Hegemony goes global

World, the time has come to HEGEMONIZE!

Since the efforts of lobbyists and PSFs are not yielding positive results lately, the central government has decided to take a new direct approach in the “media war”: the Vice-Ministry of International Communication, under control of the Communication & Information Ministry (MinCI).

The mission of this new Vice-Ministry will be to not only present the government’s side of the story abroad, but to also to “…neutralize any opinion matrix with defamatory ends to try to damage the image of Venezuela and its system of government”.

This new Vice-Ministry (along with the Foreign Affairs Ministry) will follow closely any possible legal actions against media outlets that promotes “offenses” and/or “infamies”. So, the Scientology playbook?

What could be its first assignment? The shortage crisis. And their colleagues at Telesur have already set the stage.

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