You know your country is a global punchline when this is an actual story in the news:

Fast food lovers in shortage-plagued Venezuela are enjoying greasy French fries at McDonald’s franchises here once again after the side dish went missing last winter.

McDonald’s rolled out the fries’ comeback on Monday with an ad campaign including a countdown on social media and large banners at franchises inviting customers to swap their fried yuca, a root crop also known as cassava, for the real thing.

Paging Raul Stolk! Our long national nightmare is at an end.

(Then again, an order of large fries will set you back over a tenth of the monthly minimum wage…so maybe not so over.)

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  1. At an end? Yeah, right. I went to a McDonalds today to ask for fries. They had them. Only at the small price of 500 Bs. the medium sized ones, and 800 Bs. the big ones. It’s still cheaper than Burger King’s fries, but it’s still costly.

  2. Does anyone wanna bet me that tomorrow the ‘Red Lobsters’ will show-up at McDonald’s and demand that all fries be sold at 25 BS? …. a McDakoza prior to the election!

  3. Give me freedom fries! did you see narcotics boss William Brownfield’s interview to El Tiempo and his comment about readjusting strategy? Code talk for more narcotics indictments. Add to that the double-whammy of Iran flooding oil markets to hit back at Saudi and we have $30/barrel. The U.S. is not fucking around, cocaine is flooding America and the time to strike back is coming.

  4. Ah, the wonders of living in the cheapest country on all the world, you have to work three days just to have ONE meager food.


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