EAT THIS: Cabello's wife appointed Minister of Tourism


No reason to beat around the bush: Marleny Contrera de Cabello, wife of Diosdado Cabello (President of the Venezuelan Congress), was just appointed Minister of Tourism.

Seems like the Cabello family just binged on the last season of House of Cards, and suddenly craved some nepotism Underwood style.

Madame Cabello, will be replacing Andrés Izarra, who finally steps down and sort of confirms the rumors that he had a hiccup with the government when his father in law, Antonio Ledezma, was apprehended some weeks ago.

This appointment should not come as a surprise, the signs were everywhere:

Sweet dreams.


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  1. Bueno, it’s a kind of turning point. Chavismo has now purged the last minister who gave unmistakable signs of competence.

    That Izarra was evil goes more or less without saying. But he was something much more unique than that. He was competent. He knew what he was doing.

    Now he’s gone.

    It’s…bueno, I’m not even sure what to say about it, but it’s certainly significant.

    • no, mi pana – the outgoing guy was not competent… i don’t mean to imply this lady is or will be, but let’s not sulk because andrecito left

      • Yes, because Venezuela probably has got the most beautiful beaches in the continent because of the incomparable Caribbean Sea, yet it receives only 700,000 foreign tourists per year! In spite of being so much closer to European and US tourists than the other countries in South America.

        Compare Venezuelan international tourism figures to neighbouring countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay or Peru, for example:

        At least Mrs. Cabello knows deeply and enjoys luxury brands and can invite some of them to operate in touristic cities. It would already be something.

        • You got to be quite competent to lure tourists to the 2nd most violent country in the world with no formal declaration of civil war. If crime does not kill you or hurt you, then you get robbed or scammed by immigration officers, taxi drivers, hotel staff and so on. If you survive the jungle of “vivos” then you get a service quality that is not even average although you are paying a premium thanks to many years of lack of tourism investment and preparation.

          So you don’t need a competent minister of tourism, you need a country that people would like to visit and have good memories after. We got a lot of potential but like our own country development, the whole thing is just mismanaged.

          PS. Izarrita is quite competent, he is a “high performing asshole” (pardon the expression). In a government full of mediocrity he does not have any space and this is not his first feud. Chavez and him got some friction as well, hence he got sacked and then reappeared as the head of Telesur.

        • 700M foreign tourists? 2M/da.? How are they arriving, by balsa? Otro trapo rojo rojito, unless they’re counting bachaquero Colombians, maybe Brazilians. Izarra did have certain qualifications–as a gofer for CNN Spanish, until he tried to murder his ex, and had to skip town/Evil Empire.

    • Sorry, there is one Minister that goes about his job in fairly efficient and effective manner and I have been impressed with much more than with Izarra: Minister of Transportation El Trudi. He has built a number of bridges and roads around Caracas that improve traffic and continues to do so even with a limited budget.

      That’s why Claudio Nazoa considers him to be “Un hombre viable”

      • I don’t know about Caracas, but in Valencia Infrastucture is the same or worse than it was 15 years ago. The subway line “2” and the trains have no innaguration date yet despite being years behind promises, And highways nearby are exactly the same as they were 15 years ago, only deteriorated.

    • Sorry, there is one Minister that goes about his job in fairly efficient and effective manner and I have been impressed with much more than with Izarra: Minister of Transportation El Trudi. He has built a number of bridges and roads around Caracas that improve traffic and continues to do so even with a limited budget.
      That’s why Claudio Nazoa considers him to be “Un hombre viable”

      Izarra was bombastic and lied too much about what he was accomplishing.

      • “El Trudi… That’s why Claudio Nazoa considers him to be ‘Un hombre viable'”
        With all respect to Mr. Nazoa, he’s pointing outside the target, ’cause el trudi isn’t nickname “el fraudi” for nothing.
        Just one example of a lousy job he’s “done” in the ministery is the ultra-hyped “transbarca” bus line that was supossed to alleviate the grievous public transportation problems in Lara state, which ended being just “let’s toss 30 buses here and the make a big show to never say anything about it again”
        And, the meager amount of units diminished recently, perhaps due to lack of spare parts (aka control de cambio)

      • This has to be a joke! Just remember three things this guy El Troudi did: Elevado de La Carlota, the bridge connecting La Principal de Las Mercedes y La Autopista and the extension (?) of the GMA highway. I think we are used to deal with very incompetent politicians that if one of them does at least something or pretend to do it we regard it as good or extraordinary.

