There’s a special fascination to the genre: the fallen-from-grace former true believer whose life embodies every stalinist fiber in chavismo’s body but who is just physically unable to grasp how his personal experience comprehensively  refutes his political ideology.

The layers upon layers of self-delusion of sheer automojoneamiento involved are engrossing. And no one but no one is in deeper than Nicmer Evans, the one-time SiBCI talking head and far-left “intellectual” founder of the chavista splinter group Marea Socialista (Socialist Tide) who’s now been excluded from running in December’s elections.

The whole of his interview with El Estimulo is stolen reprinted in Aporrea – which, in itself, tells the story. Something is very weird in the Venezuelan public sphere when Aporrea starts contentjacking from the bourgeois press. But don’t let that fact distract you from the belief-beggaring interview itself. It’s unreal.

For Nicmer Evans, there is one clear culprit for Marea Socialista’s banning from office. Say it with me? Henry Ramos Allup. Do not adjust your browsers. Do not adjust your meds. You’re not the one who’s hallucinating. He is.

Esta resolución responde a la continuación del pacto convocado por Henry Ramos Allup, en donde se quiere dejar por fuera aquello que vaya por fuera de la polarización. La salida de mi candidatura es forzada.

Es algo absurdo y absolutamente inconstitucional, que ni siquiera da posibilidad de remiendo por parte de las organización. Todo responde a una política de exclusión y de exterminio político a Marea Socialista, a quienes se nos negó la tarjeta en un principio y que ahora se le niega más de la mitad de la candidaturas postuladas por otras tarjetas pequeñas y que se ven mancilladas por un reglamento de paridad aplicado a destiempo y de manera irregular, con ausencia de normas claras respecto a la aplicación de las mismas.

Es importante señalar que Marea Socialista no se amilana con esto. Nosotros apostamos por una construcción política clara ante esta etapa del gobierno de Maduro que contraviene las enseñanzas y lecciones del Presidente Chávez que permitían, incluso después de un Golpe de Estado, la participación de actores políticos de la oposición.

Ahora la política de este pacto es ir contra gente que realmente se cree forjadora del Proceso Revolucionario. Ahora estamos en la mira con esta corrida del Gobierno hacia nosotros. Pero no nos amilanamos. Mantenemos la misma postura con las tarjetas que todavía quedan en pie, aparentemente, como por ejemplo el caso del 23 de Enero, el circuito 2 de Caracas, y en el caso específico de Zuleika Matamoros, quien seguramente va a ser objeto de presión. Responderemos firmemente al compromiso que tenemos con el pueblo. Vamos a seguir denunciando y, fundamentalmente, proponiendo.

¿En qué momento surge este pacto del que usted habla?

En este momento existe un acuerdo entre el PSUV y la MUD.

Es un acuerdo que parte de la merma que han tenido las cúpulas tanto del Gobierno como de la Oposición en materia electoral, pues sólo representan no más 30 % del electorado. El incremento de los sectores independientes, críticos y alternativos, de diversas posturas, y en el caso específico de nosotros, que ya hemos sido reseñados por consultoras como una tercera fuerza, hace posible este pacto en donde la contienda sólo pueda realizarse entre dos. Ese es básicamente el pacto que existe. Después del 6D podrá haber otra etapa dependiendo del resultado. Pero ellos no van a permitir que nadie más presente alternativas al país. Y eso se consolida fundamentalmente en la declaración de Ramos Allup, quien últimamente tiene más capacidad que el mismo Gobierno en relación a las cosas que están por venir. Él lo anticipó y lo dejó muy claro. Que iban a exterminarse cualquier tipo de candidaturas que estuviesen por fuera de la polarización. A pesar de que hay miembros en el CNE mayoritariamente pro-gobierno, esta declaración de Ramos Allup [emphasis added] no sólo tiene calada, sino que se trata de una orden que se está cumpliendo. Es la evidencia absoluta de este convenio, por demás inconstitucional.

I can’t imagine living in the fantasy-world Nicmer Evans has constructed for himself in his head, though I’d be sort of curious to get a tourist visa and visit there sometime. It’s a world where a party with no national presence, no election machine, not even an electoral registration, no media reach, no popular leader and no physical presence outside 2 or 3 urban enclaves is such a threat to the Bolivarian State and to its enemies that it must be crushed as a matter of urgency by the reactionaries, reactionaries who somehow give orders to the authorities somehow – though not, it seems, the order to free its own political prisoners, or allow its own candidates to run without the facing the same kinds of arbitrary disqualifications Marea Socialista faces.

The reality is different. There were a few urban circuits here or there where Marea Socialista was about to get 5% of the vote as MUD crushed PSUV by 65%-30%. Now they’re out, so now MUD will win those circuits 67-33%.

