Conatel Breaks 4,832,000 Eggs to Make One-Egg Omelette

dtlogoAfter a long battle, the central government can finally say they took down the real mastermind behind the evil “parallel dolar”: DolarToday’s mobile app.

Sure, it couldn’t be done without breaking the Venezuelan internet by blocking all content hosted by Amazon’s S3 cloud service, one of the world’s largest, which hosts literally trillions of pieces of content and relied on by every major site from Dropbox and Reddit to Minecraft, Tumblr, Formspring, Pinterest and Swiftype.

Then again, it’s not like stuff like this has happened before, RIGHT?

Kudos to the Guardian of the Revolution who made it possible: CONATEL’s Director-General William Castillo, who’s so concerned of losing his Twitter account, he’s taken to musing censorsing the web if he didn’t get it back.