If this doesn’t convince you that some seismic forces are now in play in Venezuela, nothing ever will.

It’s hugely symbolic that it’s Aporrea – of all places – that’s breaking the ‘cerco comunicacional’. Aporrea is the place chavistas trust for news. Aporrea is running a WSJ story even as all the government controlled media blacks out news of the bust.

Let’s not miss the significance of this. It’s a clear sign that grassroots chavismo is reaching a point of no return. Aporrea’s trust in the government has collapsed, the #Tropa’s trust can’t be far behind. 

For those of you keeping score at home, we’re still waiting for El Universal to notice anything noteworthy has happened.

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  1. My favorite part is the headline Aporrea chose, ‘alleged family members’… I will LOVE to see the moronic spin they are preparing for this, seems like it will be an epic one!

  2. Something tells me this in not going to be as grand as expected. I just hope it does major damage to the regime.

    PD: Aporrea is still awful.

    • agreed, chavistas don’t seem to mind things that affect them more directly (corruption, incompetence, public mismanagement) so it won’t be a few kilos of cocaine that finally crushes their support of PSUV.

  3. After I sent them a rather blistering email following an earlier post with my wish that they would help be the future when Venezuela fails, I received a response.

    It said “stay tuned the best is yet to come.” I guess the responder was right. Fingers crossed.

    • This is like sending an email to Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda and asking the folks there to “be the future”. hehe. Good luck with that.

  4. Had I seen that Aporrea reported this without knowing that they’re currently giving the government the stink eye, I would have thought I was taking crazy pills.
    As such, they’re obviously doing it out of spite, but let’s see if they learn a bit about integrity along the way.

  5. The Bull wrote prophetically about how elections tend to galvanize resistance and in some worldless way once people take a close look around before voting, teetering regimes like Maduro and company often fully collapse. Vale, this barco is sinking at last.

  6. I wouldn’t hold my breath for aporrea to change their stance about the government, Hardcore Chavistas and by association aporrea, deep down they will rather vote for anyone in the government in the hope to maintain the revolution and change it from the inside, than to vote for the opposition or abstain.

    The soon you understand that the better, just give up on them.

    The best that we can hope is for the opposition with majority in the upcoming elections, and reverse the brainwashing they’d been subjected to, or let them become an ugly minority that nobody wants to be associated with.

  7. Hahaha. I went to VTV to see if they dare to spin it already and I read this:

    “Yankees de Nueva York hace un trueque de venezolanos”

    But no, it is not about the Flores being swapped by López…not yet

  8. chabobos have been in frantic denial for some time about this, one told me “why would you blame maduro for something a random mamagüevo does?”

  9. The Universal finally did get something on line without giving the full last names of the nephews, and without saying anything about their family relations with the First Couple

  10. Uncle Nikky has spoken on the First Family Drug Bust, according to Reuters.
    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday condemned what he called imperialist attacks and ambushes after two nephews of his wife were arrested in Haiti and taken to the United States to face drug trafficking charges.

    “The fatherland will follow its course,” tweeted the 52-year-old Venezuelan president, whose socialist government is facing increasing accusations from the United States of collusion in smuggling cocaine from Colombia.

    “Neither attacks nor imperialist ambushes can harm the people of the liberators,” added Maduro, who was to address the United Nations human rights body in Geneva later on Thursday.

    Franqui Francisco Flores-de Freitas, 30, and Efrain Antonio Campo-Flores, 29, were flown to New York on Tuesday, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. Both are nephews of Maduro’s wife and first lady, Cilia Flores.

    Actually, as this appears to have been a sting operation, Uncle Nikky is not completely off the mark in calling this an “ambush.” But no one forced Cilia’s nephews to try to smuggle 800 kilos.

  11. Very important to note, the Aporrea post has been hit 89,000+ times (from the bottom of the Aporrea page). Not sure how accurate the measurement is, but its definitely more views than any other article i can see there.

  12. From TeleSurEnglish: Maduro Addresses UN Human Rights Council

    Maduro welcomed the council’s decision that recognized Venezuela’s effort to preserve human rights, established in the country’s National Plan of Human Rights.

    The United States uses human rights as a “political weapon” against Venezuela in a “permanent” attack, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday.

    In a special speech to update the council on Venezuela’s human rights Maduro thanked fellow countries for reelecting Venezuela to the Council of Human Rights last month, saying he took it as a “vote of confidence.”

    Since 1999 Venezuela has pushed a vigorous program of social development. According to official figures, the government diverted 60 percent of the nation’s GDP into social investment, including toward education, housing, health, culture and nutrition.

    Maduro welcomed the council’s decision that recognized Venezuela’s effort to preserve human rights, established in the National Plan of Human Rights.

    Maduro is expected to take the opportunity to reveal the U.S. military threats against the nation.

    On Nov. 8 the Venezuelan Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez said that the intrusion of a U.S. coast guard plane into Venezuelan airspace was a “violation of international law.”

    Given that the article stated that “Maduro is expected to take the opportunity to reveal the U.S. military threats against the nation,” I wonder if this was a canned press notice prepared before his actual speech- assuming that he HAS spoken.


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