McDonald's to push boundaries with innovative "french fry" product for Venezuelan market

Daring new elongated rectangular fried potato stick design considered radical departure for burger chain best known for fried cassava snacks.

You know your country is a global punchline when this is an actual story in the news:

Fast food lovers in shortage-plagued Venezuela are enjoying greasy French fries at McDonald’s franchises here once again after the side dish went missing last winter.

McDonald’s rolled out the fries’ comeback on Monday with an ad campaign including a countdown on social media and large banners at franchises inviting customers to swap their fried yuca, a root crop also known as cassava, for the real thing.

Paging Raul Stolk! Our long national nightmare is at an end.

(Then again, an order of large fries will set you back over a tenth of the monthly minimum wage…so maybe not so over.)