Parallel A.N. in 5…4…3…yup, here it is. (UPDATED)

Squatters? Legislators? Squatislators!

In one of those news events that is both deeply shocking and entirely expected, Diosdado Cabello has just set up a parallel, unelected National Assembly, to be known as the Parlamento Comunal Nacional.

Oh dear.

Diosdado said he had no problem with this new “Parliament” holding its sessions the Palacio Federal Legislativo – the traditional seat of the Legislative Branch. “As long as I’m chairman of the National Assembly, which will be until next January 5th or 6th 2016, if the opposition wants, or if it doesn’t come to take the oath of office, you can sit here as often as you like and however you like to discuss the proposals you have.” (Syntax mangled in the original.)

The syntax is too mangled to come to a definitive interpretation, but that sure seems to me like a vow that, if for any reason the new A.N. members are unable to take their oath of office, CorpoAN can just keep the Palacio Federal Legislativo as long as it wants.

It’s a squatter situation: el hemiciclo es la nueva Torre de David. 

UPDATE: Efecto Cocuyo finds out the Parlamento Nacional Comunal has actually been part of the Communes Law since 2009…it’s just that they’d never quite gotten around to convening it. Also, it only has jurisdiction within existing communes.


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