Sotano 5: Art Imitates La Tumba

cqayhnj9vs3ktmaegnl9The systematic use of torture against protesters in Venezuela is one of the most worrying departures of the last two years. SEBIN’s “Tomb” – the deep underground black site where political prisoners are kept incomunicado for extended periods – is earning a reputation as among the worst.

In a place like La Tumba, journalism runs up against its limits. At some point, if you really want to tell the story with full emotional force, you need drama. And that’s exactly what Venezuelan film-maker Maru Morón Iglesias proposes to do in Sotano 5, a short film about La Tumba based on a crónica by Leonardo Padrón.

Morón Iglesias is still crowdfunding to make the film. Venezuelans abroad can be a part of documenting the horrific abuses civil rights activists in our country are now suffering.

The campaign ends in less than a week, so hurry along and give them a hand.