Diosdado’s guessing game

It’s been a week since the Diosdado/Shannon picture show and we’ve read many hypothesis over what had to happen to get that photo opp.

Both Jackson Diehl and Heinz Dietrich believe it had to do with Leopoldo Lopez’s release. While Diehl says the US is looking to release tension on the region by the release of Lopez, Dietrich looks at it more like a prisoner exchange of the sorts: give us the political prisoner and we’ll give you the alleged drug lord we never really had anyway.

Others believe that the meeting was more focused on getting a date for the upcoming National Assembly elections. According to Fernando del Rincón, the man flew to Haiti  just to plea his case before the US.

But my personal favorite is the one about Diosdado photobombing Thomas Shannon and Delcy Rodríguez because that’s just something he would do to confuse everyone and keep us guessing.

If you’ve ever watched his TV show you’d know that he is fond of trickery, including photoshopping and phone tapping, to make up tall tales of conspiracy. Plots that are so obviously made up that, in the end, it’s clear he just did it so you know he knows that you know it’s just a bad fabrication. Evil shit. The President of the Venezuelan National Assembly is driven by the most dangerous and dark motivations that can be found in the world: those of an 8 year old bully.

The most recent Diosdado shenanigan involves a picture with Fidel Castro. Cuban pro government blog, Cuba Debate, posted the picture along with a short article, and a while later took it down.

Apart from the unlikely circumstances in which it was taken, there seems to be something off with the picture. It appears to be dated, and both subjects look out of place. Cuban blogger Yusnaby says that most of the recent pictures of Fidel are taken by his son and published by Estudios Revolución. Would the Cubans use Diosdado for a Fidel sighting? It’s just fishy.

But then again, all of Diosdado’s pictures look photoshopped these days. Maybe it’s just the filter, and the man is laughing at us once again.

You be the judge.


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