        • True, after 16 years of nothing getting done and lots of fanfarre he is getting things done. I did not say they were wonderful, but they are there and they help, whether they are not engineering marvels or not. More than Izarra ever did, which was my point. Cabello was Minister of Transportation and what did he do? And he had money. .

    • “…minister who gave unmistakable signs of competence. ”

      Because the face of goverment-sponsored tourism does a marvelous job being an all-around asshole, who enjoyed flipping the bird to the rest of the country and creating some of the most pathetic propaganda money-wastes in recent memory like cheverito the “avatar of apartheid-tourism”

      • Some Quintero’s relatives were almost murdered during an invasion to a farm they owned, I can’t remember very well what was their relation to her, but it was during the increase and peak of the “plan chás” commandeerings where thousands of farms were confiscated by the wax doll’s whim.

        • So? Despite that, she feels that way for Izarra. I think you should look into her reasons (which were incidentally good) instead of venting spite.

          • I never said she was “venting spite”, in fact, even not knowing her personally, I bet she’s one of those people who can get along with anybody nicely.

            I guess her reasons could be more like the one that Mr. Toro wrote in this post, that the guy was doing some actual work in the ministery instead of just barking propaganda bullshit like 95% of the other chavista bigmouths.

            As my brother once said, “deja el odio, niño”.

    • does this means Izarra looses his diplomatic immunity and charges of arson against him for burning his ex-wife’s house will proceed? Not. Yes he did burn her house down while an unknown living in the United States working for CNN and then his uncle in Miami (before joining the robolution).

    • Precisely to counter that rumour and show everybody that DD is still at the top . Gomez did the same , there was a minister he liked but had to retire because he had to do away with his rival in the gabinet and didnt want the country to think he was taking sides , so to show that his retirement was not a sign of disgrace he appointed his brother as new minister in another post .Politics is a funny business. ..and oh yes in case you dont read history , Gomez was a wily and highly astute political practictioner . Much better than the ones we have now !!

      In any event I understand that for some time now Izarra had lost the trust of the Big Bosses , and was retained as tourist minister as kind of consolation price because they didnt have anywhere else to place him.
      One thing these people have shown is that they have no respect for competence if there are other factors that make someone personally or politically unlikeable .

  2. Corruptzuela proudly holds the World Record in number of useless, Putrid Ministries: THIRTY TWO!!

    We finally beat a very Honest, African Nation, Burkina Faso.
    El gobierno de Nicolás Maduro tiene 32 ministerios y 107 viceministerios, lo que hace que la burocracia estatal sea colosal en comparación con otras naciones. La más insólita es la cartera del Poder Popular para la Suprema Felicidad.

    About 3 Million public Thieves, Enchufadisimos!

    Congrats to Diablodado’s Marleny, she will do a fine job laundering $$$ in our splendid beaches.

  3. What I didn’t know is that Mme. Cabello is also a diputada for the PSUV, first time I ever heard of her, I suppose it’s not easy to be a diputada in the shadow of your husband and your daughter.
    Also, I always wonder how all these people can hold two and three public jobs at the same time. How many salaries will she get? Two?

      • Isn’t that a slap in the face to the people that voted for you to represent you in the assembly?
        Amazing how people don’t see that. In Venezuela diputados come and go (like the one that went back to Syria to fight for their government) and people just shrug shoulders.

        • Ay, mi amoooooooor, tú crees que aquí en Venezuela no tenemos Internet y no vemos lo que pasa en el mundo? En Telesur y en VTV vemos todas esas cosas que ocurren en Canadá, donde hay mendigos en la calle y un montón de asesinatos (esos terroristas, por ejemplo, en Otagua y vainas así y el caso ese de muertes de prostitutas en la Victoria de Canadá)
          Y ese alcalde drogadicto de Ontario?

          No volverán, no joda! Con Cabello y la revolución bonita!

          • Pffft, eso no es nada.
            En Cybertron los autobots están con el saboteo constante contra el gobierno de paz de Megatron, así que hay que dejar la mariconada de chillar por lo que dicen que pasa acá, porque eso es lo que importa.

  4. Jejeje, es cómico como ninguna de estas doñas chavistas en ningún cargo se atreven a usar su apellido de casada, como si eso fuera a evitar que la gente se entere que lo que hay es nepotismo parejo en esa podredumbre.

