Sotano 5: Art Imitates La Tumba


cqayhnj9vs3ktmaegnl9The systematic use of torture against protesters in Venezuela is one of the most worrying departures of the last two years. SEBIN’s “Tomb” – the deep underground black site where political prisoners are kept incomunicado for extended periods – is earning a reputation as among the worst.

In a place like La Tumba, journalism runs up against its limits. At some point, if you really want to tell the story with full emotional force, you need drama. And that’s exactly what Venezuelan film-maker Maru Morón Iglesias proposes to do in Sotano 5, a short film about La Tumba based on a crónica by Leonardo Padrón.

Morón Iglesias is still crowdfunding to make the film. Venezuelans abroad can be a part of documenting the horrific abuses civil rights activists in our country are now suffering.

The campaign ends in less than a week, so hurry along and give them a hand. 

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  1. In the history to be studied tomorrow that fucking place must be signaled as an emblem of what this disgusting regime represents.

    • Yes, don’t destroy it after the dictatorship is gone. Do it like the Hungarians did, transform it into a museum and let it serve as a reminiscence of a past that although may be forgiven, should never be forgotten. May everyone know that Chavismo was nothing more than the pinnacle of moral, ethical and socioeconomic ruin!


      On another, more mundane news, Chavismo may be bankrupt in 8 months.

      • Silly article if you ask me, same article a year ago would have said “Venezuela will run out of money in ten months”

        Guess what? There is still money.

        • But, they would have run out of money by now, had they continued the same spending levels of a year ago. Obviously, they didn’t, to avoid that same prediction. Still, that makes it a politically unsound analysis. The financial logic sounds about right. To avoid running out of money, they will need to spend even less and make Venezuelans tighten their belts even more than they already have. But, they have an election coming… What to do?

  2. Leopoldo and Daniel probably realized that no one in the world would care about Human Rights, Political Prisoners or anything of the sort in Vzla. Compared to Africa or problems in the Middle East and Asia, “La Tumba” is nothing for the UN, and all the other bullshit organizations.

    Who would care about just 70-80 jailed students, and only about 40 dead in protests, in the big scheme of things. (Now Venezuelan Drug Traffic, THAT did catch Obama’s attention, huh..)

    So LL and Ceballos understood the only way to bring attention to this was to go on hunger strike themselves. Now there are a dozen students on hunger strike themselves, even 2 more today in the Vatican.. and the Pope will hear about, even the corrupt Latin American Government Leeches, bribed by Chavismo, have to pay attention now. The shit is finally gonna hit the fan, and we will all have LL and Ceballos to thank for it.

    They were smart enough and brave enough to understand how our disgraceful world Politics really work.

    • Right on.

      However mostly I am hearing people criticize their sacrifices.The nerve some people have to criticize those heroes who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country.People who do not deserve a country that works for them, that’s who.

    • I do respect the fact that LL and DC are risking their life because they are in track to be forgotten. At this point it is not about politics, it is about making noise so their cases are not buried by our daily amount of new shit we get from the government. I personally think a hunger strike against THIS government is crazy because hunger strikes works when your enemy could be worried about the political repercussion of you dying. Obviously it is not the case, I actually think they are looking to get rid of LL and he is just doing them a favor.
      Thinking that the international community could save us is an infantile dream. How many cases where the government have done terrible thinks to human rights and are still in power? Even if the Pope and Obama are against chavismo, how their message will be shared with the Venezuelan people? By Facebook or twitter?
      You really want to overthrown this bastards? Go and get the powerful guys buyout, that’s it. Who are the powerful guys of this movie? The ones with the guns.
      Now, imagine convincing a top general that is probably dirty or is just too comfortable up there. The sales pitch should be to mid ranks who are able to move troops and could take power if they want. Our sales pitch is wrong and we are actually confrontational with this part of the military organization.

  3. Questions that CC should be asking and offering answers:

    Who is Marú Moron Iglesias? Might a hyperlink not be appropriate for one canvassing funds to make her film?
    There’s not much on the web, outside of very light social media entries, including a facebook page that indicates 2 years out of a Masters program in ‘dirección’, lots of eye candy profile pix, and a mention that she now lives in Mexico DF.

    How is MMI going to physically enter La Tumba to film it? Inquiring minds wish to know, because isn’t this critical? Or will she be asking all these young pretty people (no offense, but is that a realistic cross-section of Vzlan society) for their accounts?

    Is Teaser Sótano 5 too heavy on melodrama and too obvious on the suspense soundtrack?

    Is Teaser Sótano 5 too focused on the student subset of society, of limited relevance to the majority of Vzlans who slog it out in queues on a near-daily basis?

