Another Twist in the Jim Luers Saga

disinfoAt first, it all looked straightforward enough: SiBCI had simply made up some non-existent sock-puppet, “Jim Luers” nobody had ever heard of, the end. Right? Right?!

Shockingly, the people who went with that story didn’t do the minimum due diligence it took to find Mr. Luers’s Twitter account and blog and, predictably, haven’t even given a right of reply to his Open Letter explaining the situation.

Now, over on Venezuela Conspiracy Theories Blog, leading political scientist Hugo Pérez Hernáiz has launched a solidarity campaign with Mr. Luers. And you can’t help but sympathize a little: can you imagine a more brutal intimidation/erasure method than having people deny not just the things you say, but that you exist in the first place?

Murky waters, friends…murky waters.