That one time Aporrea wrote a post with "AP/Wall Street Journal/Reuters/NYTimes" in the Byline

While we wait for El Universal to notice anything much has happened, Aporrea is now running posts with "AP/Reuters/Wall Street Journal/NYTimes" in byline.

If this doesn’t convince you that some seismic forces are now in play in Venezuela, nothing ever will.

It’s hugely symbolic that it’s Aporrea – of all places – that’s breaking the ‘cerco comunicacional’. Aporrea is the place chavistas trust for news. Aporrea is running a WSJ story even as all the government controlled media blacks out news of the bust.

Let’s not miss the significance of this. It’s a clear sign that grassroots chavismo is reaching a point of no return. Aporrea’s trust in the government has collapsed, the #Tropa’s trust can’t be far behind. 

For those of you keeping score at home, we’re still waiting for El Universal to notice anything noteworthy has happened.