But that’s not even the point, though. The point is the genuine extremes of Stockholm Syndrome chavismo’s left-for-dead dissidents can muster. For the last 15 years, people have been warning the Nicmer Evanses of the world of the dangers of riding a tiger. This year, Nicmer decided to ever so gingerly dismount. Almost immediately, he got eaten.

Who’s to blame for that? The people who were warning him, of course!


  1. He’ll never admit he was wrong, he would have to admit that the ideology he defended for 10 years plus is ultimately running failed and thats just too much for him and by the way, all other disgruntled chavistas that still blame the opposition for the state of the country, they need someone to blame, it’s in the chavista MO to do so, to admit you were wrong is a capitalist oppression that they’ll never take part of.

  2. Is this a spanish or english language blog? Make up your mind! If you’re going to include huge spanish quotes, you might as well write the whole article in spanish as the article will not be understood by people that do not understand spanish anyway.

      • Is the target audience bilingual Venezuelans or people curious about Venezuela?. Let me help you out: stick to English. The idea is to make the blog readable for anybody who is interested in Venezuela. Spanish may help if in parenthesis. I stopped pointing my English-only friends to this blog because you can’t make up your mind on which you want to be. Ok?

        • It’s good to have this discussion, because we’re very much re-evaluating all of this right now. My understanding is that 90%+ of readers are bilingual, and it doesn’t seem too much to ask the other 10% to skip the Spanish stuff.

          But no decisions are final, and the blog is very much in change/growth mode.

          • I lived in Venezuela for over 15 years before escaping this past spring. My Spanish was acquired “on the go, in the street”. Have no problem with spoken Spanish but my ability to read and comprehend is a bit of a “work in progress”, but I have no problem with the need for large segments in Spanish in some articles to pass on the full intent/meaning of an article and to give proper context……there is always google transducir for those of us similarly challenged and it helps me to check my comprehension and understanding of a passage.

      • Make it available in several languages, like Yoani Sanchez does. There are companies that will do that for you for a not very expensive price:

        Also, make donations/subscriptions possible through the website. There are a lot of people out there that would love to fund anyone fighting against Bolivarianism.

    • In less time it took you to write your rant, i had the whole thing translated into English. Not a prfect translation that from googe but good enough. Now, if you had to let some steam out and used this as your opportunity, there is nothing i can do. Enjoy the rest of your day.

      • Exactly, I could have slowly read it in spanish, but I just copied and pasted it into Google Translate and literally one second later I’m reading it in ok english. Also, Chrome will translate pages for you without having to leave the page. When it detects a heavy amount of a different language a small translate button appears in the address bar. I would prefer that most posts were in English. But if you have some time constraints and need to post something, I think posting it in Spanish occasionally is fine.

    • Sorry to disagree. I give this article an “A” for timeliness, an “A” for insight and an “A” for style. Best Caracas Chronicle article ever…EVER.

    • Hey.

      Even if you read the Spanish portion you will understand nothing.
      That is the point of the article.
      This is an English written blog about Venezuelan politics but some things are bound to be in Spanish.


    • Even if it were in English, it would still require translation. Many of the terms used here are unique to Venezuela and Venezuelan politics. Examples are¨bachequeros¨, ¨guarimberos¨, and ¨esqualidos¨. There is no way to translate these terms (in English or Spanish) without explaining the complete context first. Unfortunately, most of us on this blog take a lot of the terminology for granted.

      It would actually be an interesting undertaking to write a complete glossary for reference by by outsiders trying to grasp what is actually occurring in Venezuela.

  3. I just can’t believe how these ultra far left chavistas are disconnected from reality, is a tragedy, is a burden for society, because the same can be said for a lot of people that identifies themselves as ultra chavistas, and so the whole country can not get out of this hell hole we are in, because these people, disconnected from reality as they are, they still has voting rights, and they still vote for the same guys!

    • Just another prove of the mental gymnastics this people need to do to keep themselfe ¨funtional¨, grasping onto fairytales from the left narrative, this people will never admit they wrong, denial keeps them alive like Jack Nicholson in a few good man said; they can handle the truth, so they will keep pointing fingers at others.

      Admiting the truth, admit they were wrong would probably destroy them, they wouldnt survive to that nervous breakdown.

      • Actually, they think that pulling enough balls and kissing enough butts will return them to their now lost privileged positions.

  4. I have used this quote before, but it was never so relevant as it is in relation to Nicmar, ¨People wed their ideas more faithfully than their spouses.¨

    Part of the problem with Marxist ideology for intellectuals is it is such a beautiful ideological construct that they fail to examine the flawed premises upon which it was built.

  5. “People wed their ideas more faithfully than their spouses.”

