Rolling in the deep

Lashing out at the poor just because you're sad is a new low for the Venezuelan President.

It’s OK to be sad after a loss.

It’s even OK to be furious. Confounded. Depressed.

But what is not OK is using that pain to lash out. There is sad, and there is just plain wrong.

Nicolás is not happy after losing the majority in the National Assembly.

And he decided to blame it, not on the revolutionary model of utter chaos, but on none other than YOU!

So, guess what? You will have to pay.

Last night, Nicolás held a séance over Hugo Chávez’s coffin and said (more or less):

“I wanted to build 500 thousand houses next year, but I’m not so sure anymore. Not because I’m not capable, because I am. But because I asked for your support and you didn’t give it to me.

I heard him say this live and I thought “I must have heard wrong”.

I decided to hear it one more time and there was no mistake about it: Nicolás said “I didn’t get my majority, so now you don’t get your house”.

Nicolás is rolling in the deep. Not in the deep passionate and unconditional love -supposedly- shown during the electoral campaign. More like the deep passionate pain caused by rejection.

Watching a grown man take rejection so badly … that’s sad.