Another Twist in the Jim Luers Saga


disinfoAt first, it all looked straightforward enough: SiBCI had simply made up some non-existent sock-puppet, “Jim Luers” nobody had ever heard of, the end. Right? Right?!

Shockingly, the people who went with that story didn’t do the minimum due diligence it took to find Mr. Luers’s Twitter account and blog and, predictably, haven’t even given a right of reply to his Open Letter explaining the situation.

Now, over on Venezuela Conspiracy Theories Blog, leading political scientist Hugo Pérez Hernáiz has launched a solidarity campaign with Mr. Luers. And you can’t help but sympathize a little: can you imagine a more brutal intimidation/erasure method than having people deny not just the things you say, but that you exist in the first place?

Murky waters, friends…murky waters.

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  1. A Twitter account and a blog do not constitute proof of existence these days. My sister’s cat has a Twitter page and a blog. This guy is a charlatan. The White House has very specific channels for communicating with the press and would not have someone who is both a spokesman and FBI agent simultaneously. Even if it did, the person would be listed as a spokesperson and NOT as an FBI agent. The only official spokesperson for the White House is the Press Chief or his deputy. Finally, this guy does not appear in any Federal Directory of employees at the White House. Case closed.

  2. “@RealJimLuers: @carmenslee @KAPPALFA73 Trabajo para la Casa Blanca – por la mañana. Luego en la tarde en el FBI.”

    Seems legit as fuck, boys…

    • I propose using the hashtag #todossomosJimLuers in support.

      I feel for him, must be tough that even that you have a twitter account and a blog people say you don’t exist

  3. The White House denies that they know anyone named Jim Luers.

    Antonio Maria Delgado

    [email protected]

    La Casa Blanca dijo el jueves que no tiene a un portavoz con el nombre de “Jim Luers”, como es citado por la prensa oficialista de Venezuela para desmentir que el presidente de la Asamblea Nacional, Diosdado Cabello, está siendo investigado en Estados Unidos por narcotráfico.

    “No existe un portavoz de la Casa Blanca llamado Jim Luers”, declaró en un correo electrónico Katherine Vargas, directora para Medios Hispanos de la Casa Blanca.

  4. If many took the TIME magazine Pendejo del año cover seriously, imagine what will happen with this one. Many will miss the joke and will believe that Luers does exist.
    Or doesnt he?

    • Most of the Caribbean basin is an irony-free zone. Use it at your peril. And the irony is that …. oh, forget it.

  5. I think somebody wrote that post in English and later used Google Translator. Never heard of terms like “acontabilidad” in Spanish. Plus there are some grammar and syntax errors in that blog post. Does this sound suspicious to anyone? “Escribo esta carta directamente sin el por medio del staff de la Casa Blanca…”

    This blog might have been created by somebody over at Hegemony Corp. because nobody else would continue with that obsession for Bolívar. Washington was a democrat, a leader that believed in the rule of law.

    See Part 3 of the video doc “Civilization: Is the West History? by Niall Ferguson before it gets removed for violating author’s rights: It’s based on the Ferguson’s book. Fantastic!

  6. We always protect the identity and whereabouts of our agents, including Mr. Luers, a true Patriot who has sacrificed so much for our beloved nation.

    • No, he’s not buying it, he’s selling it. I, for one, have become, now, after today’s post, a firm believer in the existence of Jim Luers. And, take the White House denial with a grain of SALT–remember, they said that Osama Bin Laden raised an AK47 at Seal Team 6, when it was only his toothbrush, as he sat in his wheelchair in the dark with poor eyesight, asking his nurse for toothpaste

  7. I’m tempted to create the web page “” where I will claim that I’m Leamsy Salazar, and I will declare that Jim Luers is right, i.e., I will say that I don’t exist. I want to say things like:

    “Forget about this video:

    This is just a fake. That guy in the video is not me. He can’t be, because I don’t exist. And if I tell you so, then you can’t have any doubts about it, because no one who does exist would claim that he doesn’t.”

  8. Every day we are amazed at hegemons wild fertile fantasy for inventing incredible events , plots, people , statements (sometimes verging on the hilarious) that dont exist , have never existed but which are presented to the public with dead pan seriousness . Maduro is a not very gifted in making these inventions believable but like the good red trooper he is , he goes on vociferously presenting them with all the melodramatic panache he can muster . without showing the least embarrasment at doing so. If there is an Oscar for bad laughable acting , he is a sure candidate for getting the top prize.!! The Jim leuers fiasco is the latest product of hegemons fantasy ridden stream of narratives , there will be more . The sad part is the sinister use made of these sorry inventions, how people are persecuted, imprisonned , defamed through their dissemination.