    Sometimes, only for certain convenient ideas, and usually not for long, unless it’s Religious fears and such.

    “The divorce rate is still high in the U.S. at 53%. But Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are worse off with divorce rates higher than 60%. Belgium has the highest rate of divorce in this data set at a staggering 70%.”

    Chupate esa mandarina! and that’s after swearing eternal love, forgetting the prenuptial agreement..

    The horrific world of putrid Politics is full of Lies, false propaganda for personal gain, massive egos, aiming at enormous future Embezzlement in most cases in Kleptozuela’s entire History. .

    Remember Chavez’s advertised semi-capitalistic “ideology” when he sneaked and weaseled his way in power?? Lying all over U-tube and the world about respecting private property, the sanctity of “democracy”, promising a fair Republic with separation of powers.. all LIES. Nicmar is just another Lying THIEF. Much more than a “Marxist Ideologue” .

    There are very, very few hosnest Lunatics like that left, very few like the Giordani psychotic nut case.

    All of these Nicmers are nothing but Rats jumping the sinking ship. Quitate tu pa poneme yo. They realize over 60% of the brain-washed, incredibly ignorant and under-educated population still love Chavismo. So they realign their bullshit in that direction, hoping to get a piece of that bloody pie, sometime further up the road. And wicked pseudo-ideologists like this viper named “Nicmer” just might find such a juicy leeching spot in the next Chavista-light MUDcrap, sooner than many think.

  6. “The layers upon layers of self-delusion of sheer automojoneamiento involved are engrossing. And no one but no one is in deeper than Nicmer Evans, the one-time SiBCI talking head and far-left “intellectual” founder of the chavista splinter group Marea Socialista ”

    Again, for the reasons I quickly wrote above, wicked politicians like this vicious Nicmer Evans are only starting to emerge. Very predictable in the putrid world of Politics. Oportunistas, calculating thugs is what they are.

    What FT and many probably don’t get here, is this young, devious, lying crook have future, long term goals in sight. They know the shit is about to hit the fan in Cubazuela. They know people are ignorant and brain-washed by Chavismo retarded false promises and ideas.

    They are positioning themselves for the future MUDcrap disaster. They even tell you about the polls themselves! They follow those polls. They change ideas and shapes and colors faster than freaking chameleons during a brush fire. Politicians: fake, deviant, conniving, calculating. Sniffing the rotting corpse.

    Much less “delusional” than you may think.

  7. Freaking Politics..

    María Corina Machado ‏@MariaCorinaYA Aug 25 View translation
    María Corina Machado retweeted Nicmer Evans

    Te entiendo. Y defiendo tu derecho con la misma fuerza con la que defiendo el mio María Corina Machado added,

    Nicmer Evans @NicmerEvans

    El miedo es libre, pero a la fuerza emergente de Marea Socialista no la detiene ni el psuv ni la mud, ni siquiera con el control del CNE

    169 retweets 58 favorites

    • This NM quote, and MCM’s tweet, illustrate everything that’s wrong with Venezuelan society/politics–there really is no hope for betterment in Venezuela with this type of mistaken thinking/lack of rational analysis. As further examples, my sister-in-law continues being Chavista, because she’s afraid of losing her miserable monthly pension, which by year-end probably might barely cover her monthly trucked-in water bill for her modest house, where she supports a small-time grandson thief/his “Jeba”/their infant son (“if I don’t, he’ll be killed by the other “choros”, as he has been threatened everywhere else he has lived.”). And, the Colombian albanil I mentioned in a recent post, recently returned after 3 years in Colombia, is also Chavista. With this type of thinking, and a ruinous actual/projected economic situation, Venezuela is really headed back to the alpargata age, without even much exaggeration.

  8. People who have made Chavismo their life, people whose own self-identities were intertwined with the regimes, people for whom the regime’s victories were their victories, people for whom a large part of their self worth was being a part of the ‘revolution’…they can not just admit that it was all a farce and a catastrophic failure. To do so would be to do utterly demean and invalidate part of their very self, their very being. For the true believers, the hardcore, it takes a very strong mind and spirit for one to admit to oneself, and then the world, that they were wrong. Few people are capable of this.

    For most of these, they will continue to follow the regime, but this will mostly take the form of intense hatred of the regime’s enemies and mental gymnastics like the one we see above, instead of positive support.

    • To add to your comment, Rory. There is a point that political ideology, in particular Marxism tends to supplant religion in a person, after all it is atheistic by definition, yet it becomes exactly that, religion to many.

      One of the telltale of any bad religion is the one that it promises a utopia in this world. The cruelest part is that when the utopia devolves into hell on earth, the leaders blame the followers as not having enough faith and not being pure enough. Perfection is godly, failure is human. So we see the bloody path of Jim Jones, Branch Davidians, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Hitler, French Revolution.

