Love Labour's Loss


I’d heard that Britain’s Labour Party, in full-on PTSD mode after its unexpected electoral shillacking at the hand of Cameron’s conservatives, was flirting with electing an out-and-out leftie nutter as leader.

But did you know that Jeremy Corbyn is also a fully paid up member of the Bolivarian Solidarity movement? I’m serious as a heart attack!

Check it out:

His Spanish turns out not to be so bad, huh?

Y no se pierdan esta pochochura…

Understandably, non-crazy British center-lefties are in full on panic mode over the prospect of this guy actually becoming labour leader.

And yet, with the party deep in self-harm mode, it looks like it’s going to happen. 

David Cameron cannot believe his luck.

Could Jeremy Corbyn, who likes to talk about his “friends” in Hamas and Hezbollah, possibly end up with a Downing Street address? Listen, it’s the longest of long shots, considerably less likely than Bernie Sanders ending up in the White House. But can it be entirely ruled out?

I dunno. Crazy things happen in politics.

Maybe a week before the 2020 elections Cameron will be photographed smoking crack with an underage prostitute. And then we’re going to end up with an out-and-out Chavista running a country with a permanent seat at the UN Security council and a friggin’ nuclear arsenal.

¡Que Papá Dios nos agarre confesados!