What the Hegemony Has Wrought

Why does the regime need censorship? So when it comes out that the President is Godfather to a big-time drug trafficker, people don't hear about it.

This piece by Reuters’s Alexandra Ulmer and Girish Gupta may be the most depressing thing you read all week:

What arrests? Some Venezuelans in the dark about drugs scandal

The arrest of two of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s relatives to face charges of cocaine smuggling was an international embarrassment for him and his socialist government.

At home, however, plenty of Venezuelans have not even heard about the arrests in Haiti or the subsequent U.S. indictments, with local papers largely ignoring the story and citizens more concerned with finding food and medicines amid severe shortages.

“I had no idea!” said 21 year-old biology student Grecia Mayor, eyes widening as she stood in front of a Caracas supermarket.