      Ultimately, it comes down to this, humans are fallible and weak. Even the great get corrupted. That’s why representative democracies with divisions of powers work better (not perfect) than all the other alternatives out there.

  9. There is in those who are chavista or have chavista roots a capacity for believing or fantasizing elaborate self delusions which make them look the heroic victims of dark conspiracies by all the combined forces of evil. that ever existed. I suspect its the result of having been brought up by parents whose forefathers for untold generations wallowed in the melodramatic miamas of Venezuelan telenovelas !! Poor Nicmer such advanced progressive ‘thinker’ and still a slave to all that BS .

  10. I don’t get it. If he was such a non threat why not let him/them run? How is not the point of the article. Regardless of his theories on how it happened. I’m sure there is somebody in the psuv making an example of these guys. I remind you all… You are FOR the splintering of the psuv. That needs to happen. Mocking Nicmer Evans is not funny, it’s jut sad, focus people!

    • With such a name ” Nicmer Evans”, his Thug face, and his false, stupid Marxist “ideology” he is a mockery of himself.

      Look at what the IMBECILE has to say, before he gets FILTHY RICH one day, as all these self-anointed “Marxists” and “Chavista “Socialistas” almost always do.

      He should marry Gabrielita Chavez or the some other Billionaire chavista whore, and get it over with, except such “marxist” thieves also crave power, besides the money.

  11. As lame as Nicmer’s apologia is, he is jockeying to capture disenchanted Chavistas.

    There is a good number of Chavistas that will ABSOLUTELY NEVER vote for the MUD, yet they are harshly suffering in Chavezuela. So repeating all the Chavista crap in the purest and high minded way positions him to capture the resurrection of Chavismo after the impending debacle.

  12. LAS ratas comienzan el desfile. Soon we will hear, Yo no fui, everywhere, yo no sabia, no lo puedor creer, en serio…. and a long etc of excuses.

    And the classic, I am chavista but not madurista, as if both puppets did not belong to the same master.

    • And the classic, I am chavista but not madurista,

      Or better said I am a $100/BBL Chavista. It is a shame that Chavez didn’t live long enough to have to deal with this current economic mess, which is of his doing, not that of lapdog Maduro.

      • Well, the ideas for the policies that obliterated Venezuela’s economy actually were thought by that old bastard the “rey de la pamplina frita” giordani.

  13. Of course, Nicmer’s fate is entirely due to the backroom puntofijista duopolist power sharing agreement which has given 99% of power to chavistas and 1% for MUD, crowding out all legitimate third party options….

  14. Marea Socialista (Socialist Tide)
    Speaking of language issues, I always translated that as Socialist Nausea. Turns out that my trusted Cassells, which I have had since high school, informs me that “mareo” refers to nausea, but “marea” refers to tide. I stand corrected. I should have realized that a Chavista would not have labeled his movement as Socialist Nausea.

    Re the language issue: I suspect that most readers here are bilingual. I do have occasional issues with understanding some Venezuelan slang posted here, though a lot I am familiar with, such as “chamo,” certain Maracucha words, etc. I prefer reading extended passages in English as my reading speed in English is about twice what my reading speed in Spanish is.

    New readers from outside Venezuela will most likely be more comfortable in English, though as others have pointed out, Google Translate can give a rough translation.

  15. Final thought: With the closing of CC until October, something probably momentous will happen between now and then, as happened after FT exited the stage some time ago, to go to Japan/save the Sudan….

  16. I don’t know if the changes coming for October will include a software change. A number of times when there has been a software change, previous comments have been lost. I would hope that if there is a software change coming, that previous comments will not be lost.

  17. I don’t think I can wait 6 weeks or so. Man, I’ve been reading this blog for 10 years nearly everyday. I miss Venezuela so much and am so very anxious for my family and friends still there. Reading this has been invaluable to me. It helps me feel connected to a place that is deeply rooted in me. I cannot return to Venezuela easily these days and I will feel extra lonely without my CC fix.

  18. Also, its kind of strange, but my kids have grown up listening to me tell them about the blog. My youngest has gone to sleep for most of his life as I sat next to his bed reading it. As he learned to read he’d try to read the entries himself. My entire family here in Boston feels as if they sort of know you guys. Good luck with changes.

  19. I’ll come now and again to see how this sorts itself out. In the meantime, I will continue to champion this blog and pray for Venezuelans and all those who care from far and wide.
    Kathy Caldwell, Austin

  20. For all of the wonderful Commenters above, remember, that in the future, in the immortal words of “Hermano Coco”, of Radio Rochela, “Pueden obtener la Salvacion–Pero, Hay Que Pagar!”


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