Please Support Efecto Cocuyo

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Watching Venezuela from afar can be frustrating. You feel you should do something, but you don’t know what that something might be. If, like me, you’re looking for something concrete, immediate and real you can do right now to make a difference, try this: support Efecto Cocuyo.

Launched by two tough, awardwinning Caracas journalists – Luz Mely Reyes and friend-of-the-blog Laura Weffer – Efecto Cocuyo is the most serious attempt yet to explore the potential of the web to support quality independent Venezuelan journalism in the age of Communicational Hegemony.

Efecto Cocuyo is the real thing. No girls-in-bikinis, no clickbait, no Miami-based ranting: real independent journalism by real reporters working in extraordinarily adverse circumstances. They’re the real thing.

And they deserve our support.

If you have more money than time, click here and send them $50. (Or, better yet, quit messing around and send them $5,000.)

If you have more time than money, grab pencil and paper and take the next few minutes to try to think of three people who could contribute them, then send each of them this link along with a personal, heartfelt plea for a contribution.

They’re up to $3,100 raised as I post this. But they need a lot more than that. $75,000 for 2015. If we all pitch in, we can get them there.

It’s time the Venezuelan diaspora stepped up to the plate. Enough complaining. Let’s do something. Let’s do this.