They Brought Out the A-Team to Pluck a Couple of Flowers

Preet Bharara is not quite a household name. But to those in the know he's a legend: he's the guy who caught the closest thing real life has to Kaiser Soze.

One tidbit stood out at me about the Flores Brothers’ arrest: the US Prosecutor leading the investigation against them is Preet Bharara.

That name may not mean much to you, but Bharara is as badass as prosecutors come. He’s the guy who set up the sting against Viktor Bout – the near-mythical, Kaiser Soze-style Russian arms dealer who’d been assumed to be un-catchable for the previous three decades.

60 Minutes (above) did a pretty amazing show on what the lengths the gringos had to go to in order to catch Bout. Let’s just say that an investigative team able to do that can’t have broken much of a sweat busting Cilia’s idiot nephews.

These two florecitas are just leverage, guys. The plea bargain negotiations must be intense right now. If these guys tell Bharara 100% of what they know, they have some chance of seeing the sun again before they’re AARP-aged. If they tell him 99.9% of what they know, they don’t.