So, this happened minutes after the guy, 20 year old Adrián Jesús Márquez, had been threatening people waiting in line to vote at El Observatorio, in the iconic 23 de Enero neighborhood.

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  1. Oddly metaphorical to the government’s handling of, well, everything in the election cycle and life in general for the last few years.

  2. This bloke will be soon forgotten. It would be interesting if a group of psychiatrists, sociologists and economists tried to put together the picture of how he came to be.There are thousands of him in Venezuela.

  3. Are they giving out free grenades when you buy a handgun at the local malandro gun shop? Seems like grenades are as ubiquitous here as in Syria.

  4. Reading the efectocucoyo article, where this is the second time this weekend that malandros blew themselves up, I cannot help but think a strategy of putting more granades in the hands of criminals (figuratively and literally) is a bad thing.

  5. […] まず、カラカスで最もよく知られる貧民街1月23日地区(23 de Enero )の投票所の外で、20歳の若者が手榴弾で自爆する事件(リンク先閲覧注意)がありました。1月23日地区は、カラカスでも治安の悪さや誘拐が多発する危険な地域として特に知られており、コレクティボスと呼ばれるギャング集団が本拠地とする地区です。 […]


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