We're gonna need a bigger TSJ building

The Government vows to let the Lame Duck National Assembly appoint 12 judges to replace the Supreme Tribunal retirees. MUD's move? Remind them who the new sheriff in town is.

In a worrying sign of inability to read the political winds blowing all around him, Diosdado Cabello has said the outgoing, chavista-majority National Assembly will name 12 new members of the Supreme Tribunal for 15-year terms, following this year’s last minute mass early retirements.

Diosdado is either a güevón or likes to pretend he is.

He still hasn’t assimilated what a 2/3rd Assembly majority means.

MUD’s next move? Easy. A 2/3rd majority allows them to amend the Organic Law of the Supreme Tribunal. And there’s no reason why the TSJ law can’t say the Supreme Tribunal will henceforth be composed of 64 magistrates, rather than 32. Or 96, for that matter. Or 800, why not?

And, of course, a 2/3rd majority can’t be vetoed, and would also allow the incoming assembly to appoint the 32 (or 64, or 768) new magistrates. It might get a little bit snug inside the old building. After all, it was originally designed as a base for just 20 judges, remember? I’m sure they’ll get used to the hacinamiento in due time.

Look, I’m not saying MUD should actually do this.

I’m saying MUD should threaten to do this. Un tatequieto ahí so the government remembers who actually runs the show now.