medicinas sino que FARMATODO las acapara y sus dueños deben ser castigados, como dice Maduro
    · No es que el ejército de Padrino López ha instituido la pena de muerte para los manifestantes sino que el documento que así lo implanta es “hermosísimo” y ha sido mal entendido, dice el responsable por este mamotreto, López Padrino
    · No es que el país carezca de alternativas frente a la baja del petróleo sino que el mundo petrolero se ha unido en contra de la “revolución” para atacarla.
    · No es que Venezuela esté manejada por un narco-régimen, sino que el imperio desea atacar la integridad moral de nuestros héroes Diosdado Cabello y Hugo Carvajal
    · No es que Robert Serra haya sido víctima del sórdido ambiente en el cual se movía sino que Alvaro Uribe organizó el asesinato de ese mártir de la revolución, como dice José Vicente Rangel
    · Mienten la Unión Europea, la ONU, José Mujica, Oscar Arias, Pastrana, Piñera y Calderón, el senado estadounidense, Le Monde, The New York Times y 20 millones de venezolanos al decir que Venezuela tiene presos políticos quienes deben ser puestos en libertad.
    · Mienten quienes dicen que las colas son el producto de la escasez. Las colas, dicen, evidencian que los venezolanos tienen mucho dinero en el bolsillo, como lo afirmó Aristóbulo Istúriz


    Esta negación sistemática de la realidad venezolana hace imposible que el régimen pueda tomar alguna decisión correcta para salir del foso. Cada acto y cada declaración de Maduro hunde más al país.”

  5. Hegemony Inc has just relieved the government of one of its “infamies”. That is, through attrition. Famous political cartoonist Pedro Zapata has just died.
    Falleció el gran caricaturista venezolano Pedro León Zapata. Paz a sus restos

  6. If they are thinking of taking legal action against press media abroad they will need a big stash of money , foreign lawyers dont come cheap and litigation is usually cumbersome and prolongued , also judges are not so complaisant as they might be in Venezuela and they may find themselves being required to offer information or records they dont want to disclose , the decisions might in fact help get them accussed of crimes and misdeeds which they are now conceiling or keeping in the dark. In fact they may be opening a can of worms . !! Starting litigation in a country which has Rule of Law often has a boumerant effect which destroys the reputation of the party starting the litigation .

    I have the feeling that the US govt knows much more and has lots of information about what transpires inside the govt that its keeping a tight lid on until the right time .!!

    I am reminded of the sad story of Oscar Wilde and how he destroyed himself after legally going after the father of his paramour.

    • Perhaps ViceMinPoPoCICI defines “international” as Bolivia and Ecuador, while banking on dummies to be intimidated by such an announcement.

      These bolivarian government officials may not rate well on IQ tests, but surely they wouldn’t be that dumb to put into practice their legal demands through the US court system. Ni que la Eva Golinger les pudiera ayudar.

    • The same way every single blackout is the sole responsibility of vulture-riding possums that fire homing iguanas to chew down high tension wires in the instalations that are crammed with milicos who’ll shoot anything that moves xD

  7. dspur on radio silence? I guess he/she could not just keep quiet…

    Thanks to the moderators for exercising the needed control.
    Trolls are effective in derailing and tiring out their targets.

  8. I’m not worried.

    Venezuelan public media is notoriously boring and outrageous, so the risk of conversion is pretty low.

    If anything, we would benefit from an Chavista propaganda effort in English that aligned perfectly with domestic propaganda.

    I can’t wait for a faithfully translated “Con el Mazo Dando” and “En contacto con Maduro”. I would also love to see faithful translations of the usual chavista tv spots like barrio alerta, the institutional recruitment video for the armed forces where the woman said they are not old but rather “maduros” (pun on mature), and all their crazy theories.

    It might be like North Korea, everytime they speak they just dig deeper.

  9. Is this the same thing that ecuador Correa is doing in the US ? He been trying to use some type of US law for some censorship to shut up social media opponents!!

  10. This regime is crossing from a stage 3 “destructive” cult,” and it is preparing for stage 4.
    Stage 3 is performing political attacks on those who expose damaging information, while stage 4 is killing them, and killing those who don’t join the cult. Stage 4 includes cults like ISIS.


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