    • It’s not Maduro. He’s way too dumb for that. There’s a formidable team of professional liars and Regime propagandists in charge of the media. Plus the 3-4 Thousand Professional Cuban spies and defamatory thugs on the Dictatorship’s payroll.

      It takes thousands of dedicated thugs to hack twitter accounts, create false incriminatory audio tapes from prison secret microphones, police all Newspapers left, create fake Martyrs, Heroes or Foes, Immense Propagandas like the Obama Decreto Circus, now the Colombian murder ‘connection’ to MUD, every week a new mirage for the uneducated populace.

      It’s an entire Industry of Mass Deception. The 33rd bullshit “Ministerio”.

      Nothing new. Roman Dictators called it the indispensable Circus.

      Here’s an appropriate song to illustrate this phenomenon, from my favorite Bolivarian Band:

      • Of course Maduro doenst make them up , there is a group of mediochre skunk work hired hands doing that , but Maduro is the principal mouth piece , the actor/jokester repeating the lines that others write for him. He is not the only one , there is a chorus of official voices (las focas) thrained to applaud and repeat the words of the great popular leader . Also there are many others working behind the stage under assummed names or in anonimity creating these fantasies or disseminating them . What I find remarkable is how primitive their inventions are , how ften they assumme that the public is made up of virtual retards.

        Of course there are always people so idiotized by their sectarian passions that they will automatically believe anything served on the plate of their fanaticism . But the bulk of the people see through the fantasy. or worse create their own fantasies to improve melodramatically on those they hear,

        • Intellectual, educated people continue to have a tough time comprehending how on God’s Green Earth is it possible that Masburrismo gets away with such obvious lies and ridiculous public aberrations, week after week, year after year.

          Well, 90% or more of the estimated 1.5 Million who left Guisozuela since Chavismo are educated Professionals. As all the bloggers on these blogs. Then you have about 5 Million Direct enchufados of the Dictatorship, who sometimes see the obvious lies and ridiculous propaganda, buy are deeply corrupted.

          Then you have only a few million left in Vzla and abroad who don’t buy any of it, of course. But they are repressed, jailed, intimidated, exiled. Or the relatively quiet “80% opposition”.

          But there are still many Million of poor, vastly under-educated people to whom all of this laughable, impossible propaganda is directed. That’s what many don’t get. They may be technically “literate”, but ignorant enough to believe in Imperialistic Wars, Jim Luers, or that Cuba is great.

          They simply have no idea what basic concepts like separation of powers mean. 10 Million of voters probably don’t have a clue about that, for example.

          Lack of education. Common denominator to explain anything about Cubazuela.

          • Even before the news came out that there was an US / Spanish investigation on DDC involvement in drug, trafficking activities , and a cartel of generals deeply engaged in that kind of activities , lots of people inside Chavismo were aware of the fact , as I understand it quite a few of them people inside the military ( they are not all corrupt generals you know) ., These things get known not because the press publishes them but because Venezuela is one great sieve where every thing gets known, beause of the personal web of connections most venezuelans have and which allows them access to news that are never officially publicized , Because of that DDC is no heroe to quite a big segment of Chavistas , on the contrary he is seen as someone detestable and corrupt who’se betrayed their cause.

            In Venezuela ordinary people in turn -if you have any regular contact with them- ,are happy thinking the worst of people in power , in the queues its all about the big wigs stealing the country blind and being the cause of the problem the country faces. This comes from long before Chavez, maybe Chavez himself was inmmune from that kind of taint, but you can be sure lots of people surrounding him were (rightly) believed to be engaged in corrupt activities of all sorts. Thats the default belief about any one in authority among Venezuelas common folk . To ignore this is to totally misunderstand venezuelans common mentality.

            We trust too much the power of the published or broadcast word to affect peoples core beliefs . This is a common superstition among educated people , a juicy gossip is far more believable than a ofcialy stamped document signed by the highes authorities in the land . What the news of the investigation does is CONFIRM something people already knew , most chavistas already knew. thus making the belief in his corruption even more rooted .

    • “The sad part is the sinister use made of these sorry inventions, how people are persecuted, imprisonned , defamed through their dissemination.”

      There are some people whose job is to create those sorry inventions. They sit somewhere in an office and say “people are so stupid, they’ll believe this crap”. You know what’s also sad? THEY MAY ACTUALLY BE RIGHT!

