In today's sobremesa, Juan calls for a truce.

For years, this column has been an attempt to stir the pot with some enlightened cynicism.

I am convinced the only way to learn is to contrast your own world views with those of somebody who thinks differently. From that confrontation, we grow as human beings. I am even doing research on this issue. My goal has always been to challenge conventional wisdoms head on, and to get a heated conversation going.

But this week, we can take a break.

We’ve walked too much, and fought too hard. We’ve spilled too much blood, and engaged in too many painful discussions. We’ve despaired far too long, and written far too many angry posts.

We’ve come a long way, baby. Today, it’s time to rejoice.

Just like negativity begets negativity, we are going to need an optimistic outlook if we are going to continue winning the battles ahead. Because, let’s face it, the war is not over. The beast is wounded, but it can still do much harm.

So today, in your sobremesa, let’s feed off the joy. Instead of focusing on the latest infighting inside the MUD, on the bad ideas coming out of our elected deputies, or on Venezuela’s dismal economic outlook, let’s focus on the positive.

What the Venezuelan opposition lacks in all manners of attributes, it makes up for in bravery, as Mario Vargas Llosa points out in an op-ed today. What they lack in ideas, they make up for in guts. And the love we have for Venezuela is stronger than the animosity some of us feel for each other.

That, my friends, is no small thing. If anything, it is these things that are going to keep us going. Our optimism will fuel us across the finish line.

Psychologists say that people sometimes cry when they are happy because of a need to balance their emotions. Similarly, we need to bask in our joy as much as we can to restore some sense of balance after years of political depression.

There will be a time to nitpick and criticize the opposition again. There will be many boneheaded decisions that will come out of this new National Assembly. At times, we will even wonder if the opposition winning last Sunday was a good thing.

But to paraphrase the great Tina, it’s time for letting go. Today, we just need to say thanks, rejoice, and partake in dulce de lechoza … as a family.

Have a great Sunday, everyone. And have a peaceful sobremesa.