    • Hace tiempo que la muy perpicáz revolución se estaba preparando .. (para el robo).. no te acuerdas que Maduro Moros se burló de los que portan apellidos, en particular, del “señorito de los apellidos”?

      • Seh, esa fracesita tan pendeja para revolverle el complejo de inferioridad a los pendejos.
        Pero claro, como esos imbéciles se apuñalan en la espalda ellos solos con su hipocresía y total falta de coherencia, será que nadie le dijo al muy bolsa que la triple ladrona de la reina del arroz lo tuvo fuera de la casona por ¿Un año? sólo chapeándole el apellido, lo mismo puede decirse del otro mentecato que ahorita es vice presidente sólo porque se mete mano con ella.

  5. La Bicha esa lo que quiere es una escusa para viajar mas, a ver donde invierten los Cientos de Millones de Euros que se estan robando.

  6. “Madame Cabello, will be replacing Andrés Izarra, who finally steps down and sort of confirms the rumors that he had a hiccup with the government when his father in law, Antonio Ledezma, was apprehended some weeks ago”

    Man those big Sunday family lunches have to be awkward.

  7. Let’s remember this woman was working for the SENIAT, like her brother and some others in her family. David, Diosdado’s brother, started working there before being selected minister as well.

    • Nah, she’s living her dream being the pran minister, releasing murderers and rapists to slaughter the people, while keeping as putrid and hellish all the prisons, just as the prans asked her.

  8. OT:

    – Veintiún expresidentes latinoamericanos y españoles entregarán, este jueves 9 de abril, una declaración conjunta en la Cumbre de las Américas, en Panamá, exigiendo la liberación inmediata de los presos políticos venezolanos Leopoldo López (líder del partido Voluntad Popular), Antonio Ledezma (alcalde metropolitano de Caracas) y Daniel Ceballos (exalcalde de la ciudad de San Cristóbal, a 800 kilómetros de Caracas, la capital del país).

    – Además de los presidentes citados, el exjefe de Gobierno español, Felipe González, y los expresidentes de Brasil y Uruguay, Fernando Henrique Cardoso y Luis Alberto Lacalle, han anunciado que planean acudir a Venezuela a participar en las audiencias de López, cuyo juicio por presunta instigación a delinquir, incendio intencional y daños a la propiedad pública, han sido llevados en medio del secretismo y sin permitir la presencia de observadores internacionales. Igualmente, el defensor del Pueblo venezolano, Tarek Saab, sugirió que González, Cardoso y Lacalle necesitarían una visa de trabajo para formar parte del equipo de asesores legales de López, y que tal visa se les negaría.

    • Why the ex-presidentes? I think this has been coordinated with their governments. By using the ex-presidents, the current presidents can claim that the ex’s are not representing their government’s official position. But, why are the LatAm countries still so reticent about taking a stand? I don’t get it.

      • ” But, why are the LatAm countries still so reticent about taking a stand? I don’t get it.”

        My take is that if you wholeheartedly support the US in it’s Foreign Policy, or even come out as supportive, you open yourself to charges of “wanting the gringos to invade” and “doing what Big Brother wants you to do” and so on.

        Never mind the old:”Stay out of another country’s internal politics”

        Besides, if you don’t say anything substantive, for or against the US, you can always state you did not take a side in the future.

        As long as Venezuela holds elections that cannot be proven as fraudulent, and as long as we maintain a Legislative (never mind how many rubber stamps they go through) and a Judicial (again, don’t look at the rubber stamps!) that in theory are separate, you will get nothing that a government can use to condemn Venezuela.

        Hell, Cuba has had presidential elections with one candidate, assembly elections with pre-approved slates of candidates and a Judiciary that practically INVENTED the rubber stamp and you did not see a whole lot of condemnation from the rest of LatAm, except for a token “harrumph” every now and then.

        Small countries are like younger siblings. Always complaining that the older bigger sibling is messing with them, crying to “Mom” to get some “justice” and sniping when able to get one or two in.
        (any similarity to my younger siblings is purely coincidental)

        You know the saying, governments come and go but countries are forever.

  9. “why are the LatAm countries still so reticent about taking a stand?”

    Because they are all Bolivarians? I mean, there’s only three countries in South America not dominated by the ‘Foro de Sao Paulo’. They can’t go against themselves, right? The ex-presidents are from opposition parties.


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