      Como dijo una vez el filosofo oriental “El Conde del Guacharo”, lo que molesta no es que crean que somos pendejos, lo que molesta es que estan completamente seguros!

      • One of the primary principles of propaganda enunciated by Joseph Goebbels was that if you repeat something frequently and loudly enough, people will start to believe it, no matter how absurd or contrary to logic the idea is.

        • Jonathan Haidt from the University of Virginia ,together with other contemporary psychologist have studied this for years and what they have learned is that if people find sattisfaction in identifying with some belief they will use different standards to asses whatever evidence is presented to support or counter it , they will treat the evidence that support is as very weighty and conclusive and any evidence countering it as weak and doubtful . Once people have made up their mind its very difficult to make them take an objective assesment of any evidence for or against their strongly held beliefs. People can be made stupid by their attachment to beliefs which cause them to wallow in self flattering passions , the more epic the better .

  9. Jimmy and I were just discussing this whole kerfuffle over g and t’s at Mockingbird Hill over in Shaw. He’s flattered at all the attention but wants people to know that he’s not only the White House spokesman and FBI agent responsible for the Western Hemisphere. He’s also president of the hair club for men.

  10. He has just linked this article in his twitter account as if it was evidence that his non-existence is a vast right-wing conspiracy…. 🙂

    • Finally! Another human being who remembers Kilroy!

      I drew so many “Kilroy was here” all over Venezuela, and everytime I was looked upon in askance.
      By foreigners and locals alike.

      All we need is a drawable cartoon for Luers and we’re set to replace Kilroy.

      • Ahem… Actually, I do not have personal memories of Kilroy. Anyone who was a GI in WWII Europe would now be in their 90’s. I am just more well-read than most.

        But, I still think that Jim Luers makes a perfect “Kilroy” for Venezuela.

  11. Someone noticed that someone else had too much spare time to burn, well that someone (the first one) was right.


    • This is a well-researched expansion on the initial work of Marina Karenova’s work with AFP.

      I am still waiting for still waiting for one of these journalists to make the connection with the Chavista propaganda mill in LatAm.

  12. What is interesting about Jim Luers is that his persona is the archetype of the annoying democrat politician.

    Firstly, he’s lefty in the most irritating way possible:

    “He estudiado con profundidad lo que a mi me gusta llamar “Las Dos Grandes Revoluciones Latinas,” que no son otros más que la Sandinista y la Campaña Admirable de Simón Bolívar (el George Washington venezolano, o sería Washington el Bolívar americano?).”

    Also, womanizer, of course:

    Human rights activist, naturally!

    “No es secreto para mis allegados que soy un devoto de la historia y las grandes luchas sociales.”

    And despite being a ‘FBI agent’ and ‘White House spokesman’, he seems to adopt a slight anti-US rethoric, what is probably the most hilarious thing about him. I would guess that he’s got family ties with Latin America and seeks ‘revenge to his people’, on the grounds that the US is responsible for the ‘social inequality’ of the region, and thus uses his pen to enforce ‘social justice’ and ‘fairness’, establishing order in the Western Hemisphere of a ‘multi-polar world’. In one word: hero.

    When reading him, I can think of Bob Menendez, William Burns, Janet Napolitano, Valerie Jarrett, Leon Panetta… But just their WORST qualities multiplied by two and personified in one Jim Luers!

    A TV series with him as the protagonist would be a blockbuster.

    • Now that you have described him better, I think I met him at a cocktail party the other evening. He had just returned from an academic “fact-finding” trip to Cuba, and was explaining to this sweet, young thing the wonders of their world class, universal healthcare system.

      • Lorenzo, that would be the perfect opening scene for the TV series!

        The innocent girl would symbolize how powerless the US and its citizens are in comparison to Luers, who is the person that edits Obama’s speeches. This episode, which can have the title ‘Writing Straight on Crooked Lines’, would show how Luers is actually the most powerful man in the world, even more powerful than Obama himself, this particular episode would end with Luers avoiding an all-out conflict between the US and Venezuela by removing — without anyone noticing — an aggressive paragraph from one of Obama’s speeches that would only serve to add fuel to the fire.

        The audience will then understand that Luers is the unsung hero making peace and order in the Western Hemisphere possible. (to be continued)

  13. I worry about the safety of Dr Luer. I hear that due to his unauthorized off-the-cuff statements they have a cell ready for him with a big poster of Maduro in notorious section D at Guantanamo.

      • Uh-oh. The site has be redacted of all content. Other sites have been purged of his bona fides. The White House denies his existence. They can make this happen you know. Poor Mr. Luers.

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