Four Chavista Governors and Caracas Mayor Bullied at Voting Centers


As the voting unfolds, we’ve been seeing something new. We’ve been receiving videos, left and right, of high profile chavistas being bullied and heckled as they go to their local voting centers to cast their votes. And not one, or two, but five: the governors of Bolívar, Barinas, Sucre and Táchira, and the Mayor of Caracas have been treated very harshly as they go vote.

Let’s be clear, we’re not happy this is happening: everyone should have the right to vote without being verbally attacked and intimidated. But we cannot deny this is fascinating. It’s the first time we’ve seen a general reaction like this, and I really don’t want to say it, but it’s apparent cascading effect is beginning to feel like Quico’s Ceausescu moment.

For now, we’re just showing it to our opositor radical relatives so they can calm their pre-baranda time jitters.

José Vielma Mora, Táchira State Governor



Adan Chávez, Barinas State Governor


Luis Acuña, Sucre State Governor


Francisco Rangel Gómez, Bolívar State Governor

Jorge Rodríguez, Mayor of Caracas

 Consider that these chavista bigwigs pick places to register to vote where they expect to be surrounded by supporters.

This is…new.

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  1. The 15-year rape of the Country by the Regime thugocracy has finally begun to show at the street level–augurs well for a possible eventual future final Pueblo repudiation, which will probably be the only way to permanently dislodge this scourge….

  2. Raul, everything I saw here would be squarely within the bounds of constitutionally protected expression in a normal democracy. I thinks it is in bounds. Fair game. Just my opinion.

  3. I thought Jorge Rodríguez voted in the East (doesn’t he live in La Florida?), but I checked and it seems that the Padre Mendoza school is in the West (El Valle). This is significant.

  4. It does show something thrilling: lack of fear.

    How huge is that for the opposition? The ability to say “No one fears you anymore?”

  5. Could there be a cyber cayapa in the works as well? Dani Cabello’s instagram account is down (i’m masochist) it was up three hours ago when she uploaded a lovely picture of the Cabello’s family voting as well as some extremely self-centered remarks. The comment section was bursting with hateo

  6. only 4!!

    by the way, 19 million possible voters, 15,5 million already voted, so only 3.5 million remaining, how many people left the country? how many people don´t want or can not vote? how many people already in heaven? ahh, remember that vote is a right no a dutie, there is no law against no voting, so really, 16 million people will vote? is it possible? i have to go back to primary school and check my math subject because this addition seems very strange to me,

    the only way my math can work: if voters from abroad (incuding heaven) came back in a landslide to vote, so how many flights from europe, from america, and how many St Peter send back to earth? is this even possible? i don´t know,

    also all venezuelan people in venezuela voted, no headaches, no going to the beach, no staying at home with the girlfriend, no matter if he or she is in tachira and voted in margarita, he or she went and voted, no matter if he is in dutie, maybe he is a doctor or a guard or whatever, they voted, people in the hospitals waiting to heal, indeed, they voted and comeback to hospital, single moms wtih nobody to take care of their children, they voted, pregnants also voted, handicapped people, all voted, they don´t have cedula, they voted, they don´t care about politics, they voted,

    yes some mesas didn´t open on time maybe 5 or hours later, don´t worry, everybody stayed in line, they waited, they voted,

    really? is this a kind of joke? ok the joke also voted!

    • I was reminded of being asked to translate US rock songs into Spanish, when I sometimes replied that if I knew what they were saying in English, I would be glad to translate.

      Nonetheless, the basic shout that I could pick up was “Fuera, fuera. I would translate this as “Go away, go away,” [Gedouttahere] though others may have a better translation.
      The top video of Vielma Mora was one I haven’t gotten.

  7. I am sure Madero is on the phone to Papa Fidel asking what to do. Of course, listening to Papa Fidel is what got Venezuela into the mess it is in in the first place.

  8. For those wondering about little internet activity yesterday. In Anzoategui yesterday the internet was shut off from 4pm onward. I was told in the entire nation. We had to shoot off rockets in faith. At ten PM there was an eery silence in the pueblo, we interpreted it as the opposition had won, else the criminals would have been celebrating with their inside scoop.


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