    • “…the student subset of society…”

      It’s kind of a pity how the students have been separated from the rest of society as a “class apart”, when they should have been put in the same sack of “everybody who’s got their life quality screwed by the regime”

  4. Well, after another week of jokes and prayers in Vzla and CCS Chronicles alike, the hard reality is that by the end of next week one or more of the political prisoners will be Dead.

    “LaTumba” is not art, it’s real. Forget about the Pope, or Tintori’s pleas, or the Kids now starving in the Vatican. Or the ONu bullshit and the 27 EX-presidents useless efforts.

    The Dictatorship will not abide by the Petitorio, not even Half of it. You can bet your house and your kid’s college funds on that. They might free a couple, send a couple doctors, and finally come out with the laughable “elections” date. That’s it.

    So if any of 2 dozen people on hunger strike don’t break their deals, literally, and start eating on their own, they will die. At least some of them, Ceballos before Leopoldo. They will have to accept a “partial” promise, or they’ll end up with major organ damage, being revived at some hospital without supplies.

    We’re dealing with deadly Criminals in power. They won’t go away “democratically”, after “fair elections” partly because they risk ending up in Jail, and that includes Cabello, Maduro and Hundreds of corrupt, criminal top military leaders with the guns. They won’t suddenly repent after reading a couple headlines from the Pope in Monday.

    Unfortunately it will probably take many more dead people for the remaining oppositions leaders to stop believing in pajaritos preñados..

  5. Small seemingly useless actions have a cummulative effect that relentlessly damage the regime reputation and popularity , in a boxing match the knock out blow comes at the last , before that you have a hundred smaller blows and sparring gestures . The all or nothing approach to assesing what anti regime actions achieve is misguided , it might serve to discourage any action to be taken at all on the grounds that its all in itself useless. Its one way of helping the governent in its current moment f crisis.

    • All well and good. But dammit, have a product and a track record, before canvassing funds, while using Quico (who should know better) as the pimp to reach out to expatriates. That is, while he cleverly omits any possible information that might cloud that financial pipeline.

      Wonder if the “spokesman” requesting the financial contributions is Daddy in starched shirt and designer glasses. Can’t he front his daughter’s efforts while she hones her still-developing skills, when not her level of maturity to approach deadly serious issues?

  6. OT:

    Un gran saludo al pueblo venezolano. En nombre del CNE las más sinceras disculpas. En las prox. horas informaremos la fecha electoral 2015.— Tibisay Lucena (@Tibisay__Lucena) June 6, 2015

    • Yeah, by December 20 Chavez’s wonderful Smartmatic machines will be properly “tuned”, and they’ll have enough time and Millions to spend on Bribes, Propaganda, Terror and Intimidation.

      They’ll fake a small “defeat” say 55% for the opposition, play with the seats some more, fire a few more “diputados”, and bribe the rest. Bottom line, nothing will have changed after the laughable “elections” (as if Guisozuela had a real Parliament and separation of powers).

      And the world, along with half the remaining population in Vzla, will continue to believe there’s a “democracy” in Cubazuela next year. Pathetic.

      • Meanwhile, a few political prisoners will probably be freed next week. But most of the 30 people on hunger strike will either suspend the strike and eat, including LL after Ceballos is taken on emergency to the Hospital. A couple of the students might be more stubborn, and die like Brito died.

        No Solid International Supervision for the Circus “Elections”as requested in the Petitorio, that’s for sure. As Guisozuela’s novela continues next year, igulita pero peor, waiting for the Oil prices to get back close to $90 in a couple years, and Maduro’s Magic re-election in 2019 with Chavez’s Smartmatic.

        Unless people get really pissed-off before all that happens.

        • The extra poisonous, virulent, hate-filled and criminal driven speech of high chaburro cúpula would help piss people even more.

    • news first tweeted by @elcitizen (Leopoldo Castillo), who later retracted; the twitter a/c given for Tibisay Lucena is false. I earlier fell for it.

  7. It seems significant that systematic torture has become the rule during the last 2 years in Venezuela. Post Chavez, Cuban rule has gone into high gear. Witness Cuban forces putting down the student riots. The flushing of human shit into Leopoldo’s cell, and the cutting off of water subsequently, so that the mess cannot be flushed out, come straight from the pages of Armando Valladares, a Cuban who endured years of such treatment under Fidel Castro’s direction in Cuban jails, who on his eventual release due to international pressure, wrote a book about his experiences called “Against All Hope”. (Contra Toda Esperanza.)

    • Why are we not surprised by this shilling, after the repeated and obvious wigglings of a theory on us CC readers, for a number of years, as you tried to make fit the glass slipper onto the bunions on the foot of Cinderella’s step-sister.

      • syd, you’re not surprised that a theory similar to the one I’ve been repeating over the years is being proposed by others? Really? After all the times you insisted it was worthless?

        As to the slipper, of course it won’t fit the step-sister; this proposal is for the true Cinderella, Venezuela!


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